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Does /fa/ still like Shia LaBeouf?

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No he's an obnoxious attention whore

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Why is he always feeling that cold? Look at that insane amount of layers.

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You've never been to NY huh

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Pick one

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Doesn't explain why he's literally stacking 2-3 times more layers than people in the same pictures.

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He's on drugs

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Where to cop jacket? thanks.

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those people are cold
he's not

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>When the drugs kick in

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it literally snowed today you troglodyte

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That doesn't make any sense you dweeb.

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He's comfy, not cold.

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Wtf is he wearing ? Is it really that cold there ?

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he looks homeless

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nah his juden has really came out over the last couple weeks

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Being loud and ignorant isn't really /fa/. It's actually kind of the opposite.

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clothes yes

edgey opinions no

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>nazis are bad
>edgy opinion

spend less time on 4chan

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fuck u for thinking we'd ever leave Him

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i like him because he is bold. obviously he loves doing clickbait-bait shit, which is cool, i don't judge. we are literally on a 4chan fashion forum. i'm sure his life is crazy. every child star seems to end up sort of like him.

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i like him bc he punched a retard in the face

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Underated kek

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I don't like him and think that HWNDU is pretty stupid (although actually pretty good as an art project), but I think he is a pretty /fa/ dude.

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>MKUltra'd to hell and back
>looks like a hobo
>get's in random peoples faces over miniscule issues
>screams the same shit over and over

sounds pretty /fa/ to me m8.

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that was a good kek sir

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Its a Barn Jacket. IDK what brand though.

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but the right wing bois are actually a lot cooler and not as grumpy as him. shia needs to chill

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>shia needs to chill
>implying his MKUltra programming even allows him to not sperg out when some anons troll the shit out of him and his lackeys.

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no. he's a pretentious attention whore.

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Im sure that's what he meant.

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this so much. shia is pure cringe

and no, i don't like trump either

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This. Just watch HWNDU with him

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It's odd. nothing here is very original or new but he's doing that look so well that it's a great fit regardless of how derivative the thrifty mountaineer look is by now.

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those 2 dancing polacks were trolling so hard

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liberals/leftists know that nazis were leftist/liberal right?

seriously all this election did was definitively prove how fucking retarded and unhinged millenials and liberals are. you call trump and the alt right nazi's when you're own fucking idealogy is directly fucking responsible for nazis.

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Yep, and hit fits are random as fuck and pretty fucking solid.

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Everything he wears has a purpose and a function and he wears everything with confidence.

He is alpha as fuck

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Nice bait. They combined all the worst parts of fascism, communism, socialism, and conservatism.

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They were liberal but liberal =/= left wing and they certainly weren't left-wing

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he's probably staying outside for long periods of time.

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you should read more (preferably not on shitty websites like this one) and bait less.

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I used to just like him

I absolutely love him now that he assaulted some neo nazi and looked effay as fuck while doing it

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he assaulted some hispanic kid reading a poem, i watched the stream as it happened.

>looked effay as fuck while doing it
he pulled the kid off camera, unless you were there you have no idea what he looked like while doing it.

ffs why do libtards insist on perpetuating fake news. just fuck off already

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Fucking hell man

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>he assaulted some hispanic kid reading a poem
The guy said hitler did nothing wrong lmao..

>unless you were there you have no idea what he looked like while doing it
uhh he's been wearing pretty much the same outfits throughout the entire stream, unless while beating the guy up he changed clothes, I'm pretty sure he looked effay

>why do libtards insist on perpetuating fake news
but 'libtards' main new sources are nyt and wash post, both operated for a long time and won a ton of pulitzers
trump supporters read breitbart

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>The guy said hitler did nothing wrong lmao..
2 different people you fucking retard
you realize the fake news agencies give themselves fake awards right? you're aware of what a circle jerk is right? that's what they're doing and you're watching it and devouring it LMAO

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>shia is getting into so many fistfights at his protest that random retard anons are getting them mixed up

shia didn't get arrested for the "hitler did nothing wrong" guy, he got arrested for beating a small hispanic boy reading a peaceful poem off camera later.

boy i'd hate to be as misinformed as yourself

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>both operated for a long time and won a ton of Pulitzers

but they couldn't even predict an election? and both self-admittedly threw off any semblance of objection in their reporting?

I'm not even a drumpftard but come on man, WaPo and NYT are fucking jokes.

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No, he looks like the adopted son of Drake and a random homosexual hobo

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What the fuck are you guys smoking? American education? How in the world was national socialism liberal? Do you even know what you're saying?

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>How in the world was national socialism liberal?
>this anon doesn't know what words mean

lmao so cute

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Go ahead, how do you define liberalism and how do Third Reich policies and ideology fit into this.

When did that happen? Seems hardly reported.

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he should've just remained uninvolved from politics and continue being a living meme. he thought trump's presidency was the moment he could capitalize on moving forward to be some counter-culture icon but he's no different from a million other idiots wanting to boast their progressive egos and retweet churnalism.

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Even worse, he got arrested for beating his own supporter. You can find the interview of the abusee on Youtube, he was very clearly on Shia's side but Shia is batshit insane at this point. Then the media got wind, and started desperately spinning it so it was nazis to trick innocent fucktards like yourself to buy their lie because you're obviously a fucktard for still trusting them after all the constant lies you blindly buy from them.
>hardly seems reported
Hmmm, I wonder why fake news outlets like CNN and NYT and washington post are avoiding things that make their fucktarded liberal agenda look bad. Weird, must be a coincidence.

Seriously open your fucking eyes you sheep. Try critically thinking one time in your life. Don't just fucking believe everything you read from fake news, use that brain please. Try to be a human being and not a hunk of meat following the MSM tide

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I wouldn't shoot his helicopter out of the sky.

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I'm sorry I triggered some pent up anger here but I was just wondering when that happened as you can't find anything about it but everything about him shoving the "Hitler did nothing wrong" guy a week ago. I wasn't making any suggestions about the verity of the story, quite the opposite I'd love to be linked to articles or this guy's youtube video. Thank you very much.

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brainless fool

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This, it proves you should always search for a look that fits you instead of trying to follow the latest trends.

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He's there for most of each day. That livestream is his job right now. Everyone else is there for a couple hours.

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Shia is God

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>journalists are expected to use statistics and data to predict election outcomes

what the fuck

that's not their job numbnuts

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the east coast is cold dude. if you aren't wearing any down or shearling then that's the amount you have to pile on

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actually he divided himself away from the group, he hasn't been there in a week

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>The guy said hitler did nothing wrong lmao..
all he did was shove that guy, the anon is talking about the teenager he knocked over, two different people

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I like how much he triggers people. And his ridiculous video project shows how absurd looking the average /pol/ kid looks.

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he's the only one who got triggered though

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you can't find anything real about it because it's a criminal investigation, police have all the security footage from the museum but they haven't released it because they're building their case against shia. the assault itself wasn't on the hwndu camera.

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m8 pol has a constant watch thread for his stream. you're all gotten too

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>watching and laughing
Shia, don't you have some Hispanic kids to beat up somewhere?

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