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Is murder effay?

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>dat hair
>dat beard

literally perfect genes

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yeah nah

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no you pussy ass, edge lord.

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grow up OP

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Good beard, but hairline sucks.

>> No.12110429

who literally gives a shit about hairline when you've got a hair like that

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I'll tell you who. People who are insecure about their own hairline and like to project their feelings onto a Canadian horse worshiping forum.

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yes, in fact, you should consider suicide

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My friend did this. He only wore ghetto clothes but he has become effay as fuck.

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It's called "revolution", my friend.

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he looks like evil jesus

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Yes, extremely

Only if you do it in a /fa/ manner though

For example, bludgeoning to death with a frying pan is despicable

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he was handsome as fuck with and without the beard jesus christ this dude could fuck me in the ass and id call him daddy, let him cum in my mouth and kick me out of his car at 3 am in the morning

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