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Aaaaah help /fa/, I want to be cute and fashionable but I feel like my height makes everything look bad on me (5'10) any tips on how to be cute and tall?
I don't really wear skirts and dressed because it's quite rare to find a woman actually wearing them here.

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>This fucking thread again

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5'10 is manlet/womanlet territory.

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I didn't really receive replies anon, only people talking about my height.

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here's a genuine one, just because you really seem like could use some help:
begin by stop caring about this cesspool's opinion about your good height, people elsewhere would kill for such a height (including myself, im 5 feet) there's almost no excuse for you to be insecure about it, me either, and i considered by board to commit seppuku for my own height
after that lurk and do your own research about what you like and what YOU personally find fashionable, you don't need the approval of a bunch of anonymous shut in spergs to wear shit, if you feel like it, then wear, and own it. experiment different styles, fits and cuts without splurging out and keeping a budget, do regular skin and hair care, eat healthy shit that does you go, exercise regulary (you don't need to go to the gym, going for a 30 min walk is good enough)
there you go mate, do good and don't let anyone weight your own worth :)

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>OP asks this board's opinion
>hyrr dyrr this board is shit in advice just be yourself

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>Op asks for this board's opinion
>Anon gives opinion
>proceeds to larp
You just proved the faggot's point, asshat

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pls be my tall mommy gf

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First of all, this is a primarily male dominated fashion board, which itself is shit in the male category, let alone female. Second, if OP determines it's shit, then she won't start a thread again. This is my opinion >>13533053
so shave your opinion into your ass.

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So you're disguising your projections as an opinion of someone else's opinion? This board, man...

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she said 5'10 which is tall enough

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>op asks for advice and gets one
>incel gets pissy and drops his insecurities

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And you're derailing OP's thread, who's the aggressor now? I am done talking with you.

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Still, not even tall.

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stfu i wrote you out a long thought-out reply with decent advice in it. stop attention whoring.

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this is the first time i ever got my identity stolen in this board, nice

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