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What's the most nihilistic brand of leather shoes/boots? I'm kind of half kidding. I think I saw a pare of Doc Marten boots that looked pretty cool. I recently went to Dillards and picked up 3 pares of shoes. 2 of them were from Jonson and Murphy, the other one was from Josef Seibel. I picked up a ton of stuff from H&M. It was nice and cheap, and I think the stuff was more stylish for general casual wear than the stuff you can find at Dillards, which seems more like dress clothes.

I don't really think the look I have in this picture is "nihilistic" I think it just looks casual and maybe a little more stylish. I'm not really sure what would look "nihilistic" besides laced up black boots designed to look stylish. What do you wear with that, army pants? I don't know. I just like how that sounds "nihilistic shoes".

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Full rick

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"could" "you" "please" "stop" "using" "quotation" "marks" "for" "everything" "?"

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My bad man. I don't wanna fight anyone here. I do have a habit of redundancy in my speech, but it's not intentional. I will admit that.

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you sound like a pussy for a self proclaimed nihilist, maybe cuckcore will be more to your liking

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this is literally the worst thread on 4chan right now, h&m is the opposite of "nihilistic", what does that even mean?

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you have autism, don't use the word nihilistic ever again

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Jesus. I just like memes. Please don't hurt me. I was inspired by this picture to make this thread. I thought for some half baked reason that since there was some pare of boots in the nihilist starter pack meme that there would be some general style of clothing that was considered "nihilistic". Yow.

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I wasn't really proclaiming I was a nihilist. >>12627686
I didn't say h&m was nihilistic. I was just sort of blogging about my recent purchases.

But since you seem to have some sense of what the antonym of nihilistic is, then what clothing would you consider to be the most nihilistic?

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nihilistic =/= existentialist

and there's no such a thing as a nihilistic clothes

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-_- >:( :) ;-p :o ;o >:u >:) :Y

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Where do I cop boots like the ones in that meme anyways?

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This is one of the worst, most retarded threads I have ever seen on this entire site. Congratulations

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What a fucking pseud you are. I wonder if people like you will be a waste of personality forever or only until you grow out of your contrived persona.

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To me, a "nihilist" way of dressing kind of just describes my outlook on the way i dress in general.

While I am very knowledgeable about fashion, style and the "rules" of being well-dressed, I present myself in a way that's not "lazy", but gives off the impression that I acknowledge a distinguished look, but add a flair of nonchalance and comfort. That part comes individually though.

For my "nihilist" fashion sense, what I'd say is the epitome of my wardrobe would be a pair of stylish loafers, nice slacks or vintage jeans, a vintage windbreaker, usually worn loose and baggy to offset the tightness of the rest of my outfit.
I don't necessarily avoid colour, but choose to tell a muted story or offset color and pattern/vibrancy with realism and structure.

Combine wild and lazy with distinguished and intelligent. it says "I know how I'm supposed to dress, AND how I want to."

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O shit i forgot to even answer your question. in this post.
I'd say if you're committed, go with Matty Healy's advice and shop "Black and expensive." YSL and some ALDO work for my style, but if you don't want to spend that much, you can thrift it up a little bit in local stores, or try out Kohl's apt 9 and Sonoma brands, cheap and stylish.

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Russian nihilists were fa. you are not

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Style evolves, doesn't it? I created my aesthetic and stole a name that fit, and it works for me. Is the name so incredibly cringy and wannabe that it invalidates the way I feel about my personal style?

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off yourself you fucking pseud

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Fucks sake. This place.

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ok it doesn't invalidate anything, it's just pretentious. also there isn't anything especially unique in your style, judging by the chart

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how can no one see this is b8

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Nihilist =/= despondent and don't believe in nuffing

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Maybe this one is a little more nihilistic

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fucking retards itt jesus christ

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stop bullying that tumblr guy

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>h&m is the opposite of "nihilistic"

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youre a dumb faggot

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this thread is just sad, holy shit you're fucking stupid

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Why would you write this

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