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How can I modernize the skinhead look? I want to dress like a modern skin.

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Gosha Rubchinskiy Models are modern skin head aesthetic

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Shaved head, flight jacket, slim tapered jeans, 6-8 eyelet slim boots. It's really not that dated of a look friendo. I wouldn't go for docs for the boots though, if you want docs style get solovair

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Lmao you just KNOW who's fucking everyone's gf here

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just wear any tactical police type clothing

good shoes too, ones you can rely on when needing to run fast as fuck from a pack of niggers at any random given notice

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Maybe incorporate palewave?

A lot of the components are similar.

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Are you physically strong? If you're a lanklet then it's not going to work.

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Skinhead fashion has stayed the same since 1981 a modern skin is a classic skin

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The guy on the right has a big dick, if i was his friend i wouldn't let my gf meet him

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The idea of a lanky, weak skinhead is fucking hilarious.

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Brown manlet detected

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Don't, you fucking poser

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Nah, the original skins were mostly under 20 and about 10 stone if that

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>Gosha Rubchinskiy Models are modern skin head aesthetic

Gosha Rubchinskiy Models are Russian low social class aesthetic. It just looks a little bit similar

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Get astronaut boots. The original

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You obviously know very little about skinhead culture so stay away. You'll get called a racist by most and a plastic skinhead by actual skinheads, go for a more modern gosha type vibe I think it looks better personally

t. Skinhead

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How the fuck is a skinhead similar to palewave??

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Do you have pics of them? (astronaut boots) I haven't been able to find many comments on them. I was thinking of getting them, although, they look slightly femenine

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>tfw no skinhead bf

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The fact that you obviously have no clue that there's still a skinhead culture indicates that you should stay far away from trying to dress like one.

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cyka blyat you mean gopnik aesthetic

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Ayyyy, skrewdriver!

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