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Am I /fa/ yet? Ya bunch a cunts

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yep, a real /faggot/ thats for sure

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from the back?

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As a tall person to a not tall person: don't wear converses.

The bigger your feet are, the more they look like clown shoes. I found the same thing with Adidas, the 3 stripes just dont "stretch" out well. I wear nike and new balance, which seem to scale more for me.

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I don't think the jacket goes well with the rest of this fit. Otherwise, pretty good, my man.

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I like your hair

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what his hair looks greasy and he looks balding

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I just like long hair on dudes, hmu OP

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Stop spreading this autistic shit, unless your feet are disproportionally large in comparison to your body it really doesn't matter. The difference between a US 7 and a US 13 is literally an inch and a half. Feet really don't vary that much for the most part. And I guarantee the angle of the photo is messing with the proportions anyways.

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You look like an average Norwegian. Who listens to rock and plays PC games.

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and is underage. mods pls b& >>12199097

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You look poor

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