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Is the school girl uniform /fa/ ?

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Not unless you're Asian.

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thank you for scratching out that ugly ass bitch in the back ahahah

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That's a man?

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it's a girl you degenerate, get off the internet

>> No.15136156

Line trap dis you?

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Anything can be fashion if you try hard enough.

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She said she sucked a lot of boys penises in high school. Im the same age as her and I find that hard to believe. Back then we had like 1 or 2 gay kids in our school and everyone hated them and treated them like shit. So I figure if there was a tranny they would be even more hated because they are obviously even more mentally fucked up than a fag. Thoughts?

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That sounds fucking awesome. For me I high school if you were gay you were like a hero and propped up by all the teachers and students and shit. Fucking retarded bro.

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I would suck this balding faggots fat cock. but desu he doesn't cum enough like can he even orgasm?

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Bailey was unique in that she looked feminine before starting hrt. It's really not hard to imagine her sucking off guys in highschool with a bunch of horned up teenagers desu.

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hey, former gay kid in highschool here, for every 10 guys that make fun of you theres about 3 that want to secretly fuck in the lockeroom

>> No.15136916

More like 9 out of 10. Only straight guy who are not a latent gays are those who do not care.

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is this Gaga?

>> No.15138174

bailey jay aka linetrap, xhe used to be constantly shitposted in the late 2000's. log out newfag
>also, traps are gay, and so is OP

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