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You've been assigned one task. Make the tallboi look like a normal human being, what do you do?
You're completely updating his style. Clothes. Hair. Everything.

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shave his head and have him gain a large amount of muscle mass. but at that point he might ascend and leave humanity behind

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I take the hair off his head and glue it where his eyebrows are supposed to be.

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Oh nonono

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WTF? Why does he look like that? Like, who makes a conscious effort to do that to their hair and eyebrows?

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He looks like a cancer patient with the lack of eyebrows and the thinning, receding hair. I feel bad for him because otherwise he is quite handsome and looks really chill and cool.

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shave head and work out
go for the male pornstar look

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He's so tall that he's gonna have to put on A LOT of muscle to not look like slendermun.

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Shave head
Figure out how to get eyebrows back idk
Grow stubble or a small beard
Go to the gym
Stop dressing like a 12 year old
Just like that he's now above average

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Shave head, make him adopt gopnik style. Start working out. No need to be huge, just good muscle definition. All black all the time.

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>Figure out how to get eyebrows back idk
My sides are in orbit

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>give him eyebrows
>shave and wear a hat at all times
>dress like a normal human being
he's now above average

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You saying "athletic" brand hoody and bluejean combo isn't effay?

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