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Starter pack thread

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Don't dare to put based Our Legacy into it. Better put Acne.

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lol no

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where to cop bottom derby

>> No.13448052

There's some good stuff (shoes, hawaiian shirt) and some shit stuff (Carseat Headrest, Peterson) in this image

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All is pointless, where do you find the energy to even type?

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I dont post gay anime Pictures

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Acne is onions in 2018. especially printed stuff

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W2c the cargos

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does anyone have that apc, acne, our legacy, and norse starter pack image?

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>Hotline Miami mobster starter pack

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Do the pol crossposters who talk about onions actually listen to car seat headrest? If so, that is incredibly gay and funny

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whats the top left album covers name?

>> No.13448255

>what car is that?

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Ferrari Testarossa in the wrong colour

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f# a# infinity

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I dig carseat headrest.. Since when the fuck is that associated with pol? It's mostly hipster/punk liberal kids in that scene as far as I can tell.

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>wanting a ferrari in red

I'd bet you ask what the most fashionable way to wipe your own ass is. Also enjoy getting pulled over every 5 minutes, red cars attract police attention.

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The shoes doesnt fit. Should be white loafers instead.
They painted it white so you could see it better at night. Nothing wrong with that decission.

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>t. someone who's neither owned nor driven one.

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leave twin fantasy out of this fucker. it's the ultimate basedboy album anyways.

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lmfao imagine waking up every day and having to live your whole life as a car seat headrest fan who defends them on 4chan

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Wtf I love Etos now

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I like those...

>> No.13448483

not a testarossa, no.

Because you know, I like the ferraris that aren't literal garbage as I have decent taste.

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bladee doesn't deserve this

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> live your whole life as a car seat headrest fan

i mean yea it's a band i like a lot and i bet you actually like them too

anyways, the album doesn't fit on that chart. there should be mumble rap and try hard jazz. not soft boy indie rock.

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The third one is dope

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w2c that strap on the timex

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Leave bladee out of this

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Leave SftB, F#A#, and our legacy out of this.

>> No.13448758

Red Wing Postman i think
usually a bit of a discount on STP

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w2c hawaii shirt

>> No.13448790

I got mine on Grailed for $125

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yeah fuck you OP

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john + elliot

gitman vintage

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>"b-b-but my tastes are unique, right?"

>> No.13448915

"uh oh four people in a 4chan thread like this artist better pretend they're bad or people might think my taste isn't weird and quirky enough"
what do you listen to lol

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Yots ain't even out yet boy

>> No.13449324

looool you're only further proving his point with this defensive reply

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Fuck off nigger

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what's the one under YOTS?

>> No.13449475

This starterpack literally called out /fa/ hahahahahha

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So does this

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Cocaine white Testarossa is a respectable choice

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leave, faggot

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ID on boots or something similar?

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>the god awful mastodon shoes

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Everyone's decided to start shitting on Uniqlo because it's popular but you're still gonna keep buying from them. They're the best choice for new fashionably neutral clothes. If you're not getting your basics from thrifting or Uniqlo you're wasting your money.

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>neutral clothes

>> No.13449768

bottom left is twin fantasy
bottom right is working on dying by bladee

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Most /fa/ people prefer the Weekday. Uniqlo is nothing but Marvel clothes and H&M shit that dies after being washed twice.
All their jeans contain elastic material too indicating a horrible quality compensated by using plastics.

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JBP and Death Grips, fuck you, you piece of absolute worthless trash, how the fuck you think those things merge. Disgusting piece of pretentious shit. KYS.

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All the butthurt OP is generating ITT seems to prove that he's onto smth

>> No.13449836

Seems to prove that he's an unmistaken fashion victim.

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OP here, I didn't make the starter pack, but whenever it's posted, people get really triggered

I'm starting to think most people on 4chan have the same interests and will gatekeep super hard to keep "normies" out and as a result are super defensive about everything they're interested in

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Dude... i had those shoes. Sick times.

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Fuck, OP seems to have touched several nerves with his pic.

Also, I unironically love eros, despite not using it that often because of its strength.

>> No.13449906

Death grips has really gone to shit after nigga on the moon. Their meme loving fan base doesn't help either.

>> No.13449915

For some reason I remember Hawaiian shirts being popular one summer in the mid or late 2000s, am I making this up or did it happen?

>> No.13450531

>I have to constantly wear flex pieces or people won't notice me
normcore will never not be a thing, idiot

>> No.13450540

99% of brands have cringy shit, even and especially high quality brands. If you don't like shit just don't buy it. Weekday is fine, but a few years ago /fa/ was creaming their pants over Uniqlo and now people are suddenly acting like it's trash now just because it got oversaturated. Stop comparing yourself to random people on the internet and realize a full Uniqlo wardrobe would improve the average person's style by an order of magnitude.

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black is the true answer

>> No.13450797

god tier outfit

>> No.13451037

Oi m8 why bringing in DG eh?

>> No.13451054

it's literally the same logic you made in your post

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Minus the music taste this is literally my brother what the fuck

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all pointlessness is pointless in its pointlessness, pointlessness becomes pointness when pointlessness points you to pointlessnes. thus pointlessness is pointness in respect to its pointlessness.

>> No.13451354

bladee and jordan peterson, that's about it. i think im good

>> No.13451782

How are you able to miss the point so hard.

>> No.13451805

missing the rolex submariner

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>/fa/ggots would never be bold enough to wear something like this

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whats your point?

>> No.13452305

this one is on point

>> No.13452412

w2c shoes

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