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Owning a piece of Junya changes you. I love it. I love how Junya's creative vision enlivens workwear with a contemporary, whimsical twist that can be worn anywhere. Japanese Americana is still as fashionable now as it was when brand new Visvim FBTs were $400 a pop. Who knows what I'll do with these things on; enroll in a fall term at Bunka Fashion College, begin an apprenticeship under Rei Kawakubo, or patch old clothes into rompers because that's something Junya would do. The possibilities are endless. One step at a time though.

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low quality b8

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B-but pic related is wearing mostly Kapital

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>wears one junya piece
>instantly every other piece doesn't matter because junya is god apparently
nice get btw

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That's gonna be a yikes from me.

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This nigga look like he some night life scum bag outta Shenmue

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