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> imagine getting all the effay clothes you ever wanted
> still not feeling confident or happy about your looks

what for do we even struggle here, /fa/?

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Maybe negative thinking patterns are the problem. Check this out, especially the book mentioned here:
Anti-depression paste here: https://pastebin.com/XnAyESNt

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>still not feeling confident or happy about your looks

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No, really, eventually you get bored with majority of things no matter how effay they are

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Your either in hs or are a major faggot

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You think people get more excited about things as they grow older?

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congratulations you let the internet influence you.
go back to wearing your skechers and cargo shorts

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And you are a repulsive faggot, were you born this way? You weren't attracted to girl sin hs?

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i am.
i got all the effay clothes i ever wanted but i still lack confidence about my looks.
thats why im online complaining about how unhappy i am

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look, it's not just about confidence. Imagine you happened to cop this super nice Vivienne Westwood suit for instance. You gonna feel super good about wearing it at first, but the more you wear it the more your excitement fades, and at the end of the day you've spend a grand for a suit that feels like some basic ass shit from Wallmart.

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Nah you're just depressed, Anon. I still love walking around in my grails years after I bought em.

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Getting bored with grails doesn't necessarily means being depressed

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Wearing nice clothes is not a sufficient or necessary condition for feeling confident in your appearance, let alone confidence in general. People evolved to feel satisfaction from responsibility, community and developing competencies. Buying shit does not constitute a competency, and the only ways fashion can be a hobby is if you have enough money to be perpetually buying shit to maintain that initial feeling of gratification, you physically make clothes yourself, or you enjoy looking at and analyzing fashion as a mode of artistic expression. Other than the initial excitement of getting something new, buying shit in and of itself is not conducive to happiness or confidence in the way developing a skill, or maintaining strong social ties is. If you can maintain feeling happy about owning a quality product, good for you, but if not then find something else to do that's actually substantial.

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no the complete opposite lol

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if you aren't strugglin it means you arent trying, so good work and keep trying and growing your abilities

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Clothes don't make the man. Never did.

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