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Does anyone know where to get these for not $160? I remember about a year ago they were selling for about $80-$90

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If they aren't on sale now, just wait. They p much always go on sale

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K-Mart and I'm saying this with a straight face.

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Do they have them on their website? I don't have one within like 300 miles from me.

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Is this website legit?


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literally just picked up a pair at a nike outlet store, its hit or miss though, they only had two pairs out the hundreds of shoes they had

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got a pair for $100 on ebay, love em

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look at the facebook/twitter contact it only goes to the website. its fake

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Saw a good pair at urban outfitters u can try there

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i'm assuming you want the nike sfbs not just military boots in general but i got a pair of altamas on ebay for $30 a month or two ago

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