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If designer clothing was cheap would anybody want it?

>> No.13213628

what the fuck is this shit and how much does it cost

>> No.13213631

yes but it wouldnt be special anymore if anyone and everyone had it.

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this is fendi you retard

>> No.13213637

Obviously I should have known that. It looks great right? fucking retard

>> No.13213642

For the Fendi stuff with monster branding, I don't think people would be interested if it were easily accessible at a low price.

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i'd probably like some pieces i obviously don't buy because i'm a poorfag

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No, nobody care about Uniqlo designer collabs, big name could bring attention of some fashion geeks or edgy kids but normies need giant brand logo on clothes because they dress for other people.

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i would because of the nice material

>> No.13213826

Yea actually you should have. It's like their most iconic design currently. Everything they make has this on it. And they're one of the most prominent luxury fashion houses operating today

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I made this thread for other users input and it caused a fight about brand recognition, kek.

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Why is this nigga wearing Junketsu?

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Ultimate grail

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Most people already want the cheap cheap fast fashion knockoffs and many faggots buy fakes, what the fuck are you even trying to talk about

I swear the lever on this board is appalling

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>No, nobody care about Uniqlo designer collabs
o right that's probably why every single faggot on fashion boards talk about them at every drop

also have you ever heard of the ridiculous waiting lines outside of H&M designer collaborations ?

this fucking board

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