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effay lifestyle thread

>wife is pic related, only wears black, smokes endlessly
>we literally live in different places, we're very cold towards each other
>I live in minimal place, looks more like an art gallery than a home, cement and white only.
>basically own nothing
>tasteful raf simons/thom browne/givenchy suits that don't stand out at all, just fit nicely
>manageable heroin addiction, endless klonopin
>publish post-marxist articles and a few books that are loved in some obscure circles, it somehow brings in $150 000/yr
>die at 49

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>you must be 18 or older to post a reply

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My nigga what is you talking about?

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I think you meant to go to tumblr.

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go to bed tao lin

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lmao effete and precious af

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that just sounds like a shitty way to live

if this is true slash effay slash methinks i'll just struggle by looking like a dunce thanks

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After reading your fantasy again OP I can tell you need to wake up
>cause you are dreaming

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>die at 49
via auto erotic asphyxiation right?

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>>manageable heroin addiction,

>i wake up before dawn
>i have a daily routine i am able to religiously follow
>handsome husband who doesnt cheat and only sees me
>maybe some beautiful brown kids that we made and cherish and care for together (they do NOT attend public school)
>we eat healthy, balanced meals
>me and husband regularly go on dates
>i have a home decorated with persian rugs, velvet and mahogany furniture, chinese art, and plants inside the house as well as vines that creep over the exterior.
>basic, well fitting clothing in public that does not ever adhere to trends, but adheres to timeless style
>flowy, ethereal clothing at home. rich fabrics cascade around my enviable frame, i am elegant and stunning
>i go to the gym more regularly and join yoga and other fitness classes
>go to cottage in northern ontario every summer
>i am not awfully overwhelmed or stressed out, i am healthy and happy

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another fantasies of a flyover state teenager thread

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We get it, you're from South Dakota and wanna be a big city waster.

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/fa/ is dead

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serious question, how do you acquire heroin? does the standard, do you know where dat boy is?? suffice?

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Nice try, narc.

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oh shit

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>>wife is pic related, only wears black, smokes endlessly
she also stinks endlessly

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nah I just don't know anyone around here. (northern va) I know theres got to be drugs out the ass if you know the right people tho.

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No dude its okay they literally live in different places

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This is really stupid

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21 21

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>>we literally live in different places, we're very cold towards each other
You missed the part where she cucks you with endless amount of niggers and Chads everyday.

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/r9k/ is that way

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Be realistic lmao.

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you will immediately cease and not continue to access this site if you are under the age of 18

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OP here

not sure why you're all so upset : S

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>join military
>become some kind of military engineer
>get wounded twice in some african shithole
>dont know what to do when you got out
>work manual abour
>waste all hard earned money on gold, drugs and clothes
>beat your girlfriend of 3 years on daily basis
>die from overdose at 45
>no one comes to your funeral exept few army buddies

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>build comfy rural dwelling in the northwest somewhere
>get a nice old fashioned farmer shotgun
>wear only tweed and cords, including flat cap
>smoke pipe and live off of pheasants you hunt
You have to buy the pheasants somewhere and release them to hunt, but if you can afford to build a house you can afford to live off of foreign birds

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my ideal husband is first nations as well, but im currently kind of in love with a latino man so it still works out
other races are good too, i just have a preference

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Communism/marxism is not effay you ingrates

It goes fascism>capitalism>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>communism

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>be you
>wake up
>still in same twin size bed almost since birth
>still live with parents
>don't know what to do with life but still have a need for getting sick cops despite never going out or socializing with real people nor online
>still in college but not sure if wants to continue despite getting good grades
>lurk /fa/
>make breakfast
>only coffee from a shitty keurig and toast
>eat while watching YouTube videos of what you dream to do but can never accomplish because you are you
>lurk /fa/
>finish eating
>go shower and get dressed in designer clothes and cologne
>brief moment of forgetting everything and feel real good about yourself
>good feel ends
>plop yourself back in the chair because you know you won't go anywhere out
>lurk /fa/
>skip lunch because no appetite
>eat dinner with family
>lurk /fa/
>get undressed and go to bed
>lurk /fa/
>fall asleep
>do it again everyday for 7 years

how's that for an effay lifestyle? at least I'm not ugly or a manlet and managed to get a qtp2tgf.

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race mixing is bad
what is your problem?

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nigga has been watching too many movies lmao

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>Be 27 years old
>completed masters degree
>serve 4 years in the army
>go on at least one tour
>see combat
>comeback and move in with best friend from uni
>we're both chill
>we're also opposites, hes messy, im neat
>decorate the living room together, neither of us mind how it looks as long as it looks good
>although both of us will let the living room table fill with drug paraphernalia
>we both work 9-5 but when we get back its time for cannabis, video games, music and films
>we'll have gfs here and there but wont take shot from them (bad experiences before)
>if things do get serious with gfs they can move in with us
>we'll host parties occasionally but mostly it'll just be smoke sessions
>I'll work out, he'll make do his art
>we'll both play music together but nothing too serious
>weekends will be us camping or doing something together
>lifes chill, no worries and with my best friend

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mujse shaadi karogi???

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fuck off pin head

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define effay

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This is pretty neat, anon. Congrats.

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wow youve been sitting on that. i figured i update it to repost every 6 months or so

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sounds like you guys sleep together,
why don't' you just date?

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what's this obsession /fa/ has with cold relationships? That shit isn't /fa/, it's just miserable and cringy when you see people have it. Are you all 16 and just discovered russian literature or something?

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>post-marxist articles

this board is 18+

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>this board is 18+
this board is 18+

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clearly you have never met any first nations people
>t. thunder bay

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I remember the first time I read Catcher in the Rye.

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A lot of people on this board are emotionally withdrawn introverts who don't know how to be genuine or open up to people. Having a cold relationship is a way to reconcile this characteristic with being cool enough to have an attractive partner

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wait, did the danes and saxons refer to the britons they conquered as "first nations" too?

i thought they just called them losers.

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Are you sure? Because none of that speaks towards Catcher in the Rye, friend.

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never had a best friend? feel sorry for you guys

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>>this board is 18+
>this board is 18+
this board is 18+

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>release an album while I study at University
>find a lovely bird
>get a small amount of confidence
>still depressed though
>keep snorting blow
>cheat on my lovely bird
>get caught
>hang myself a month before I'm releasing my 2nd album

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this is effay. the only major flaw is that you have to make that first album has to be 15/10. after that it's smooth sailing to forever being a legend

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this is my favourite cringe pasta

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hiya Nick

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check'd. at first read that as

>smoke pipe and live off of peasants you hunt

truly a dangerous game, sir

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go outside of the drug addicts place (shitty english, when you are addicted, you go to this house and stay clean for some time).

Outside of it you will find people waiting for addicts to leave and try to sell them heroine. You can buy easily there

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it is if you're in the academia you pleb

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this is actually the most accurate representation of what /fa/ truly is that i have ever read

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>wanting to be a 2016 version of Anthony Patch

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When brown people take over white countries, I guess we'll be losers too

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>Wake up
>Play runescape all day long
>Go to sleep

Living the dream baby

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>heroin addiction

what is it with children thinking it's possible, let alone cool to have a hard drug addiction?

everyone has seen before and after pictures of a heroin addiction but they don't realize that heroin either ruins your life or kills you, no other outcome

>usually the ones that die could still afford heroin up until they OD'd

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>go to college, get a degree
>get a well-paying middle class job
>marry a beautiful honey
>have three kids
>die at age 80 from bowel cancer

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yeah fuck all that ask your bitch how my dick taste

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OP too

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heroin addict here
trust me I thought this meme was cool until I got dope sick
the only manageable form is doing it once a week/2 weeks
the "3 day" rule doesnt work for longer than a couple months

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w a d d u p

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Academia is not /fa/

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>pseudo-intellectual plebs actually believe this

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This One's Gonna Get Me So Many Ubvodes when I scrincap it For Redidit!

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shut the fuck up

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>shut the fuck up
shut the fuck up

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>start a musician career at 18 yo
>get famous locally
>still feeling empty
>go to clubs and shit
>reach the peak of your work
>die at 30 yo, alone

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they both sucked

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someone has literally never read Tao Lin

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i've seen this post before just slightly reworded
not sure if it's pasta or not
i remember the first time i saw it it was some retarded shit like it is now but instead of owning nothing it was a few piece of very expensive furniture
even if it isn't a copypasta end yourself

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>persian rugs, velvet and mahogany furniture, chinese art, and plants

This is not effay. This will make your house look like it belongs to a stoner who robbed an antique store.

source: this is what my dad's house looks like

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>watching how late stage capitalism crumbles
>hedonist life
>reads stirner & does what he pleaces
>everything in his room is monochrome
>has done cocaine, mdma, lsd, dmt & shrooms at least once
>just wants to reach an utopic future age because of how much hates modernity & the stupid customs of the past
>believes himself to be a more evolved form of a human being than the rest of their peers
>he feels like an advandced alien that doesn't fits on earth due to that
>enjoys his alone time a lot but it's not socially retarded just introvert
>dresses minimalist most of the time due to not having anyone of interest to impress right now
>bisexual he is just bored for all the sheeple, he is just waiting for a person able to take his deep interest to appear
>would go full rick/yohji/julius avant garde for such a person

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>Girlfriend is pic related, nothing's more effay than being in love with someone who can never love you back
>At the state's best university in the state's biggest city, working on CS undergrad
>Come from a wealthy family with no wealth to call my own

>Wake up at 7 or 12
>Actually wake up an hour later
>Brush teeth, shave
>Hop on my self-assembled computer, housed inside a compact and minimal case
>Browse 4chan for 30 minutes, then put on the fit that I wore the other day with a different shirt
>Fits most closely resemble streetwear but with dark, muted colors and without patterns, branding, or flashy shoes.
>Get coffee on the way to class, drip if I plan on eating something pricy later, espresso if not
>Get to class, pull out XPS 13 to take notes
>Browse clothing while taking notes
>Head back to my dorm
>Browse Japanese anime plastic, do some shit if I have to
>Head out to get food. Restaurant if I decided to go cheap with coffee or if it's a good/bad day, cafeteria if I didn't or it's a regular day
>Go to Starbucks to pirate chinese cartoons
>Head home
>Shower, browse 4chan some more or watch chinese cartoons
>Go to sleep or have sex with a piece of rubber
>Browse 4chan
>Go to sleep
>Watch science videos
>Black out
I like to think that I live a fulfilling life.

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/fa/ is just an artsier /r9k/

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disgusting smelly otakus will never be /fa/. you don't live a fulfilling life nor artistic in any sense.

You know whats /fa/? The contrast of a black silhouette on a white background. The creative nothing. The void, hollowness.

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>trying this hard

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>manageable heroin addiction
post thinspo

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I never expected to see Thunder Bay mentioned here. Are there really /fa/ggots in my city?

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