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Recent cops thread. Post your recent cops and rate others.

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They're not in my possession because I only ordered them yesterday, but technically I copped them.

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return the tie immediately

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No way. I will make it work somehow.

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I got birks ama

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A.P.C mac

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That tie is terrible. You will look like a pig's anus.

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Last thread died, so reposting.
New old stock solovairs, they were too small for me so I had to return them :(
Very nice 8/10 would score higher if it had no epaulets and visible top button

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i got second hand acne jeans
did i fall for a meme?

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What's the point right now? You might be depressed during this time, lose weight. You might get lazy and fat. You might take the iron pill and bulk up.

Either way when and if we are finally allowed out as normal the clothes won't fit you.

You'll just feel down if you get a new item and you look great in it but can't go out. It will accelerate depression. You risk infecting yourself getting items.

And finally, if you wait and millions die, there will be lots more cheap items.

Silver linings.

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they're decent if you got for ~$50. i'd rather have apcs though

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what's the name for this style of shoe? I'm looking for something similar but less formal looking, does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

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Thank you, I think I'm close with "chunky gibson"

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Nice trips and nah my acnes are my most worn jeans and have held up great. Got them new tho not sure what quality yours are

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Have you seen his face? Clothes don't matter

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Yes, they do. I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing.

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This week's grabs.
No idea how to wear the CCP tank on the right, but it was a steal so I'll hold onto it for a bit just in case.

Shirts are Junya and Homme Plus I picked up for about $45 each

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>Shirts are Junya and Homme Plus I picked up for about $45 each
great deals!
where did you cop em'?

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I live in Japan, people just dump stuff off at secondhand stores and if you're in a small enough neighborhood there's not a whole lot of competition for the "nice" stuff on the racks. It's fantastic

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some shite dress from h&m

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Finally pulled the trigger on these shorts and jacket on a sale. Seems I got the last in my size for both.

Been considering both for a while

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my most recent cop

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obligatory yikes

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You need to get this too to round up the fit

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I don't like wearing hats also that looks a bit gay desu

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