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Summer will be here soon. Don't forget to take the neck pill /fa/.

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yeah, maybe if you enlightened us on how to exactly take the neckpill I wouldn't be so inclined to enlighten you on you're such a faggot.

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it also depends on the angle and distance

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he is a necklet. that's head tilt and angle was complimentary

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can't believe this guy went from prison to model to leaving his wife and banging rich women, life is a mean bitch

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How do I take it?
What exercises to do?

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ikr makes suicide seem not bad at all

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How to fucking grow the neck? I eat big and lift heavy. What else?

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That's kinda it anon. I'm sure some /fit/izen will say you need to target neck muscles specifically, but neck gains will be incidental to most upper body and back exercises.

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...and /pol/ try to say that mixed people are ugly...

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do shurgs. also look up exercises that racers like F1 drivers do, they all have huge necks. and dont buy clothes with collars that are too small. you want a little bit of your traps to show. makes ur neck look bigger

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white features can make every other race more attractive, what's there to argue? white people aren't benefiting from mixing, the others are

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I naturally have a long neck so whatevs

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Have you ever been to Brazil? It's horrible

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Hey mount and blade is the only worth while game

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>do shurgs

nope. those are for trap muscles.

t. necklet with big traps

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thats why brazilians are one of the most atractive people in the world right?

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east africans have natural "Caucasian" features and they have no admixture from Europe and little to no admixture from MENA. They do have neanderthal DNA and 0% Bantu admixture.

>pic related is a Somali women, a lot of Ethiopians and Eritreans also look like this

you shouldn't call them white features call them Caucasian features.

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tfw no east african gf

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>most atractive people in the world


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SOPA !!!

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>"Caucasian" features

Nah, i go with sudan, ethiopian girls. African, arabic, semitic mixture is best. Fuck off with your we wuzzin, go back playing the witcher.

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only select few women. Rest are el atrocidads

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i'm not kidding when i say this but you got to deep throat on a big big dick. What this will do is exercise your throat muscles and give you a thick neck.

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they have no bantu admixture they don't even consider themselves blacks and most used to own bantu slaves? what are you getting at black boy?

bantu are what your average black is/looks like

East Africans and North Africans don't fit the description and like to be classified themselves differently, they will never call themselves "black"

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you guys are delusional, brazilians are the most attractive people in the world and picking pictures of some ugly dudes dont prove me wrong kek

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Neck curls 3x100 while eating at a caloric surplus. You can also do neck extensions with a harness.

A neck curl is an exercise where you lay down on a bench and let your head hang over the edge. Then you nod and try to touch your chest with your chin.

Start without any weight. You can probably only do something like 20-40 reps with good form in the beginning. Increase reps every session. Some people will tell you that you should be able to rep a 45lb/20kg plate after a month. They are retarded and wrong and using horrible technique, which is why they have small necks too. The neck is an endurance muscle.

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>ethiopian, somalia, sudan never call themself black

Go home, whaite piggu, you need to do some homework or go play skyrim and never come back.

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>ethiopian, somalia, sudan never call themself black

Go home, whaite piggu, you need to do some homework or go play skyrim and never come back.

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Neck curls, extensions, lateral bends and twists (use your hand for resistance on the latter two). Do them with chin all the way back, and all the way forward, and mouth open/clenched alternating each set. That's 4 different ways of doing it, so do 4 sets of each neck exercise.

Strengthen your jaw directly by chewing tough gum/a lot of gum, eating carrots and other difficult shit like beef jerky, and laying on your belly and using your body weight to do "chin push ups" (open mouth obviously). Also tense your entire neck/jaw as if you're trying to keep it in place, then slowly grind your chin forward with chin up and chin down. Chin down is more important, but chin up will stretch your neck and jaw so it's important.

That's it. Just do 2 - 4 sets each, 20 - 100 reps each set. 4-6 days a week. Have fun.

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come home white man

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Just some pol/acks virgins. Let them finally get a "pure white girlfriend" who cheat on them with achmed or jamal. They will then go on /pol/ again and rage about white women. Natural life cycle of retards...

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>no real argument
you know I'm right go to your average somali, ethopian, or eritrean and call them black brothers or bantu, they will laugh at you and spit on your face

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guys with big muscley necks look like thumbs if they don't have a defined jawline and chin

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I want to bite his face off to see if it will taste like dark chocolate

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nobody brought up the subject yet you fucking faggot

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Whoever the fuck said that women aren't shallow needs to fuck off.

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>They do have neanderthal DNA

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