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What's the most /fa/ way to hold a cig?

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I do middle and ring finger which isn't shown.

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I do all of these within the 3-4 minutes

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comfort and stealth

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correct answer right there

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That’s feminine

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I'm a girl

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I put mine in between my big toe and middle

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right in pic
if you smoke, then you're retarded
there are much better ways to both get nicotine into your system, as well as self-harming

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But doing both at the same time is efficent

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Classic cigarette-twee, you must also know how to smoke it.

You see cigarettes are for those who need to relax, however they are currently stressed or in a situation that is less than ideal. For instance you smoke you relieve stress, cigarettes are quick and should be savored due to this

Meanwhile you smoke ciagrs because you’re relaxed and you’d like to be more relaxed. So the bigger the tabbaco amount the more relaxed one is

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pretty sure i do these regularly, probably do the Woman's, too, occassionally

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I smoke unfiltereds and suck em down super quick. I've always got one in my hand though, probably go through about 30 a day

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I hope you both will grow up to realize your mistakes sooner or later. the damage done will hopefully not be too major.
good luck

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>classic at the beginning.
>twee at the end.

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Like most faggot smokers, I usually just lodge the cig up my anus.

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I'll quit in a few years. Thanks

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i rotate between classic/gentry and comfort

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I don't smoke but thanks bud

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Post photos of your feet and armpits please.

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I say it as an ex-smoker lol

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I hate that I find smoking to be cool aesthetically

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only faggots hold cigs between their fingers, the thumb and index finger grip is the only manly way

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no, actually
never once seen a person one would consider manly holding it like that

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t. this person

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W2c the boots?

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A tranny is not a girl, faggot.

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Smoking is very un/fa/.

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I feel offended.

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me too :)

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Thumb and pinky is not on there

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Classic and twee is probably my most used and stealth if it's windy so the wind doesn't burn out the cig faster

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Middle finger and thumb all the way

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Like this
But don't smoke at all because its bad for your health

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classic and switch to stealth if walking in crowds or if it's raining

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i smoke pall mall and listen to steve reich
i know that it probably makes me much more of a poseur

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This, i have a Vape to help me quit. But i just look like a fagget using it.

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>pall mall and steve reich instead of lucky strikes and tim hecker

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Stop smoking sweetheart.

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I do Gentry

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two words

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looks so trashy, but guarantees that you can't smoke down to the filter...so not trashy

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