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Favorite briefs for casual use and when you fucking your bitch ?

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Casual use????

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Like everyday use

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goddamnit. i've been doing 2 legs days/week for a year and still my legs dont get bigger and look like picrel

will they eventually get bigger closer to knees?

BMI 22, thighs almost as wide as shoulders :(

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it's more to do with insertions which comes from bone structure

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obviously calvin kleins

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For everyday use (which often involves running) I use Adidas Climacool boxer briefs.

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lmao that fake ass muscle definition tho

I swear by exofficio but they're pricey as fuck

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are you kidding me? how can you even do legs more than once a week. that tells me you're not lifting nearly heavy enough

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Just local supermarket briefs. I'm not that homosexual or autistic

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Is being flaccid during photoshoot fa

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But really how fruity is this color undies for a straight dude

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Yes it's fa because it's homosexual. undies photoshoots are for homosexual brands

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