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>tfw qt dental hygienist compliments my sneakers
>tfw girl in pharmacy spills her spaghetti as soon as she sees me
>ask her where the hemorrhoid cream is cause i'm a busy man and got stuff to do

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feelings change. sometimes feel invincible, wrapped in an armour of well-patterned, immaculately fitting garments.

other times wonder if people think i'm wack.

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>mfw i'm not happy with a single haircut. not a one.

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>tfw other men repeatedly look down on me

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post hair

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>tfw people look at me like poor drug addict, my shoes cost more than their hole wardrobe...
but I'm getting used to the thought they will never get me anyways....

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>a girl spilled spaghetti


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>friend offers ride to go for a pub sesh before everyone goes clubbing
>plan was to go home after the pub
>layer up for outdoor pub environment
>end up getting dragged around the clubs in long flowing clothing

at least everyone enjoyed talking about clothing items ;((

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Simple. Wear two haircuts.

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I know dat feel man. I've been visiting different stylists every so often for the past 4 years.
Nothing really feels right so far.

<< Current goal.

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>just got out of polyamorous relationship
>me and a bro were dating two hot as fuck roommates who were also fucking each other
>they're in Turkey then moving to guatemala and get married and work for rich parents
>last stage of interview to be city firefighter
>about to cop a pair of balmain
>got scared cause i thought my legs were too fat but then they weren't
>im finally almost at my six pack
>got an appointment with expensive ass stylist to consult and cut my hair cool

I think my hair is too basic and it irks me...

I'm doing good but this phase feels so transitionary..

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>tfw brisbane meetup is a week away

i h-hope im taller than tesselate

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t-thank. y-you too.

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Brisbane, Queensland?

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Long back looks shit.

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Yeah there's a whole thread dedicated too it .

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>tfw found grill who is basically a copy of me behaviour-wise and looks like Kat Dennings except blonde

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don't let her go

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hopefully won't happen, damn she fine

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don't let her slip away ;((

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why ;_;

you've made it anon
you're made it
>are you in australia

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>An Australian meetup that isn't in the fucking middle of summer

Praise the effay gods.

Fuck we do some idiotic shit.

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no, denmark
only went on 1 date though, but she seems really into me... we ended up fucking too, so that's nice

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>working the other day
>some fat fuck comes in to order food
>his shirt reads "judge me by my weight do you?"
>giggle internally
>the planet rotates
>the back has a list of things he doesn't do "I don't drink or take drugs... etc"

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>owning an M8
>not the glorious, hand crafted MP

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>mfw he probably makes several times more for you and you will be stuck in your dead end job until you are 40


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just found out she has BPD, what did I expect... noone can be that perfect

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>get stomach flu
>throw up so much in the past three hours I've lost four pounds

Is this what it feels like to be /fa/

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Anon might be in a dead end job until 40 but at least he'll live until 40.

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We've all got our struggles anon, doesn't mean you can't make it work and be happy while you can :)

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>nerds watching each others' back

shameful as F m8

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How did you meet her? I struggle to find chicks in denmark who arent plebs

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Not really. If you've lost four pounds in three hours, you're still mostly just losing water weight.

However, if you succumb to the disease and waste away unto death, that's /fa/ as fuck.

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>wearing Acne tee for the first time
>night out at the bar with friends
>"Hey man, you look handsome today... n-no homo"

>talking with gay friend about relationships
>tell him I have no game in a jokingly manner
>"Why? Not you make feel uncomfortable but I think you're hot. You sure no girl has shown interest?"

H-have I made it /fa/?

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>tfw getting new glasses today

Can't wait, I think this is gonna change my life.
no it wont

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Met her at a rock club called Drone - non-pleb girls aren't that hard to find if you look the right places...

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>Rock club
>Called drone
Is this the danish sense of humour?

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>implying girls care for looks like fags
>gays in charge of knowing grills

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What glasses do you have now?

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>getting out of train at my stop
>walking past aisle, decide to pause for old asian lady to get out
>she looks at me, groans, and obviously looks away from me in the opposite direction with an annoyed face

um, what?

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This happens m8. Just yesterday I was working on an essay at school and a 7/10 sat next to me and wanted to log-in on the PC next to mine. I knew it was broken, so I told her it didn't wor. She spilled spaghetti everywhere, and her friends were giggling.

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What would you call it then?

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>hemorrhoid cream



ok... ok.. wait....... youre serious........


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Fingers crossed

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I have grills spill spaghett around me too, but im just as awkward so it ends up just being really weird.

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>tfw got to second base with cutie I'm now in a FWB with. Didn't want to fuck on the first date
>dressed as fucking goof ninja as I damn fucking pleased
>she complimented the way I dressed
> just being confident and charasmatic and life falls into place.

Good feels

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Some lame ones I've had since Im a kid but almost never go outside the house with them. I always wear contact lenses but Im getting tired of them.
The ones Im getting today look a lot like these ones, they're kinda flashy and Im worried they might be "a bit too much" but I think I can rock them :)

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Oh I though you knew the place, no it's not a joke, it's simply a Danish word...

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>in shoe section of store
>pretty late so almost no one is there
>see guy walk by out of the corner of my eye
>he lingers a bit
>ignore him and try on pair of shoes
>wrong size so i go put them back on the rack
>sit down to try on a different size
>see the same guy come from the opposite direction
>he walks up to where i found my shoes
>ignore him and finish trying on my shoes
>man rushes off pretty quick
>go back to shoe rack
>realize the man has just taken the shoes I tried on
fuggin foot fags

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fuck her. old asians are the worst

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r u a grrl

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Ignore that, doesnt have anything to do with you and definetly not how you dress.
Unless you're some ninja nerd dressed like you are cosplaying, but in that case more people would look at you funny than just some old lady

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run like there's no tomorrow. bpd is the very definition of damaged goods. the only way it could work is if you're damaged goods yourself, and if that's the case then cheers.

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>spending time discussing fashion in a nerdy weaboo website
>thinking you're not damaged goods

>> No.8294348

um i don't think you know what bpd is. many of us may lack social graces, but that's distinctly different from literally being incapable of forming an intimate attachment with another person, which is the case for untreated people with bpd.

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>bring laptop to school
>sitting in a group with a girl and shes checking it out
>starts going through my pictures and folders to "see what im like" or some shit
>finds my pepe folder
>"why do you have all these frogs in here?"

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You posted this on fit yesterday didn't you anon.

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>>"why do you have all these frogs in here?"

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shut up, you ruin the joke

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>work in an open kitchen
>one of the trendiest places in town
>loads of birds leave their phone numbers on the tickets and napkins and shit
>the ones that sit in front of the kitchen are really flirty

>have a perfect gf and would never cheat on her

still feels like i'm wasting my potential here.

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have a pic?

>> No.8294877

does shit like that actually happen lmao

>> No.8294903

Well she isn't untreated, I know that for sure - I guess I'll give it a try, as I really think I like this girl, and if it goes to the shitter, then it's going to be an okay experience to have anyways.

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>tfw got hair growing all over the back of my neck, look like i literally have a beard on the back of my head
>shaving it only keeps it away for one day max
>get acne on there sometimes too
>tfw want to grow out back and sides of hair

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dude. do not.

>> No.8295170

anyone know this feelio feel?

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>four pounds in three hours
>mostly just losing water weight
he's entirely just loosing water weight. he's puking up all his fluids. ntm a body can't possibly metabolize/atrophy any measurable amount in that short of time...

drink water, anon. as much as you can stomach. shit like this will usually fuck with your appetite and you'll end up coming out the other end a few lbs lighter anyways, but H2O and sleep 4 health...

also, look at it this way: when food does look appealing again, your stomach will have shrunk, which - if you're looking to loose weight - can be a good foothold to start eating less...

gl lil guy

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>start dressing effay
>go out for the day
>get tons of positive attention during the day
>feels really good
>on the way home get tons of negative attention
>bogans, islanders, junkies, derros all seem to single me out
>get home feeling depressed

It started so well, anyone know this feel?

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d-dw anon it wont be that hard ;_;

>> No.8299840

so shes not that attractive then?

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>just had an interview at my local Barney's outlet that went really well
>mfw if i get hired i get pretty excellent money (considering i'm a college student working a summer job) and a flat 35% discount on everything at every barney's location including the online store

i could buy rick and raf without even having to save up that much. i can cop rag and bone tees for 30 dollars. what the fuck guys if i get this job i'm just going to piss away all of my money on clothes

>> No.8299865

youre gonna piss away the money on clothes anyway. 30% off retail rick isnt even that much, hardly anyone here cops rick brand new

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Am I the only one around here who dresses like a pleb because I don't like standing out from the crowd? I browse here and look at clothes and inspo and I think if I wore the shit I wanted to I would be pretty /fa. The thing is where I live nobody gives a shit about fashion and I'm a very quiet person so I hate attracting attention.

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ffs you moron
its a joke
a 4chan joke if you will

>> No.8299995

Adopt a minimalist wardrobe or combine what you want to do with the higher ends of acceptable style in your area without looking like an austist. Good luck with the latter if you consciously avoid standing out.

>> No.8299999

fuck off
please don't act as if you know anything about mental health issues
people like you make it very hard for people with problems such as BPD

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this reminds me of some time this girl I know was looking through the front page of /fa/ with me (she had never gone on 4chan before) and asked why there were so many pictures of the feels dude b/c there were like 8 variations of him on the front page at the time

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>tfw have a qt 6'2" fwb
>he's majoring in mechanical engineering so he's slightly awkward
>tfw conflicting feelings about him
Can't deal with awkward people

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>Go into a tesco (store) to buy belvedere for a night out
>Girl behind the country is a smallish, slightly chubby girl. Serving people normally.
>No one else at the counter, just walk up and ask for the belvedere and point to it behind the counter
>She spills her spaghetti ends up stammering, picking up the wrong bottle before putting it back and getting the right one
>I-is t-that all s-sir?
>Yeah that's it
>Try to make eye contact to see if i can make her spill it harder
>Shes just staring at the floor super red faced
>Have to hand her the money by sticking it under he fucking face since she wasn't looking
>She apologizes, rings it up and gives me her change.
>Walk out the store and catch her taking a glimpse at me through the front window

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>tfw see 2 qts while walking to work
>tfw this is the only time I'm not dressed /fa/

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I'm baked and have no-one to talk to. A fuck buddy might be pregnant, so there's that. Currently wishing I had a maverick cigarette, a bagel and some adderall.

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>Dating a qt3.14 /fa/ heroin chic girl
>go buy clothes with her since she liked the same stuff i do, then i helped her and she helped me
>Suddenly stops talking to me, won't answer texts and shit
>after 3 days dumps me

Shit, i liked buying shit with her ;;

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>A fuck buddy might be pregnant
iktf anon

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Any ideas? I hope she miscarries, but until then I have told her to start taking vitamin C pills.

>> No.8300165

If i'm not wrong cinnamon is abortive, a friend of mine used to drink it if her period got delayed

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>a 4chan joke if you will

>> No.8300234

>buying Leica shit
>especially to use it

>> No.8300321

Iktf anon
What state/city?

>> No.8300451

No. Every single other person has been kissed except for you. How embarrassing for you.

>> No.8300457

Yeah. It's kind of like visiting fa.

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