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Hey /fa/,

I was recently gifted a coat from a friend, seems to be a long H&M Modern Essentials coat. I've never quite worn coats like these before, especially since I don't pay attention to fashion much, but wanting to match things with this has me thinking about becoming more /fa/.

What should I wear with this? I feel like a shirt + tie + vest is usually worn with things like this, maybe a scarf, right? Really lost on how to navigate using it

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a pink or lime green shirt/tie combo would really add some 'pop' to this piece

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wear it with a noose you fucking cretin. asking about some H&M coat isn't a fashion related question, so au revoir.

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Sweatshirt or longsleeve tee

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Hmm, I suppose I will look into it




Interesting, I'll see what I can work into it

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Try playing with scarves, OP

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what build are you anon?

I have a very similar coat. an outfit i would normally wear is black skinny jeans with a fitted shirt tucked in (normally white) then with some brogue boots. I'll wear a scarf if its chilly

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start with a classic white shirt, black belt, charcoal or black trousers/jeans and some black leather shoes like derbys or side zip boots. then lurk around fashion sites to find other things you like and work from there to incorporate them.

also wearing a vest outside of situations that require a three piece suit is extremely fedora tier in the modern day.

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I have one almost like this but mine has a zipper and looks a bit more "modernistic". I usually go for a dark pullover , black/cream jeans , some comfy boots , a grey scarf for the black jeans/blue for the cream jeans. Maybe a navy blue or a dark blue shirt instead of a pullover. You can do a shitton of outfits with that type of coat.

Good luck , anon. It's a fine coat.

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literally anything

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Not OP, but the whole "wool blend" thing confuses me

How do you know if the material is good or shit?

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Well , personally , if it keeps you partially warm and if it doesn't get soaked when it's raining , it's fine by me.

If you mean by touch , I can't really tell , each coat like that has the same texture , imo.

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I'm not the tallest, 5'8". I'm not too chubby, around 160 lbs currently. I've been on a cut and lost 30lbs so far, my changing weight is actually why I've put off looking at fashion since I will be a different fit in the near future. I have relatively wide shoulders, in the sense that I'm not thin. Thanks for the detail, I'll do some research on what you mentioned


Thanks for the detailed response, I can tell I have some research to do on leather shoes. Also, thanks for the tip on vests, I saw some older photos of men wearing vests under their coats, and am glad to know they aren't quite used anymore.


Interesting, thanks for being specific! I'll have to look this all up as well. Nice to know this is fairly versatile


Curious about this too, although I suppose it should do just fine for me

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I've got a coat similar to this originating from WWII.

I usually just pull off some derby shoes, chelsea boots or Dr. Martens, some nice dress trousers/pants in black and a white or dark shirt.

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Oxford Shirt
Oxford Shoes
Comfy Jumper (Sweater)

Git comfy git (somewhat) preppy

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Stonewashed jeans with multi-coloured runners looks cool with overcoats.

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160 lb @ 5'8 is very chubby by /fa/ standards fyi.
But keep going, you'll makeit.

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I wear my coat with boots, darker jeans - black or charcoal and then I just go with a pullover or shirt on top, depending on where i'm going. I've tried a more casual look with an oversized grey sweatshirt under it, but I'm not sure if it really worked.

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