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is this hoodie /fa/ as fuck or nah?

>> No.13532936

>muh meme hoodie
Congrats on getting scammed out of $90 by King Hypebeast

>> No.13532944

Streetwear is never /fa/ it's for 12 year olds and nouveu riche asians

>> No.13532965

Starting to think it WAS a scam, it's been almost 6 weeks since I ordered mine and it hadn't even shipped yet

>> No.13532969

We are in the same boat.

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Ayy we out here misconjugating verbs. For real I want my fuckin hoodie, what colour did you get?

>> No.13532980

My homie got me an orange one and he bought a black one. We were just talking about how we were thinking we got scammed, so the fact that you are having the problem too makes me think that they might just be overwhelmed with the amount of Kanye Stans reppin'. Here's to hoping we get this shit in the next six months lmao

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Ah nice, I ordered black because I've already got an orange hoodie. They'll probably arrive just in time for hoodie season

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did someone say jackson hole

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Most meta streetwear hoodie design

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My white one already came...

I do genuinely like the hoodie despite Kanye and every fuccboi

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we're not in 2005 anymoe

>> No.13533651

enough said.

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