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no /fa/ movie thread ? /fa/ movie thread.

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I watched 155 movies last year, only managed 11 this year. Mostly Jacques Audiard and Francois Truffaut.

Watched Fahrenheit 451 today, it's a good film, not too /fa/ but all the lads wear turtlenecks.

What have you guys been watching?

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Also, I'll probably watch pic related later just because Miles Davis did the soundtrack, and I've been listening to it a lot lately.

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>155 movies last year

jesus, that's a lot of movies. I probably have seen less than 5 in the past two years. what are your favorites?

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I can watch movies at work, so it makes sense that I watch a lot of them.

There's a lot of favourites, but just off the top of my head: Come and See by Elem Klimov, The Three Colours Trilogy (I didn't really care for Blue, but KieĊ›lowski is great), Perfect Blue, anything by The Dardenne Brothers, most Truffaut films
Recent films - The Lobster, Victoria and Heaven Knows What are a few favorites from the past couple of years.

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>mostly french new wave
*pukes internally*

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>only managed 11 this year

It's January.

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The only french new wave is Truffaut you fool

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Jacques Audiard isn't new wave, but well done you know who Truffaut is.

It's feb senpai

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What do you use to watch them?
Any website where you can watch them for free without the ad shit

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watched Truffaut's Jules&Jim which was great, Slacker, and Extension du domaine de la lutte (more a robot movie, in fact it's THE robot movie)

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lmao ur entry level bro

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Victoria is one of my favourites from the last years, do you know any similar ones in the way of telling a story and capturing emotions?

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I watched this a couple of days ago. Jeanne Moreau walking at night in the rain was pure kino

pic unrelated

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