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What is your opinion on wearing skin bronzer for everyday use?

Too much or acceptable?

I was also thinking of wearing piercing blue contact lenses

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I don't think it damages your skin as long as you take normal precautions with spf etc.

However it ruins your clothes and bedsheets.

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omg they looks disgusting

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Why would you want to look like a fucking nigger?

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I want to look like a trophy

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Feels good being black & having the perfect tan/color every day by default.

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making yourself a nigger? wtf anon you high?

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Who even are these people?

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looks like british people probably from Love Island or some shit

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>there are posters here who think the people on that image look good

I am too good for this place.

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>Feels good being black

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Lol keep telling yourself that nibber

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Absolutely. Except the top left guy

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I always found taning ugly i don't know why but it just looks wrong.

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participants from swedish Paradise Hotel 2020

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trophies don't look like niggers. Get some fucking gold paint.

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Depends on the girl. Pale fits blue eyes and blonde hair.

Provides a bimbo look for girls brunette/brown which makes them look interesting.

For guys sure if you're muscular

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Ugly, terrible. Pale skin is more aesthetic.

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>hi i want to look like low class trash

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i only see people on tv doing it, its fucking gross. Why is it that this trend is only on tv?

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I think dark skin by itself looks attractive. It's not like it gives you black facial features.

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Looks like shit. Your tan should come from working on deck, matey

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I prefer white skin, dark hair

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Looks like complete shit
Wear sunscreen instead

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>he doesn't want to achieve pale alabaster skin

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their skin looks damaged except the first two, top row

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Same here.

My skin is naturally bronze

'They' wish they had this melanin.

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