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starter pack thread

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This picture is literally me. Except the vape. I still stick to reds.

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Nietzsche is not a existentialist, you uncultured swine

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t. brianlet

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What's to top right album?

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nice, can I see it from another angle?

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We basedboys now

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how embarrassing

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wtf i love eros now.

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Been like that for years not changing for anyone or any trend

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Absolute moron you are, bet you think he’s a nihilist lmao

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Close ill give ya that

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This is pretty empty and uninspired desu. The appeal of these is the seething bitterness that goes into them and this one falls flat.

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Seem p chill

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>it's not a phase mom, I'm a REAL genre tourist!
>mainstream-compliant inauthenticity is in my blood!
>poser 4 lyfe!!!

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p chill seems pretty gay

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Oh this is my dad lol

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Where to cop the shirt in the bottom left corner?

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Wtf?! How do you know how I dress?

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this is me except two bottles of eros instead of one
just in case

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why do you care though

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Fuck this is me

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this was maybe more true ~8 years ago

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basedboys < s-o-y boys
(only because the latter has an iq about one standard deviation higher than the former)

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I only have the gats and four 100ml bottles and three 25ml decants of Eros.

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Aww fuck this is me

Too bad I live in a small town so no art hoes.

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do you actually watch VHS tapes

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w2c cargos?

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Still 3/10

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W2c boots tho :/

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he boot too big for his gotdam feet

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This. Anyone have an id on those boots?

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This is pretty much spot on with the music and all

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from the back?

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you don't? how unfashionable

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what's the bottom right album?

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Bladee's Working on Dying

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this is impressively bad

is this a new trend?

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don't worry, it's just a really shit fit that gets memed on here mainly because of the shitty fake Ramones
the customary response is "need to see it from the back"

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Nice, literally none of this applies to me except for the death grips, godspeed and swans albums

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there's nothing wrong with any of these except for the books

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Why you smoking reds



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would hang out with probably

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I only have the adidas pants. Way too close

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I only got the gats
>omg so close daaaamn

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oddly specific starter packs always get me rolling

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w2c Hawaiian shirt

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I bet you're one of those people who think he was a nihilist.
Neck yourself, heretic.

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Once again, the left can't meme.

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whats that album in the top right?

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idk really just started with them and stuck to them

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i hate this

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Is lobsterman really writing chicken soup for the soul books now? LMAO

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W2C shirt

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incoherent nonsense

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F A ∞ by gy!be

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bump i need this.

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>literally /fa/

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Neither was Camus or Sartre, at least according to themselves.

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So much money for just looking regular/normiecore...

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not surprising, nobody with a hint of self-awareness would want to be called an "existentialist"

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Jesus fucking Christ

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hey, its pretty good

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its a shame, swans and dij have a p cool aesthetic but their sounds are trash

ill stick 2 techno

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literally makes no sense
cope harder

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Sartre enthusiastically called himself an existentialist, what are you talking about

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>Swans don't interest me

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ID on those kicks?

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FUCK you

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Sartre shifted his ideas of existentialism into humanism around the time of his feud with Camus, probably because he didn't want his thinking to be associated with the errors he perceived in Camus' work. Don't get me wrong, I personally think Sartre was an existentialist, but he didn't like to be called one later in his career.

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I want a shirt that says "BAND" on it

>> No.13371858

just go on /metal/ dumbass hahahaha

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A simpler time

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id on shoes

>> No.13372065

german army trainers, style with adidas trackpants for maximum results

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these are the Margiela replica GATs to be exact

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john + elliott, previous season though

gitman vintage, dunno what season, might have been last year?

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ya i made tht p clear cuh

*doofs intensify*

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it's a joke, lurk more

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I think it's this.


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>Adidas Hamburg

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how old is this picture lmao

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Woah those jil sander ones are sick, thanks for the pic

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I know this kid. Everyone hates him cuz they can tell how hard he tries to be trendy

That kid is also me

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Neofolk was made by jews to discredit paganism and to make jewish religions better

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probably just alt, not chad

>> No.13373216

"alt" people in US are really into hardcore while "alt" people in Europe are mostly into techno


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ID on bottom middle t shirt?

>> No.13373238

this is the fucking worst kid

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Mastodon - Crack The Skye

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>A simpler time
So much this.

>> No.13373451

>Mastodon - Crack The Skye
That's poser Metal (Manowar, of course, isn't).


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>That's poser Metal
Duh. Why do you think I chose that pic?

>> No.13373829

Leave sacred bones out of this

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Where are you from that bladee fits a stereotype? I have never met anyone that even heard of bladee let alone listen to him

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these guys suck

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I prefer the warmth of a VHS, there's nothing wrong with it

>> No.13375472

Death in June is too problematic for those guys.

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wth this is me but I'm not gay

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top söy

>> No.13375728

What's the album with the girl and guy under the moon? I like the artwork.

>> No.13375736

im gonna fking kill u why is wodg on here ihate u

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Can anyone find a link where I could buy this hat online?
Nike Air worn by Rejjie Snow


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I imagine the kinds of person I've met that are these and they are all annoying, does this mean I am getting old?

>> No.13375802

where can i get that 'band' thsirt??

>> No.13375817

just make it yourself on RedBubble or any other DIY jewsite

>> No.13375945

id guess its from alcest or some other blackgaze band

>> No.13375946

Alcest - Ecailles de Lune

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He wasn't nihilist but c'mon mate!

>> No.13376482

People replying to this guy by saying he's wrong have never read Nietzsche. Big N wasn't a subjectivist of any kind (which all existentialists are since they believe you have to "invent a meaning for life"), instead he thought there was a universal order and objective truth that could be arrived at through different systems and values striving against each other. Yeah, that means he isn't giving you a morality on a platter, but he obviously still believes that a true morality exists and that we have a duty to arrive at it.

I swear to god the damage that French people have done to my man Nietzsche is literally criminal. Stop listening to you professors and read him for yourselves

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Been looking for this, w2c boots?

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The one that started it all.

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that's literally my gf wtf

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w2c shorts?

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time for a new girlfriend, brother

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jesus this is like the most 2015 /fa/ picture ever

>> No.13376983

i was going to say that no one is like this but then i read the replies and now i want to kill

>> No.13376992

god dammit I was about to buy a light wash jean jacket too

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do people actually wear this shit?

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why does no one respond "cope harder" to any of these other light hearted charts? get mad

>> No.13377368

the chart doesn't say or imply he is

>> No.13377385

Brand of the white trainers?

>> No.13377398

I need to move to europe

>> No.13377400

I love you anon, looking for similar shoes for 7 years.

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>> No.13377408

My mom wears that Vans shoes.

>> No.13377413

Thank you.

>> No.13377422

wtf you just put a bunch of random stuff together, if (You)'s were what you were after then you sure got them bud

>> No.13377445

Fucking excellent post anon

>> No.13377501

w2c shirt

>> No.13377504


>> No.13377511

its not random, its stuff that is especially trendy on /fa/ this year. no, nobody's complete wardrobe looks like that but theyre all clothes fuccbois are latching onto while at the same time believing they are above trends. just look at the replies in the thread asking for the source of what i put together. this meme is writing itself

>> No.13377520

can you post a full body picture of her wearing nothing but those shoes

>> No.13377569

these are clearly original GATs and not the Margiela version

>> No.13377574

ID on boots?

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>> No.13377753

holy fuck

>> No.13377874

they can't comprehend the fact that browsing /fa/ daily doesn't make them immune to fashion trends

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>"..."existentialist" philosopher. But what does that even mean? When was there ever a philosopher who didn't concern himself with existence? That's all that philosophers are concerned with! because they are concerned with everything, and there IS nothing else apart from existence! Do these people who create these utterly retarded labels ever read anything?...There is no "existentialism", there are only a bunch of mouthbreathing subhumans who are too stupid to deal with the actual issues at hand, and who therefore prefer to make neat little bunches of them by blanketing them with retarded makeshift labels, and then proceed to juggle those instead so that they won't ever have to think about anything. Even "postmodernism" is a more valid label than existentialism, and that's saying something!"

>> No.13377932

You left out the Street Sects album.

>> No.13377967

Did peterson really say this. Retarded fuck

>> No.13378037

Don't think he would have said retarded, never heard him say that before.

>> No.13378229

Thank you, it is about damn time for man to prove himself of the übermensch.

>> No.13378246

>bunch of mouthbreathing subhumans who are too stupid to deal with the actual issues
canadians don't talk like this

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Whoa, I made this years ago lol

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>> No.13378682

the best

>> No.13378694

i miss those t shirts

>> No.13378697

also 90% of girls on tinder

>> No.13379007


but Deafheaven is metal, gay metal but metal after all

>> No.13379162

Nah, it's Alex Kierkegaard

>> No.13379719

Where to cop shoes next to bottom text?

>> No.13379869

10/10 would play killer7 with

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me @ the tekno gig

>> No.13379882

I've got bad news anon..

>> No.13379891

What guitar is that? Looks like a melted strat

>> No.13379908

Wow, I had not realized how savage /fa/ can get. I feel like you singled me out 100.

>> No.13379914

We've come full circle my dudes.

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>> No.13380388

I fucking wish

>> No.13380425

Who are you quoting? I can't find this anywhere

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File: 898 KB, 1015x773, retarded barbarian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yellow camels

>> No.13380579

fender jag

>> No.13380602


Its a Jazzmaster actually.

>> No.13381924

red wing postman

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File: 99 KB, 963x1200, g9o9gd3dqsp01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13382145


they're a pair of old worn down steve madden troopahs

>> No.13382302


>> No.13382362

I feel attacked

>> No.13382830

w2c the shirt and trousers?

>> No.13383124

finnish milsurp

>> No.13383234

twin fantasy is literally onions music

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