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What is the most /fa/ instrument?

I'm going to go with the flute.

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I'd say tenor sax. I played both the flute and the sax and the flute is fun but lacks the umph of the tenor

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The most /fa/ instrument always has and always will be the piano.

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Cello for strings
Alto or bari sax for wind
Trombone for brass
Vibraslap for percussion

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>Vibraslap for percussion

That title would have to go to the vibraphone.

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>always has
Umm, I think Bach would beg to differ.

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Tenor sax has a great tone. I think it lacks the subtlety of the flute, though.

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Not fashion related
Don't start threads like this

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Viola for strings
Flute or clarinet for woodwinds
French horn for brass
Who cares about percussion

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