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I need something to shave with /fa/. Is Phillips one blade any good if I want it to last the next five years? I know I'd have to replace the razors often but my budget is limited.

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Also the budget is 100€

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Dont get a oneblade if money is a worry. A typical beard trimmer will last 10x longer. Just be VERY careful when going around your junk. The Philips 7000 is the one that seems to get the most praise.

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safety razors are much better

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I got one of those one blades.
It sucks. Really really sucks. Even from Day 1

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I have one of these, but I don't use it everyday. I keep my neck cleaned of stubble once a week, and trim my beard. It's good for that.

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I tried all kinds of electric razors and have been using a one blade for the past 3 years. Amazing shave. Got one for my brother and dad too and they love it and can't stop mentioning it. Get one. They're not even expensive.

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Also, I used to get lots of ingrown hairs and haven't gotten a single one since using this. It's been so long I almost forgot about it.

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you use it dry or wet?

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had one since 2016, really good and I buy a new blade or two roughly ever 6 months. I dry shave with it a couple of times a week and can do some body hair with it too.

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they're a meme. I swear if I use them for body grooming they're totally amazing but for my face I still prefer cartridge shaving because it gets the job done and doesn't tear up your face once you start feeling that you won't scrape anything off.

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I think they're more like a trimmer rather than for shaving but I've seen all sorts of opinions.

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I got one about 6 months ago and I love it, i have very sensitive skin but its hella forgiving and gets a good close shave.

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These work great for me but I have to take a hot shower first and replace the blade every 1-2 shaves. Still cheaper than gilette trash.

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yeah this also works great for me, but some of my friends get crazy skin problems with them. But you can get a plastic equivalent for $5 and see how its for you.

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Its not a BAD piece of hardware BUT Expensive AF for refills.

I since have switched to replaceable blade straight razor. Refills come in packs of like 10,000, cheap, and since you are using a new blade every time, you always get the closest shave.

It has a learning curve, but eventually you will look forward to shaving like a 1920's everyman.

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The one that is good for body hair is not likely to be good for your face.
Its pretty hard to figure out what kind of blade and razor to use. I suggest getting an adjustible and 100 blade variety pack

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I received a one blade pro as a gift and I rate it, 14 length settings without having to take the head off of it is pretty neat.
My roommate got a regular one blade like in your pic though and said it was pretty disappointing.

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This or pic related are great to get started, this is about 25 euros.
Get a blade pack with at least derby, astra, permasharp and feather, about 10 euros.
Buy a yaqi synthetic shaving brush with stand off aliexpress for ~15 euros (sagrada familia is the best price to preformance option).
Get some soap like tabac, Mitchell's wool fat, proraso (cream), or something similar priced (10 euros) with good reviews.
For aftershave just use whatever moisturizer you use.
I pay like 30 euros a year to shave and works much better for me than cartridge or electric.

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i stole a one blade and it's pretty good but it fucking broke on top after maybe a year? the plastic it's made of is pretty cheap. there's no way i'd actually pay for one. just go to a grocery store, they usually don't lock them up and you can take it suuuper easily. idk i come from a small town so its easier in places like that.

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>Needing to steal razors

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I have really sensitive skin, and because I refuse to buy from Gillette (their single blade is really good), I use the OneBlade ONLY on my jawline. It's the only thing that doesn't knick me or give me razor bumps. I then use a single blade razor with Feather blades on my cheeks, chin, and upper lip area. Highly recommend. Don't listen to these retards talking shit about the OneBlade, it's a fantastic product.

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I might be a bit late to ask this, but what do you currently use OP? And how well is what you have used up until now worked?
Do you know if you have sensitive skin or tough beard growth? if not >>15133942
There is nothing that shaves everyone perfectly and knowing these things helps in finding the right product for you.

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fucking nigger

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>my budget is limited
just steal it
i have this exact model
stole it from a big store

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Hi Tyrone

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Been using mine for 4. same blade, never changed just now starting to pull.

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Do they have anything that will trim your stubble at a desired length? It's to hard to do with a blade.

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get the wahl peanut instead

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>I refuse to buy from Gillette
Baste anon

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I think safety razors are just not as feasible as they say. what you save in terms of razor and blades, you put in shaving cream, soap, brushes and after-shaves because the safety razor makes you need at least 4 passes for it to get anything off your face and then they say anything more than 1 blade is too much and just marketing. that's bs. I know it works well for some men but for me it was always just annoying lathering up like a tard the fourth time because it's still not all gone while having razorburn already. that's why multi-blade cartridges with lubrication strips and a pivoting head just offer advantages in my opinion.

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I'm not >>15135729, but I don't entirely agree with you.
The biggest pros multi blade cartridge razors have over safety razors, in my opinion, are ease of use and that it takes less time.
As for the cost of soap and aftershave, where I live I can get 3 Tabac refills for less than 20 euros and each soap lasts me just under a year. Though I usually use Martin de Candre which costs me about 50 euros and lasts me about 2 years with a synthetic brush; It performs slightly better and is easier to use. For aftershave I just use a moisturizer which I would have used anyway, so I'm not really paying more.
The biggest reason I personally use a safety razor is because my neck is red for 3 days straight if I use a cartridge razor and with a safety razor I can shave every day without any razor burn.

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How this shave balls?

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I use japanese cartridge razor. It's good, cheap and not Gilette.

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I always get irritation on my neck with regular shaving, with one blade and some trial and error I finally found a way to shave to avoid it 90-95%. the skin on my neck just seems to get irritated when shaved and there's no way around it.

its really nice and it shaves quite close, for my beard growth it's like 6-8 hours after a regular shave, which is pretty good IMO.

I buy a blade once every 6 months, but that's like 15 EU per 6 months which is 30 EU per year on shaving, now that's if you wanna use it regularly. I have periods where I don't shave and periods when I do so I stretch out one disposable blade even more than 6 months. pretty good deal if you ask me. I'm not even paid to shill it I'm just generally satisfied with the product.

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are they? I mean it's feather after all. don't you need to import them? if we're talking cheap I found the Dorco Pace (dollar shave club if you're US and re-branded in other countries) to be good value. the blades are made in South-Korea and the handle has a metal gripper on top so it can't break off making you buy a new handle.
the Bic Flex series are also cheap and available everywhere but I found them to be too aggressive for my taste. damn close shave though.

mildest shave I ever had was with Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense. the gel depots are really good and last a way longer time than the ones on Gilette Fusion. On top of that, there are actually blade guards on each of the five blades itself. so I never had a razor burn or irriration with that one ever unless you push crazy hard and flip back the lubrication guard on top which is a feature so you can reach mustache are better.

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