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I would like to know where I can get a similar type of hoodie to this, without spending a fortune. Thanks!

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buy a fucking black gildan hoodie you wannabe nigger

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Ronin makes hoodies like that, but only cause you asked so nicely

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Gildan actually makes good hoodies like that for cheap.

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gilden fits boxy if thats ur thing go for it. champion s700, reverse weave and asclour all make great hoodies

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just look for a champion quarter / half zip hoodie
more expensive than gildan but better quality and still cheap

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Adidas XbyO

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Hoodies are for literal homosexuals, kys /fa/ggot

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does it need to be zip?

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ronin division (sold out)

this is somewhat similar:
ytgla com / product / sherpa-half-zip ? ref = category-third-delivery
sold out of small and medium

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Does anybody know when ronin hoodies will be back in stock?

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good one

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literally just a black hoodie

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w2c a pair of black knit shorts like pic related but not for 700$

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they don't do restocks

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Hey guys w2c white socks without spending a fortune? Thanks!

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W2C or something similar.

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black mirror boi

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mki is terrible dnc

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New season ronin when?

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gotta wait for spring who knows when exactly

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i second this help us out somebody

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Been looking for pants like these for ages. Please help :(

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literally fucking sweatpants

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Hanes makes a nice one for about $5.99

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w2c glasses like these? rimless on the top only

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but they look so soft and textured, I haven't seen any similar sweatpants. Ideas?

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w2c pants

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W2C that sick shirt, ignore the dickweed wearing it.

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who's that?

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W2C decent sunglasses for cheap?

I always end up losing my pairs so no point in dropping big money on a pair imo

any basic pair like pic related is what im looking for, they just need to be good enough for keeping the sun out of my eyes sitting in the park or driving around

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Look up "half moon" or "half frame" if you want to see more, there's some thicc ones in the related listings

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same these look sweet

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W2C Lunor A5 215 frames (the acetate ones in the pic, hard to find in NA)

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just look for like "velour jogger"

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looks japanese to me

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seconding this. looks like some cozy ass springtime japanese shit and i wanna try pulling it off

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Our Legacy relaxed trousers, I think.

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this type of coat

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Didn't he add the string himself? That's what people were saying way back

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thanks boys

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this is really nice longsleeve

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I love this jean jacket, but any jean jacket that is particularly loose seems great. Please help :-(

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this but also anything similar made of cord or some such thing.

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w2c trousers like furthest right?

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These usually give you a bad case of the punchable face, anon. I hope you know what you're doing. If you have a long skinny face dnc.

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Any dadcore department store, desu. Be sure to size up one waist size.

I don't know why you want to cop the worst looking article of clothing in that picture.

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w2c similar chelsea's (left)?

under $300 would be great

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thuggas jacket

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Where can I find these pants, and if they are yeezy, any alternatives. I like the drawstring bottoms

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probably YSL

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