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Is it preferable to have a consistent style to your clothing? Or is it good to have outfits for many different styles?

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i prefer to have a uniform
switching your style frequently seems try hard

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You do whatever you want.
Its more fun to have variety then being static

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It's the other way around, be versatile. You are way more try hard by basing everything around a single idea

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it's good to wear what you want and not have some meme rule, made up by some random people you met on the internet, define how you dress
seriously, what the fuck is it with this board and people needing to have every single little detail of their existence chosen for them, like ffs, it's like everyone on here has genuine autism

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That's kind of what I'm thinking. I've been in the just starting out phase for a long time because I'm too worried about committing to something. Sounds weird I know. I like a lot of different styles. And it's not like I'm some fashion icon that is presenting a certain image for this particular point in their career.

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There is always a style which you will inevitably lean onto so don't worry about not having a /fa/ identity, but also always try new things and dont follow meme rules

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Most of the time I dress in darker clothes and keep it pretty simple. I guess it can be considered a "uniform" of some sort.

With that being said, I think that dressing in different ways can be fun and shouldn't be frowned upon. I love experimenting with different styles.

If you are just starting out, don't be scared to have different styles. Versatility is great. Dress preppy. Dress "classy". Dress like a fuccboi. Dress like a trendy hispter. Do whatever you want as long as you enjoy the outfits yourself.

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when i think of versatile i think of having pieces that can be easily interchanged with each other

not going from streetwear, to prep core then goof ninja in one week.
yeah i was like that when i was first became interested in how i dressed like 4 years ago, but now i know exactly what i like so there's no reason to switch it every other day unless for practical reason

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>when i think of versatile i think of having pieces that can be easily interchanged with each other


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