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Post your active rotation.

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converse that aren't black or parchment are gross

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Hope you use insoles with those chucks buddy

2lazy to take pics but current rotation is

My beater Stans
SLP Wyatts (S/S 2016)
3.0 Ultraboost
NB 373s
Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullets
Nike Cortez
Adidas Sambas

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I agree, I'm going to get the mono black and normal black for wearing out. I am wearing the blue and red ones indoors only as like my "indoors" comfy shoes.

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>SLP Court Classic SL/06M
>CP achilles lows white
>OG Gats
>Grenson Fergal Suede Boots
>Black timbs
>Grenson Declan Chelsea
>Paul Smith Leather Shoes
>Allen Edmonds loafers (I hate these)

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>wearing shoes in your house
I thought this was a meme, but people seriously do shit like this?

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Pretty dated collection,but its what I working with rn. thrifted all the shoes for probably 35 dollars in total. I plan on skating the superstars.

how often do you wear the timbs? Im thinking of getting a pair

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Wooo boy

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I actually bought them second hand 2 days ago and havent worn them yet kek

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Memes. P-posting for a friend.

Didn't picture work shoes like oxfords, running shoes or beater slip ons.

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active rotation.

Currently looking for mesh based sneakers that are _not_ adidas or nike and have no or lowkey visible branding.

jeez. Solid shoes each one of them, but overblown as a collection

very onesided.

gotta start somewhere kiddo, gl on your further way.

replace the AEs by black dress shoes.

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too many converse, get a low top sneaker and athletic shoes, but the boots look good!
needs more leather shoes and boots, otherwise a pretty decent rotation for a student.
a lot of sneakers, needs more variety in a rotation. good collection though.

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god i fucking hate 90's sneakers, all the trendy kids in Copenhagen look like polish workers

fuck slavcore.

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replace 2,3,4,5,6

replace 2,4,5,6

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Vans are beaters. Thinking about getting ozweegos next.

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Genuinely curious, what do you mean by one sided in this context?

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It’s just high top sneakers

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The over-under lacing in the first eyelets and then under-over is really annoying me

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Veeeery nice, especially the top row
I don't like most of it
blandest memes in the universe
bland af but in a different, more "chad", way
stuff that ain't boring is just... weird
you only wear running shoes?
onitsuka and adidas seem so out of place
otherwise cool collection :3
if you don't have the claims
don't play the games
hate everything, sorry

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True but that's what I like. I am open to recommendations for low top sneakers but I just haven't seen much I like. Especially nowadays because everything is that socky boost look. I don't like NMDs , Yeezy 350s, Ultraboosts, etc.

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Mostly wear the 5 pairs in the middle

Those monkey boots are fucking sick

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namefag said it. Maybe consider something totally different like sandals for summer or artisanal boots for winter or derbies for fall.

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97s are arriving any day now

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Sandals are definitely not happening. Open to boots, I kind of like Shia-core, but I'd just need recommendations maybe.

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Lad, can I get some fit inspo for those merlot Docs? I have similar colored Docs of a different model and I never wear them because nothing looks good. Thanks breh.

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just cop'ed em

nr 4 looks really good, 5 and 9 look a little pirate-y

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I usually wear them to add interest to basic all black fits and on those days I tend not to post in waywt. This is the only fit with them I have saved on my phone, and I'm away from home right now so I can't throw them on for another pic.

The right-most ones in the top row? They're austrian memes. Definitely floppy enough to shiver timbers tho

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I switch with the last two on the right from time to time

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>has Stans Smiths and black and white Vans
>thinking about Ozweegos

Chrissakes you memelord.

Those are sick boots though, lad. ID?

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austrian paratrooper boots, right?

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>if you dont have the claims dont play the game
sorry boss im home on break and left half my collection at uni

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>Those are sick boots though, lad. ID?
Dries Van Noten combat boots.

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Sorry about the low quality image, on top of this I also have some brown Chelsea boots, x2 Vans, x2 Converse and some beaten old gazelles but they are all pretty trashed so I didn't include them in the image.

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>allblack sneakers

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wanna get some kind of boot too, passed up on an amazing steal on some ann d's due to grailed error... any recs?

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are those top right black af1 lows?

>> No.13029085

w2c bottom right?

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what are the derbies, really like em

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sup guise /fa/ here i wna sho u my shoe colection ;))
if u look ove here u can c my “”clean whitw shoes” and if u look hete u. xan see my leather bootz!
oh yA, almost frgot about my leather shoes! bc im classy like dat, and ofcodrse my chick taylors :P
so much passion 4 fashion ;3

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sid i say leather boots aleeady?

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DRKSHDW ramones. Mm GATs. Redwing postmans. Suede birks.

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They're oxfords not derbies. Look like guidi to me

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I don't know what i'm supposed to wear then?

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This is great!

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what shoes do u like to wear?

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What the fuck is the point of owning this many shoes if you're a man? Five is already pushing it and that's including slippers.

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god i feel like such a meme, i've got exactly the same shoes (only docs instead of postmans and white gats)

try leaving the upmost holes on the ramones unlaced, i find that it looks way better that way :)

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what chelseas are these?

>> No.13029334

Saint Laurent Wyatts.

>> No.13029366

How would you rate them? I've been looking for the highest quality ones I can find that are also the most versatile.

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I'd say versatility is as good as it gets, it's sleek enough to work as elegant shoe for more formal social events, at the same time smooth enough to work for at least smart biz or bizcaz. At the same time, they work alright in casual mono-ish fits (think skinny jeans or tapered trousers).
And of course you could go for cookie cutter SLP (perfecto, whatever flower/pattern print shirt, skinnies + boots).
Quality is undoubtedly flawless. They also come with a 4cm heel option, mine are only 3cm.

My list of contenders were
- Churchs Beijing (webbed part a bit too big, shaft a bit too short for my liking)
- Story et fall (more or less SLP copycat at a lower price)
- Puerhomme (direct rip-offs at 40% the price, but quality is said to be on par)
- Bottega Veneta (only comes in suede, and with shitty crepe soles)
- Common Projects (see above, although the current season finally has smooth ones with normal soles, just the heel is a bit too flat imo)
- Magiela Tux Boots (not chelseas, but almost same silhouette and nicely high heels)

Hope that helps.

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Yes, that's actually absurdly helpful. Thank you so much for the mini-write up. I do wonder if the Wyatts are ever on sale. Sometimes pieces like that seem to be exempt.

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It’s hard to make recommendations without knowing the kind of boot you’re looking for. If you like Ann D though, guidi and marsell are both easy to recommend. Dries also does some nice combat boots, and there are some older Julius styles which you might like. There’s a pair from ‘09 which laces halfway up the shaft and then sort of flops like a pirate boot, a spiral lace pair from ‘10, and a whole bunch of sleek back zips.
Devoa might also be worth checking out, and of course if money is no object, CCP tornado boots or a1923 side zips are both excellent choices.

Yep guidi 110 oxfords

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are these the SLPs tall are talking about?

>> No.13029436

Maybe check the second hand market, too. There's often barely worn ones on sale, like, tried on once, didn't fit kinda stuff.

should be. Although, iirc, my season SS14's Wyatt Chelseas fit abit larger than all previous and subsequent seasons. Nothing that a pair of simple 10 Eur insoles couldn't fix.

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Id on those Navy sneakers??

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Rick Owens aw17 and they're black

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how are the RM Williams

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Still quite new, the leather sole needs a few more hours of use before they really start to get comfy but they are very nice. As an ausfag the "made in Australia" tag makes me moist.

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w2c boots?

>> No.13030198

ID on these clockwise?

>> No.13030223

they're call geothrashers.

>> No.13030226

love it

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I dont own much currently, sold most of my shoes to fund for the down payment for a new house.

Going clockwise

most of my current rotations are in my car as im living from couches to couches.

1. rick spiral creepers.
2. rick ramones sock
3. New Balance CRT300
4. Teva
5. Muji canvas sneakers
6. Response Trail 2
7. Ramones
8. Raf Velcros
9. Raf x Stan smith velcro

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do you mean these julius boots? they got a nice price https://www.grailed.com/listings/3912702-Julius-Slouch-Boots-277FWM2

>> No.13030552

Since you're selling, are you going to sell to this community?

>> No.13030580

flyover state ips pls leave

>> No.13030586

Nah these leftovers are what i really really like. So gonna keep them. Plus i live in bumfuckistan so the shipping will be expensive to any western countries.

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ID on the white Hightops pls m8

>> No.13030658

Raf Simons Velcro sneaker
Are you new here?

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fix retail lacing on gats

i haven't had an original thought in my life. judge accordingly

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Visiting my parents rn, so I only have a few pairs of shoes with me: adilettes, aquazurra tahiti sandals, acne star boots, nike air max 97s

Also have a pair of Free TRs for the gym and got a pair of Doc Marten Flora boots and Nike Komyuter PRMs for Christmas but they're not really in rotation rn

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Can you still cop those MMM paint splatter GATs anywhere? Haven't looked in ages. Does the paint wear off?

>> No.13031250

if they aren't online, check your local boutique. if you're near the philadelphia area, Barneys on walnut still have them in stock

>> No.13031291

I found them a few places. Might just wait for a sale next year or something. I am still curious if the paint holds up or if it flakes off. I already have a pair of OG GATs so this would be close to overkill already.

>> No.13031294

personally, i like them, but would wait for a sale

and prepare for boatloads of obnoxious people going "you could have just splattered paint on your own shoes"

>> No.13031300

i like these. I can see myself wearing all of them

>> No.13031301

I live in flyover land so people will just assume I did it myself. No one here aside from a few FOB Asian exchange university students would even recognize MMM.

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>wearing footwear
Fucking nerds

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my 4 pairs of sneakers. they are all fakes from china lmfao

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>> No.13031365

no flaking, just creases on some lines after a year. but mine are a shit example. i baby my pair religiously

>> No.13031380

Which batch Mars Yard and from where? Don't feel like shelling out a grand for a pair of nikes

>> No.13032626

why do you hate your AE loafers? i've been considering getting a pair of loafers. either allen eldmond or segago idk

>> No.13032647

Yeah, those are the ones. I’ve been wanting to get a pair myself, but haven’t yet pulled off the mental gymnastics necessary to justify more tall black boots.

>> No.13033109


lmao fucking poser

either buy the real thing or fuck off

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this is really basic

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ended up buying some new ann d's (pic related) off yoox for 250 bucks. mad steal

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conversefags, how much room do you like between your toes and the front of the shoe? a thumb width?

>> No.13035407

Very very jealous. Amazing purchase.

>> No.13036780

ID on pretty much all of them?

>> No.13036834


>> No.13037147

too many runners

>> No.13037154

air max 90

>> No.13037173

Solid lineup, I want a pair of SLP Wyatt’s but alas, I’m a poorfag

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Shoes I wear:
Doc Mono 1461
Converse 70's black & white
White AF1's (yellowed)

Shoes I don't:
UB 1.0's all white
UB 3.0's all black
Vegan Ramones

>> No.13037195

Also got Doc boots but legs are a little too thicc at the minute for slimmer jeans

>> No.13037257

recently started getting into the whole effay thing and i need some shoe recommendations. don’t have any fit pics rn bc at work but really into the whole minimalism thing, earth tones and black pants. what kinda shoes should i cop? that aren’t too expensive

>> No.13037266

basic sneakers like stans or gats are fine
for normal shoes I'd say 1461 monos, pretty solid basic shoes and not too expensive for entry level derbies

>> No.13038332

ID on top right shoes?

>> No.13038351

Lmao being this dedicated to brands

>> No.13038561

Can’t go wrong with dunks desu

>> No.13038638

Raf Simons velcro hi top

>> No.13038940

god damn it you got last 43 in my size? was gonna cop from yoox

>> No.13039007

hehe yes

>> No.13039751

Thanks anon. Any shoes that are similar looking?

>> No.13039759

>common cucks

>> No.13040262

not really. Margiela line 22 or line 6 velcros maybe.

Or Geller's CP collab.

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