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That's not how you hold a pistol grip

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He's running idiot

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That's still not how you hold it

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who gives a shit. it's not like he's some professional troop

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trigger discipline is the first thing you learn about shooting, dumbass

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Dumbass you cant be /fa/ if you dont know how to hold what you're holding

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I dont think he was learned how to shoot.

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we were told in the army it doesn't matter outside training

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>he's running so its fine if he shots himself in the foot or some ally

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have you tried shooting an ak? there's no way he's going to shoot that thing except if he trips

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anyone have a twave movie inspo? no need to be related to terrorism or anything, just well dressed bad guy

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lmfao .22lr. babby's first ak

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Trigger discipline is literally a /k/ meme you fucking imbecile

In an actual combat situation, if you don't have your finger on the trigger and your enemy does, you get shot first - period.

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IRA patrolling dublin street 1922, colourised

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t. no guns
It takes longer to raise the gun and aim then it does to move your finger 1 inch onto the trigger.

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Oh cool another terrorwave thread with all the pictures from the last one

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yea, tourists on /fa/ have fascinations with dumb shit

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James Bond movies.

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mah nigga

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Vintage terrorwave, I fucking like it. Like militarized mobsters

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Which is why they train the military to do this sort of thing. However, when you're drawing a pistol from a holster it doesn't matter because the time it takes means the amount of time to put your finger on the trigger won't matter.
>Trigger discipline is for range shooters/casual shooting or for CCWs
>Finger-on-trigger is for real niggas doing real nigga shit, which you aren't

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fuck off yang you doxxer. you doxxed neon then tried to blame on others faggot

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We should team up with /k/ and make a terrorwave approved gun chart

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I imagine it's dictated more by price. Probably a lot of slavshit.

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thinking of getting this

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I think it can look good with trackpants or washed jeans like pic related + white sneakers


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DJ Stingray was doin that shit decades before my G

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trigger disipline is such an overrated meme faggots spew to seem knowledgeable about guns. it's fucking cringe desu.

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Daily reminder that Irish Republican "Army" is a LARPing group, not terror wave. Balaclavas belong to Black September, not potato niggers.

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Someone please show these tards one of the many friendly fire casualtie videos.

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Does anyone know what anorak that is?

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>DIY funz
>M2 browning
>Lee Enfield

Those are the most I can thin of rn
ofc this list comprises of blanket/ generic/ family/ regional terms to keep it short and sweet.

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I'm positive its timberland, but no idea about the model

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UZI is a nice fit too

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He's running, idiot

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Yeah I completely forgot.
I posted that late at night so it slipped my mind.

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So terrorwave is basically the same style of fashion that Wu-tang was wearing in the 90s

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rate me

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This aestheticis bad. Please stop trying to force it.

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yep stop forcing this lame shit yang

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my nigga

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whos yang

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ill fitted/10

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That one asain rocket launcher guy.

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It's missing the top lid if you look more closely at the ak, if he doesn't hold it like that the spring will jump out when he shoots.

This pic is from Romanian revolution against communism, and back then army service was obligatory for 1 year once u turned 18, so he probably was taught how to use and maintain firearms during that time.

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The hell you on, mate? Looks like 7.62x25, maybe. Mag's wayyy too wide for rimfire and isn't shaped right.

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When did /fa/ turn into /k/

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not terrorists but still based

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from a /p/erspective, this is a fantastic photo. Is it from the croatian/serbian war?

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Bump for the apex of clothing options

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Am I /terrorcore/ yet?

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pretty cool desu

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looks more like poor techwear soy boy

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Think you'd look better without that vest thing desu.

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Literally me whaddup

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No. Those are italian AP AK clones, they were brought after a lot of the UDF's actual firepower was seized and the IRA had the upper hand, so they pretended to have AKs until they received another shipment. The UDF had far less consistent material support than the IRA, and many of their guns were legally owned and thus could incriminate members if displayed publicly, so they used .22 AKs as pictured here as a public stop gap measure. This is what an AP-80 magazine actually looks like.

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Any good photos of the Mexican anti-cartel militias and more South American paramilitary groups?

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best film

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Romania had and probably still has conscription. This is what being partially weapon trained looks like.

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Romanian revolution against revisionist goverment*

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Who else is like MALAA? He doesn't exactly have a compendium list of singles and I need me some more bank robbing house beats.

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My favourite part of Straight Outta Compton was the shot of roof Koreans during the riot scene.

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Check out the original Red Dawn movie, lots of good inspo

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Unless they've drastically changed the way the military works in the past several years, they definitely have an emphasis on "keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot."

No one wants to be the dumbass who ND's.

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/k/ fag here, AR10s, G3, HK33, UZIs, Thompson (kinda), Slavshit (Especially Yugos like the M70), Anything sawn-off/ obrez'd, most SMG's

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trigger discipline is literally the oldest shittest /k/ meme I can think of

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id on pants?

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American eagle cargo pants

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>what is booger hook on bang switch
Because having your gun go off when you don't want it to is EVER a good idea.

You probably think clearing for backblast is only for basic training as well?

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i don't understand your gay /pol/ memes sorry

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About the same time as all the other boards became /k/. Think of it as cross-pollination.

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maybe he's running into a place where he wants his gun to go off you fucking moron

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It looks like the Romanian Revolution

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kill yourself

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what is the history behind this photo?

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LA Riots in i think the 80’s

>> No.13312075

But that's what makes it terrorcore haha maybe I should gone full meme and worn a balaclava
Merrell mqm flex gore-tex

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It was 1992, A bunch of Korean store owners, and primarily the gun store owner of a strip center in little Korea in LA armed themselves and shot any rioters that went near their stores

>> No.13312208

LA riots a few decades ago. Koreans defended their stores from black looters.

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Why do you feel the need to point out the race of the looters? Back to /pol/

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he didnt need to point out the race
everyone already knew

>> No.13312431

because the looters were rioting over Rodney King, so they were all black. Smoothbrain.

>> No.13312435

I doubt he mentioned it because of this, but in the context of this specific situation its an important detail. There was extreme tension between the Korean and African-American communities in LA. Not only was it a riot motivated by racial identity, there were a series of events that led up to the targeting of Koreatown, just the sentiment how the Korean migrants "gentrified" black neighborhoods to the prior acts of violence and deaths before the riots. It should go without saying that the looters were African American.

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Oh damn we all replied to that quickly.

>> No.13312445

Imagine putting this much effort into a post on 4chan.com.

>> No.13312450

>what were LA race riots

are you 8?

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Oh damn we all replied to that quickly.

Also, anyone have any ideas for a rain jacket I can wear with civis? I want something in earthtones, preferably canvas or something that can take abuse. I thought fjallraven, but they're a bit pricey for me right now. Something to go with milsurp or this aesthetic:

>> No.13312455

Eh, you're right. It's just one of those subjects I know a lot about and figured I could help somebody understand more about, didn't take too much effort. Wrong board and thread for this kind of subject anyway.

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Because that was historical. The Koreans (asians) defended theirs stores against black looters you utter fucking brainlet.

>> No.13312474

You did good brah, I enjoy reading summaries like yours. Gives you the big picture.

>> No.13312496

Any idea as to what kind of jacket he's wearing?

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Yes and no. The way it's held in the picture, it's very likely to go off even just running with the gun. Let alone a plethora of other possible movements.

Then there are other situations where trigger discipline is greatly exaggerated as you mentioned, by noobs trying to appear knowledgeable.

Which is what you're guilty of doing right now.

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>we wuz terrorwave

Terrorwave has been around way before the 90s. You nigger brained animal.

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what are those shirts, pants and boots bro?

>> No.13312653

>wearing blue jeans and a windbreaker, running through city streets with a gun


>> No.13312659

Ignoring the fact that the rioters/looters were black is ignoring a large part of why they were rioting in the first place. Further, those riots and their effects on Korean store owners has lead to a LOT of tension between em since.

Lot of racist ass Koreans in LA lmao.

>> No.13312667

good pics

>> No.13312778

Terrorwave is based

>> No.13313399

I don't know I'm afraid, I found that photo in another thread. I actually meant to post a similar one.

The shirts remind me a lot of J Crew utility shirts and henleys. The pants I couldn't tell you, probably something older, vintage work pants maybe.

Boots remind me of Iron Rangers or Wolverine 1000's, but they're different, a little taller with a capless toe. Maybe Red Wing Beckman's? Couldn't go wrong with any of those 3 really.

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thanks man

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Does that extend to Hispanics as well? I saw a lot of Mexicans living in Koreatown. Does that cause friction between them?

>> No.13314131


Normal day with the IRA

>> No.13314135


Where can I get boots like this?

Everytime I enter an army surplus store, their boots are utter shite

>> No.13314203

How do you incorporate paramilitary styles into regular streetwear without looking like a cosplayer/stolen valor idiot?

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