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Inspo thread

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Chris Chan starter pack

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Shizo thread

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ignore the jew

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clothing made for pedophiles , I hope their sales plummeted after ethan became an unlikeable reptile because the only reason people bought this shit was because he was "in" at the time, like filthy frank or whatever, you were "cool" if you liked h3h3, so they bought this trash

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Absolute garbage

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I hate these Jews so fucking much they made me read Evola

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oh my god they sell shit and you retards gobble it right the fuck up

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i in no way can define "pastel" but I know it when I sees it

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poorly executed marketing thread

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pastel is any color that is strongly desaturated, like on a cloth with a low density of color pigments or washed out colors

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Looks genuinely disgusting

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Gross looking like if I ever seen one

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Damn she's ugly

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Is that the shame wizard from big mouth?

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fuck yeah a Hila thread

a lethal combination of big eyes, youthful bone structure and keen fashion sense

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she's iranian. there is no possible fashion.

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you can literally see the pain in his eyes

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y’know generally I follow the rule of “if /fa/ says it’s shit that means it’s good” but this is about the best example of an exception you faggots could’ve given me.

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And they all combine to form one hideous creature. Her eyes looks pretty good in total isolation though.

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They sell overpriced colorblock hoodies that are ripped off deisgns from the 80s to early 90s.

Seriously who would drop over $80 +shipping on one of those Teddy Fresh hoodies? Why are they so damn expensive.

I don't get it

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bait thread but I'm still going to post some inspo

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Do you want to fuck her because she's ugly or what's up?

I've definitely been with ugly bitches, like barebacking an ugly old chick because degradation is hot sometimes

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finishing it with some tabi. didn't realise how weak my inspo folder was in terms of variety

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Bro shut the fuck up

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damn Hila better watch her man around tabi

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Holy fuck, I hate /fa/. I'd unironically rather go Terryfresh core rather than a single one of these fits.

Atleast if I wear Teddyfresh, the general public will think I look ok. Compared to looking like LARPing weirdo who is "trying to be different."

Fashion is about looking good to as many crowds / types of people as you can. In one word, fashion means "diversity"

The outfits you posted are not that. Not diverse from a long shot. You WILL look like a laughing stock if you wore these in public.

End of rant.

[ Everybody liked that ]

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So she isn't Jewish?

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shit's so cringe lol i cant bros

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they are bad role models

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>Hila Klein (née Hakmon; Hebrew: הילה חכמון; born December 12, 1987) was born in Holon, Israel to a Sephardic Jewish family. Her father, Yochanan Hakmon, was of Libyan-Jewish descent, whereas her mother is of Turkish-Jewish descent

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you could improve this bait by removing the reddit spacing and the little line at the end. That would make it much more believable

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Neck yourself op

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>Fashion is about looking good to as many crowds / types of people as you can. In one word, fashion means "diversity"
>The outfits you posted are not that. Not diverse from a long shot. You WILL look like a laughing stock if you wore these in public.
The is the same shit you posted in the other thread but this time with a more retarded image.
How old are you? No one wil think this is acceptable on a male over 20. The only reason you might think it's acceptable is because these man-children are all you see on Twitch and Youtube.

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This bitch is Satanic. Everything about her is just "off". She definitely has piles of skeletons in her closet. Same with Ethan, that disgusting satanic jew

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