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Hello can anyone help in autistic core I would like to dress up as a total loser so everyone can avoid me

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>implying they don’t already

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just b urself

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- great coat
- trench coat
- 'the driver' jacket

- silk goku shirt
- anime apparel in general
- silk flames shirts
- visual pun graphic tees like threadless and designbyhumans
- drug rug

- cargo shorts
- cargo pants
- baggy docker khakis
- baggy stonewash carpenter jeans

- flip flops
- keen hiking sandals
- orthopedic shoes
- doc marten ankle boots

- fedora or trillby
- wallet chain
- leather cuff bracelets
- hemp necklace
- shark tooth necklace
- oakley sunglasses
- industrial or septum piercing

- long down to your waist, worn in a pony tail
- faux-hawk
- permanently in that awkward middle phase between short and medium, or medium and long
- facial hair let to grow out without ever trimming or shaving

general style directions you can go from this base:
- just big jumbled graphic and print mess. only look at items on an individual level and never think of the outfit as a whole. stack items with loud, color prints on top of one another
- matchy matchy
- ex-hippie burnout
- superficially anti-social metalhead
- "gamer" whose sheltered existence prevents him from being able to participate in genuine human interaction. make sure to frequently quote from movies and tv shows, and if the conversation begins to get into topics like family or career, try to redirect the conversation back to pop culture and failing that, find an excuse to exit
- steampunk

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Thank you Kanye West cool

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>silk flames shirts
>orthopedic shoes
>shark tooth necklace
>fedora or trilby
>oakley sunglasses
Fuck this is accurate. Saw someone like this just yesterday. How is it that literally ALL the autismos dress like this? What appeals to them about this "style"?

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They think it makes em look mature and mysterious

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