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/fa/, should I shave my stupid Walt Disney moustache? It's dumb and goofy and I love it. At the same time, there's a lot of shit I can't pull off with it. I know the rest isn't great in this picture. Asking about my dumbass moustache. Thanks.

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Sorry it turned out FUCKING SIDEWAYS LOL

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nah but you should cut your hair off

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Shave that shit.

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nah but u shud suck me nut brah

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are you in any wannabe hipster bands

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shave that and git gud at bass

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trim the sides a little so it doesnt extend beyond your lips

try keeping some stubble, and let your soul patch flourish

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Honestly, I really love that look. It is a great accompaniment to your long hair and you pull off the look very well. It is a bit grungy, but it's very youthful and fun and I would not shave unless you were going to cut your hair too. They go great together.

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Who could do a good Weird Al cosplay

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I used to have long hair. Please, give short hair a try, I cringe so hard when I see myself a few years ago.

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>I used to have long hair
Same, I miss it a lot.

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My thoughts exactly.

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That's not a Walt Disney moustache. His moustache is not exactly /fa/, but looks good on him. Your moustache is not "dumb and goofy", it's beyond retarded and makes you look like a child molester.

Yes, you should fucking shave it.

You should also cut your fedora-core hair while you're at it.

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I dunno, maybe take what I'm usually dressed in into consideration. Top half of today's fit.

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Bottom half

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Sorry folks, shit's posting in all kinds of crazy directions.

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Just curious, do you grow facial hair anywhere else? because I get the pattern of that moustache every morning but no real facial hair anywhere else and am worried it will just become a mexistache and not go beyond that.

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buzz or bust

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just try it anon. what do you have to lose?

say you wont shave it for a month and see what happens

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jesus christ lmao

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You look like you smoke cheap weed and listen to mushroomhead unironically

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When you said Walt Disney moustache I though it was because you'd based it on Captain Hook. Disappointed now.

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im geniunely curious as to why youre even here, youve obviously never made an attempt at being /fa/ before? why would you think that wearing a leather vest is okay? in any case you should shave that shit off its not goofy its just horrid, and style your hair differently

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Why would u even have a moustache I never understood that desu

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right if you want to keep the stach your best option is shaving your head bald and going for that 1800's weightlifter core

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