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+J, Uniqlo X Jil Sander collab, dropping November 12

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Uniqlo is gay

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I'm likingg the outwear and knits.

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That collar hnnn

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Very expensive, but interesting. Lookbook is horrible, have to wait for normal model in product photos to make a call.

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wow that jacket is the only piece that doesn't suck complete ass in the mens. how sad

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>Very expensive
not really

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Overall, meh.

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for those prices you could buy jil sander

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just buy real jil for the same price second hand lol

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I love that jaket, probably cop
At what temperature I should wear it?

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no one knows. No normal photos yet.

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>buy second hand clothes

No, im not homeless and do not require humanitarian aid

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I mean we already got regular hybrid down parka...

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On chink website they boast about 640 or more fill power on this collection downs. I did look online and it says all of Uniqlo down jackets have this fill power. So:
1)Why they specifically tell us this now, when normally they don't accent on fill power at all?
2)Down pockets may be bigger on this item, compared to normal hybrid down. Or maybe not, who knows.

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they mention fill on other down jackets lmao

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The jackets look very Rick

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I hate the pricing of these collabs. The quality is also only just above their usual. Uniqlo is turning into the new H&M wether you like it or not.

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well fuck. not on all, i checked before posting men's one. Searched page for "fill" nothing.

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appears to be a national site thing

having down thats of a certain fill/warmth probably matters less in a lot of countries so they don't include it

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Probbaly. It's unclear how warm those are. Again on chink website you can see that sleeves of hybrid down don't have down in it, so i assume this is similar to default hybrid down. Not for real winter.

Other one with only 2 colors navy and black have down sleeves and hood, so it must be warmer of two. But if you look at the photo from the back, sleeves are not even full down all around, wtf. From photos i have an impression they jewing on materials. Need to wait for more photos.

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>guys i’m not going to buy used designer clothings i’m going to buy the shitty chinkshit reissue instead
this is your mind on jew

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Retarded americans are specialists of buying shit they don't need just because its "new" and "cheap"

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Just going to wait for them to be marked down, they always do almost a month after

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But Heidemarie doesn't even design Jil Sander anymore... You'd be paying designer prices for something that doesn't involve the designer.

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Thats what I thought with the JW Anderson collection and the best pieces were sold out after 2 days.

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just buy the pieces from that era then

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Skeptically looking forward to this, one of my favorite white cotton shirts was a Jil Sander x Uniqlo one I emergency bought for $29 clearance on the way into work one day... it got destroyed a few years ago, but hoping they do it up the same. Probably won't.

The Hybrid Down jackets seem maybe interesting, maybe shitty-but-made-to-photograph well. The Ultralight Down looks like the ugliest who-would-pick-this-variation stuff brands like Moncler churn out.

A lot of this looks like random, catch some random's eye variant stuff with no seeming reason behind it like that.

The men's tailoring looks awkward, the womens looks good with the cashmere oversized one potentially being great, but of course have to see in person.

Some of the basics seem maybe functional for people if the quality is price proportionate. It's a shame they did the womens' tees in silk and the mens' in cotton. Do both in both! Or at least both in silk.

At the end of the day though, it's fast fashion. A few pieces will stand the test of time and wind up selling for original price plus on Grailed in ten years.


This is your regularly scheduled reminder that fill power is basically a measure of warmth to weight ratio, not warmth, and often times for reasons a lower fill ratio is actually necessary and warmer on a large jacket. The big nuclear reactor Canada Goose jackets use 625 fill – the heaviness of the rest of the jacket (canvas, features, yadda) would compress a higher fill power and lose the lofted air space that makes it warm.

When they launched at least, Uniqlo ULD used a 600-something fill power (I forget exactly), and I'd assume it's the same as this 640 across the line; Uniqlo more than most companies buys in bulk and reuses materials in different products. That's mediocre but functional in an ultralight piece, but might be quite warm for a big stuffed up one.

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I would never wear tis shit

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no one asked, faggot

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