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is wearing things like combat boots and other milspo type clothing even worth it if i'm a 5'7" turbo manlet or should i just accept the fact that I'm basically a child and dress plastic water bottle core?

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yeah it only works if your tall, im 5'5 and ive accepted my fate

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How tall is this in rest of the world units?

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5'5 is 165.1cm
5'7 is 170.8cm

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Oh then yeah, I'm 1.72 and it's over for me too

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listen to these beta manlet cucks
cant wear something they like because of their height

i bet you're all some soyboy betas

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Nah I’m 6ft2 and wear only boots. I think it can really add to your height and confidence, just don’t be fat or thinspo and you’ll be great.

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sounds like projection honestly

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Milspo could be worn by a dwarf or Thalidomide baby and it wouldn't look out of place. Try it and it'll probably look good on you - there's a reason the Army has clothes sized S, M, L, XL in both Long and Short. Tall people don't feel any different than short people, honestly; it's all in your head from lies people have told you just to fuck with you.

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Rate these.

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From what I've seen, height doesn't matter so much for milspo.
If you're reasonably fit it will look fine.

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dude lmao it literally doesn't matter, dress however you want. the only people still emphasizing height on this board are the people who have only their height going for them

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It's not about height, it's about proportions.

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Watch I dont feel at home in this world anymore and use Elijah Wood as inspo he is 5'6"

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This guy is 5'9

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Martin sheen is 5'7 and he's the main character

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Even Lance the surfer chad of the movie is only 5' 11

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Simo Häyhä was 5'3

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Your only hope is to start lifting and become a buff manlet

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Yuri was 5'2"

You'll be fine.

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Sounds like you're baiting, but I know a lot people actually love that jus b urself shit.

Think about the reasons you might like a piece of clothing; often times it comes down to either physical/aesthetic enjoyment or the image it creates. How could something physical like height not be relevant to those things. You can't wear the jacket some slim 6'2 model is wearing because it would dwarf you, you have to wear a jacket that is physical proportioned differently and the appeal of the shape could change as it gets wider/shorter. Likewise you might want to project a domineering image, but if you can't impose on people physically it could be a hindrance to having others view you that way. etc.

Not saying that milspo can't be worn by shorter people btw.

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