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whats the longest youve fasted?

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Neva, neva, neva, I'm a fat piggu and hooked on sugar! This is the part where you cope, this is the part where you seethe!

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mine in three days but i drunk coke so now im trying without in case i go longeer

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fasting is NOT good for you dude I know ppl want to lose weight eaily and quickly but this gives you sunken cheeks and eye bags and deteriorates your muscles

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i have those already but i hear you,i just need to weigh 40 kilos at 5.2 ugh

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8 hours

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aren't sunken cheeks and eye bags cool tho ?

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48 hours
First 24 were hell but manageable if you keep yourself busy
The other 24 were easier

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i hear 48 is easy

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i did 2.5 days once but i had adderall and nicotine to help me out

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5 days of waterfasting

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Fasting properly is the healthiest thing you can do , just dont use it for evil anorexia purposes.
I do the 5:2 diet but only once I get ten pounds over my target weight.
It tunes up my metabolism so I dont have to do it often. I lost 40 pounds or so in 2014 and since then I have only had to diet twice for a month each time.
The rest of the time I eat whatever I please including pizza and garbage fast food.
I do have to avoid sugar to some extent though

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72 hours for me, didn't really get me anything to be honest

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Maybe five or six minutes, I dunno.

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>evil anorexia purposes.
where do you think you post

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i dont have an easting disorder so it's not something I keep track of sweaty.

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>i dont have an easting disorder
how do you know for sure

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The only healthy way to fast is to just daily fast 16 hours a day while still eating what u need. Exercise if youre fat, it's faster and u do have the energy for it whether u believe it or not.

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how do you know anything for sure

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7 days while on a cut, lost a total of 17lbs but I gained back about 10lbs the day after the fast ended. So around 7lbs of fat lost. My overall strength in the gym stayed the same and it didn't seem to lose any bit of muscle mass. I believe theres solid data around that fasting maintains more muscle mass than a normal >500 cal deficiency.

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3 days just black coffee after watching that veriison documentary on BBC someone posted on a forum

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Seven days. I also read sections of the bible in the konie Greek/vulgate.

It was unironically a spiritual awaking

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However, I often do 24 and 48's.

Cole Robinson is insanely based. Fasting will be the future to counter big-agriculture and all the dumb bullshit.

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>fasting is NOT good for you dude
t. has never experienced the post fast T boost.
Shame really.

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24 hours every day

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8 days its easy past 3 if youre not skelly

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~90 hours on a bone broth fast and 64 hours on a water fast.

>nooooo dont do it is bad for u :( :(
Brainlet take.
If you're supplementing electrolytes and vitamins there is absolutely NOTHING unhealthy about fasting (unless you're already really skinny or underweight). In fact it offers numerous health benefits like giving you more energy, making your metabolism better, triggering autophagy, preserving more muscle, etc.


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like three days, did it for spiritual reasons though

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I did mine for physical/health reasons, but after going seven days it transcendent that.

In a way, even with seven days (I can only imagine 40) you feel a significant detachment from the material world. This in a way which I think is extremely positive

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i want to go fro 14 or atleast multiple fasts back to back that equal that but im close to underweight/will become underweight after e week can i?

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Depends how much you weigh.
Try this

/thinspo/ has a bunch of other calculators and other resources if you want.

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I ate around 20,000 kj every day this week and still have my Adonis belt :^)

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I don't fast, I'm an ectomorph. You fat fucks need to get in the gym or die as an ugly person.

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25 hours

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4 days. I want to try for a week next time.

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why would i fast? i'm not a fatty like you and i can control my intake.

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It’s really unhealthy to go for more than 12 hours, and you gotta stay hydrated while you’re doing it

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when read about fasting on mpa they all lose more than 2 kg a week when fasting which is what loserstown says

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>It’s really unhealthy to go for more than 12 hours
t. facebook mom science
How about actually learning about something before having an opinion on it?

Yeah if you're burning 2k calories a day that's 14k a week, and 2 kg of body fat is like 15400 cals so it adds up if you consider water weight.

Just remember to supplement with salt and potassium in your water while you're fasting. It's really important, otherwise you'll feel like complete shit. If someone complains about starving or feeling nauseous or tired while fasting, chances are they didn't get any electrolytes.

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How about you suck my cock you scrawny little bitch

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I'm a boy lol

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did 5 days dryfast one time
was in quarantine so i didnt move around much
kinda useless ngl i guess i read the Bible more but i did that already
kinda just pure vanity
the length doesnt help with weight loss if thats what your going for just do intermediate fasting, it prevents your metabolism from messing up

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longest i did was 111 hours

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4 days when depressed

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probably 6 days while drinking water and smoking weed

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People are too fat and stupid to make fasting the future

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3 day opiate bender with durrys

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lookin good beef

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It just depends on how fat your brain is

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I need a mega of this girl.

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cute Grace poster <3

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I think she's the girl of the guy from acronym.

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pussy boi

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i think like 36 hours, i just get too hungry and worry about my gains. i do a daily 18/6 and only make exceptions on my and my gfs birthday, Thanksgiving, and christmas; however, i make it up with at least a 30hr fast

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>fashion board
This is where all the fags hang out bro

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16 days.

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I jogged about 5k

It was pretty fast

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>If you're supplementing electrolytes and vitamins
>supplementing vitamins
kek thanks for the laugh. bro you better educate yourself and read some studies on the effectiveness of "supplements"
the absolute state of american education lmao

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>hurr the nutrients in multivitamins aren't 100% as bio-available as what's found in food so you have to stuff your face with food every single day durr hurr
Not an argument.

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I do 18/6 daily except for big family events and I find that it works excellent with my shift work. The longest I've fasted is around 5 days but the IBS that followed wasn't worth it for me. I can do 24-36 hours with no re-eating problems.

If you're going to continue working or going to gym, keep an eye on your electrolyte levels to reduce cramping and headaches.

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owo do tell moar

t.day 4

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Not much to tell really you just get used to it. Stopped because I couldn't take the taste of the snake juice any more.

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>read some studies
You've never read a study in your fucking life. You're just regurgitating some shit some other faggot spoonfed you and you know it.

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Two days, but I'm not a tryhard, I just like eating one time each day, I don't do it for weight reasons, my mood is improved when I have the stomach empty and when I eat I feel heavy and my body acts slow, I also hate eating when I'm not hungry, I love eating, but only when its needed.

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