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>smoking is effay
>doesn't roll their own

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Why does it look like it was rolled in lined notepad paper

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In what part of the world is it more expensive to buy packaged cigarettes?

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Everywhere. Paid twice as much for papers than for the shag once in SE Asia.

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So, I've kinda been wanting to get into rolling cigarettes.

Where are some good places to buy products that aren't gonna be shit quality online?

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...literally any tobacco store

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you in the US?

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Yea, I'm in midwest flyover country.

Not really a pack-a-day smoker, but just when I get stressed out. The act of rolling and smoking is, cathartapeutic for me.

Yea I'm in a place where we don't really have good tobacco stores. I'm looking for higher quality stuff online rather than in-store.

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Lung cancer is not effay.

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>not hiring a cuban girl to roll them topless for you

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order tobacco from here: https://www.leavittandpeirce.com/

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rolling cigarettes is for redditors that ditched the box mod for ciggies in order to look “cooler”

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smoking is cringe, a bad tic reserved for faggots and insecure virgins

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back when I was still smoking, I had women explicitly tell me they found it attractive that I rolled my own

Still, I'm glad I quit. Three months without a cigarette now and I feel a lot better for it.

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You need to work on your rolling skills

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What's the point of smoking?

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>Rolling with filter on left side
not /fa/

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Only pipes if u can pull it off without the larp
Also cigars
Bith in the same league but def 100% different aesthetics

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>Tthings I don't like are reddit things
Dude you're probably an ex redditor trying to redeem yourself by this

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Gee, I wonder why.

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It looks cool and epic nicotine rush

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The copium rush is barely a few seconds, definitely not worth it.

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shit tier rolling skill, get on my level

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>smoking is kewl
>from a young age youre told not to smoke and it wouldn’t be kewl
Fags still do it and they also smell like shit

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christ that's clean

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>pic related
typical shag smoker

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don't smoke if you can't afford to buy cigarette packs

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Some guy bought like an industrial rolling machine and tons of loose tobacco and papers and set up a shop called Roll-a-Smoke and you would just go in pick out your tobacco and put it in the machine and bam. Cost about half as much as regular cigs. Guy was making a killing till the city shut him down.

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That's cigarette rolling papers. They're just like that.

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>dude no you’re reddit!
next time try not to take things personally

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Anyone else not feel sick when they smoke RYO tobacco? Even filterless RYO I have no issue but if I grab a pack of big tobacco, I feel nauseous and want to throw up by the end of every cigarette. It sucks cause it wasn't like that before, I smoked Marlboro reds for 10+ years and didn't have an issue until I quit for an extended time and came back

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I wonder how viable of a business this would be in my city.

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those lines are anti-run lines, prevents a cigarette, cigar, or joint from burning unevenly. At least in theory because my shit still burns unevenly sometimes

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enjoy your addiction nigger

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I'm sure you'd do well until the tax hungry officials come and climb up your ass. Guy is still there, but just runs a regular tobacco shop. Talk to a lawyer and ask him how long you could defend yourself, if you can tie up the process a few years and keep selling you'd probably do ok.

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Nicotine is gonna make you feel nauseous if you aren't used to it, maybe big tobacco has more nicotine in their cigs than the loose leaf. Seems pretty plausible those bastards would put the shit in school lunches if they could.

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I think you're on the right track but not that there's more nicotine in big tobacco brands but a more bioavailable version of nicotine in big tobacco brands. Most big tobacco brands freebase the nicotine in the leaves by washing the tobacco with ammonia or some other similar process. This makes nicotine combust much more efficiently leading to increased nicotine intake as opposed to the natural bound nicotine. The irony is that in vaped nicotine, a different process is conducted to turn freebase nicotine into a nicotine salt.

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a 20gram pouch of tobacco in australia costs $52
I think a 20 pack of smokes costs $40 something

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>it looks cool
It does? Feeding the biggest, most cancerous (literally and figuratively) grubby, jewey industry's pockets because they manipulated the movie stars of yore to do so to market them, is still cool?
I thought this only worked on weak minded tweens that gave in to peer pressure by the future Primark employee's that were the school losers.

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>I think a 20 pack of smokes costs $40 something
20 pack in in two cartons or a single pack of 20 smokes? If that's a single pack, holy shit, I thought it was bad here in shitcago with $15 packs, it was hard quitting after getting used to $2-3 tax free packs from the PX

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australia u stupid cunt

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If you're going to smoke at least don't be a bitch about it

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Depends on brand but you're pretty bang on. Most 20s are anywhere from 30 to 40.

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Ireland. And most of Europe.

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That's a very shitly rolled rollie.

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That is absolutely fucking scandalous.

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>being a smelly brown fingered little dweeb
>tell yourself in your head when people look down at you
>heh i am effay and they're not


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its like wearing a non ironed shirt, its not impressive

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I wonder what would be the reason for closing me down?

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What if I draw up a waiver that I'm simply renting out the machine and a technician to operate the machine and am in no way a tobacco manufacturer and have every client sign it.

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Enjoy having specs of tabaco everywhere and over yourself all the time and eating it when smoking

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Pls recommend me some /fa/ cigarette cases

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pic related for spliffs
I thick it's almost a 100% virginia so it's smooth and bland tasting

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Most fedora shit ever unless you’re like 50+ and in a suit
Just use the fucking package

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i just use an altoids tin for my ryos

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