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i just move here about three months ago

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so, there is

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christ. Just buy some furniture. And WHAT IS THAT BED? is that a collpased bunk bed wtf?

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Maybe things aren't so bad after all

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Where is this? Eastern Europe? South America?

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Buy some sugar soap and wash your walls. If you can't paint them then hang some curtains or cloth around the walls. Then put rugs down.

Then use lamps. Dim ones. The only place you want bright light in that place is over the kitchenette.

Ditch the cable reels and find an old table/bench for that space and then put a table cloth over it.

Get some pot plants. Quite a few.

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i will buy some furniture next month. the bed is fine with blankets tho

south america

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yep looks like south america

what an absolute shithole

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what the fuck is wrong with your bed

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curtains and rugs will be a big improvement. stick with earth tones.

looks like a really cheap trundle bed for kids

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This is depressing as fuck

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I see a way too small litter box and no scratching tree for the cat

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where the fuck do you wash yourself

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Unironically looks better than my apartment and I live in america.

Dont know why everyone in this thread is shaming op. Must be spoiled kids who never lived on their own

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Biggest thing you need to do is repaint your walls. Make sure to apply a coat of primer too. Just paint over the broken parts too. Next is getting a real bed, your body will thank you.

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