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bought this jacket today. what kind of outfits would look good with it?

>> No.13532941

I think if you pair this with a noose and a wobbly three-legged stool you'd look great

>> No.13532945

Why would you buy a stupid looking jacket and then think about what you want to wear with it?

>> No.13532962

thanks guys

>> No.13533834

candycane pants and a little white sailor hat

>> No.13533839

I would either go for some jeans or chinos and probably some shoes too

>> No.13534048

And mexican pointy boots

>> No.13534115

if you are a girl, wear with short shorts of the same color, with stockings and long socks.

don't forget the umbrella if you are going for the british look

>> No.13534276

just get the rest of the kit

>> No.13534659

How much is this worth? I have the same exact jacket brand new with tags.

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