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I want to see good looking slavic men under 26 years old.
I'm not the only girl with this fetish...

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Please go see a doctor.

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Non-slavic man.

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Slav men are usually ruined by their small frames and shitty hair

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They are the most masculin and strongest men.
Particularly when they are still young

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why do so many russian youth have face tattoos?

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You wouldn't think he was handsome if he weren't dating this chick

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>I want to see good looking slavic men under 26 years old.
W-what about a bad looking slavic man under 26 years old, haha

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Based, post more Danila

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I'm not the only one who thinks this guy looks like your typical russian/balkan slum trash with some face tatts right ?

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he looks obviously mongoloid

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id on those boots ?

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If they're from russia they're likely to be generic aliexpress boots.

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ugly boots, gap tier sweater

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>mfw 26 and am no longer OP's type.
Why live.

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That's what passes for an average girl in Russia

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The chad Slav versus the virgin ginger bong

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Damn I always knew Russia had fire bitches everyone laughed at me

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No, you are not.

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Word of advice, they have the exact same attitude and a niggress, so tread lightly, personally I fucking hate Russian women but they're nice to fuck, FOBs will either be prudish or they'll do ANYTHING.
t. Russian

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t race traitor

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We're literally a race of mongrels, I'm part german part irish with distant mongol from my mom's side, probably related to Genghis Khan. Also Russian women are the worst race traitors of all "white" women.

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I spent a pathetic amount of time trying to find this sweater.

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God I want to cum in his face so bad
Isn’t he like 27 tho?

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actually laughing at boots on the bed and serious face lmao

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>the only girl
and by girl you of course mean gay man

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this dude has alot of sauce.

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>handsome young Ruskies
Where??? Start posting them because I don't see any itt

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Shut the fuck up faggot.

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> posting tatar churkas
> posting MMA OMON fighter svinya core
> posting gays
No russkie detected. Fuck off.

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Cyka blyat

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0/10, absolutely pathetic

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Coming right up

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That's a great pic, good inspo

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God I hate this dudes face so much. I also hate that it gets to me. But man, from I've been able to uncover, most of russian youth is just clout chasing. I have a russian friend who loves to tell how he met xyz at so and so party, and then I'll ask about who they are, and the answer is always, "uh, um, idk but he's like, a model, kinda, idk hes just cool over there." On one hand it's cool that all that there's sort of this movement happening but it's turned into a game of who has the coolest instagram. Maybe im just a hater tho.

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Russians are exactly like niggers. We just like showing off. As a Japanese anon once said, we're just accidentally the wrong color.
t. Russian

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