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Posting again in a stuck thread

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hey so why cant i open 4chan on firefox anymore it says something bout Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

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works on my machine

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posting in epic sticky

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Why are commies trying to bruteforce my account? REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Thank fuck I have 2 step enabled.

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Yes I too hate when some 15 year old Russian script kiddie figures out my password AND hacks the global phone networks.

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This came to my mind in the past when I was blacklisting IPs on my VPS, with all these sites constantly pushing you tie your account to a phone and 2 step and constantly change your password for security, a lot could be prevented if they'd just allow me to lock out every country but the one I reside in.

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I've had my web server set up for a while now to respond to password failures and known exploits with subversive material if the IP is Russian or Chinese but I'd like to add more countries a lot of these attacks come from and am not sure what material would be appropriate.

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For me it's always the damn chinese.

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redirect the ivans to gay porn

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with the state of current tech is it possible to cram all the hardware of the ps4 pro + battery into a psp sized form factor?

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The optimal technology level for handhelds is about 1.5 generations behind their console counterparts.

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You’re the only faggot here, you brainless retard.

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That would be an intersting project.
While no it would not be cheap to do something like that i think something close to that we could work around it so that we wont _have_ to push the form factor.
The original psp came with a 4.3 inch 480x272 screen. And it all comes down to whether or not we want to keep that screen or upgrade it to a 1280x720 screen so that we can have enough dpi for the "retina" standard.
As for the motheboard i think we can take a tip from the switch.
The switch relies on a custom jetson board from nvidia using the tegra x1 chip.
As of right now tegra x2 and xavier have been released and that can provide way more power and are way more efficient.
(problem is they are expensive as fuck)
We would also need to make it thicker and add a bigger battery.

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Spotted the insecure Nigger.

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Functional programming is elite way of programming what resources would you recommend to understand this programming idiom, to understand how to reduce the stateful nature of code.

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>everything is a function

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>Now go and overflow the stack.
but nearly all FP langs have tail recursion

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Simple haskell code:data T a = C (T a -> a)

foo :: T a -> a
foo (C f) = f (C f)

bar :: a
bar = foo (C foo)

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Thank you based Anon

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Lambda calculus, motherfucker, do you speak it?

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he would love windows with wsl desu

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Thats just drawterm, he mounted his plan9 on windowes

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People copy a config and mod it
I'm satisfied with wmaker though.

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>Kenneth Thompson the Unix Chad
>Dennis Richie the beta wintard

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>i run unix.se a swedish site dedicated to all things Linux
>buh buh Linuk nut unix ;^O

*BSD tards btfo

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Even though I don't like Windows (or at least everything past 7), the office theme of Classic Windows plus Unix terminal/workstation software makes for a kino combo tbqh.

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>implying this isn't what the peak of female beauty looks like

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That's exactly what I'm implying, yes.

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fuck off pedo

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esujseqqoy2qqgb3y1yyj1gy1oyg0jnbb4ppn1festxllgusp3hmnmqd test

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how hard is it to develop a GUI in C?
total noob here.

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Open sockets and serve your HTML, how else?

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Depends, can be easy or hard depending on what you're using.

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for instance how hard is it to produce something similar?

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Not too hard with certain libraries since it's just generic UI elements with different colours

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I thought 5g was safe? Why won't insurance companies cover 5g related health issues?

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Not quickly.

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and they probably heard it from a Facebook group full of people who sell 'natural supplements' and shit.

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>his right hand

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>lobbyists and politicians that told you it's dangerous
they are saying otherwise
why would someone lobby against 5g? it is in the interest of telecommunication and tech corporations

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Why would someone spread lies?
There is profit to be made. Those who get into these things are not the sharpest. Easy to advertise and take money. Like NRA with their Gold jewellery and investment ads.
There is political power to convince people to focus on something marginal.
There is trolls.
You dont think trust to institution would be lost (death sentence to the person's brand) if someone would find out that the person is full of shit, a snakeoil salesman. Whole system is based on this. Fall of a grifter's reputation. Institutes have reputation to up keep if lost then they fall in to oblivion like phone brands. People are too tribal and ignorant to understand media manipulation from reality.

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> having to define all functions on top of script
> actual code is all they way at the bottom

For files where you don't want to outsource the functions to separate files, this is fucking annoying.

In java, you just put all your methods/functions below so that they don't jump in the main focus when looking through the code. If I need to look up what a method does, I can scroll down.

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lol just scroll down

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Oh wow another Python is shit thread. We get it, it's shit we know it's shit now fuck off.

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def main():


if __name__ == '__main__':

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Not great, not terrible.

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If you do not act like a smartass and say that "linux is a kernel because words only have one meaning regardless of context" it's just an OS, there isn't that much to talk about.

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Just reinstall, it's way faster.

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windows withdrawls when I switched, now GNU/Linux withdrawls when I use anything else

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You know spending twice as much time on ricing your desktop as you did actually doing things on a real OS doesn't count as "increased productivity", right?

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This is exactly how I once told a friend of mine that a good text does not only contain sentences of five words. His solution was to just change some points ('full stop' in english? Dunno) to commas.

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After 2 month of I ended up buying an used asus k550v i5 950M why are there no cheep laptop's that can play the occasional game.
AMD has literally nothing that remotely works for under 600

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if a laptop can play tf2 at 60fps no start up and exit lag and emulate DS games its good enough for me.

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Used Gl702zc

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hi /G/

could you tell me what is the combination of an SSD and a solid state drive?


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For the layman such as yourself OP, it's a new technology that allows for greater immersion in games. Don't get hung up on the details. There's a lot of really smart people behind the scenes working on it and no single person can understand all of it

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RAMDisk, AMD's HBCC, i don't know, doesn't sound that insane though.

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Clearly it is a completely new experience if power and speed and uhm... states...
Combining these two different technologies for the first time, you get what we call a United SSD or a United States Drive if you will.

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the funniest part of this clip isn't the lame SSD acronym mistake it's when they say the word "gamer"

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its hbcc basicly

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How can I protect myself from hackers stealing my fucking TELEGRAM messages?

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Close other sessions. Settings-privacy and security-show all sessions.

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Good luck doing this on Windows ormacOS without getting a virus.

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I had around 1.1TB of porn in video, 95% JAVs. Around 50 - 100GB in photos
Needed to upload them to google photos due to a pending HDD RMA, but yes I was using Windows
>imagine getting infected from downloading porn

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Hoarder! Are you really going to watch all that porn? What a waste of space.

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i resized your pic, op

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You have an addiction and I will laugh at you for it you pathetic limp-dick-in-hand virgin.

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How do I download videos from https://oload.website/ ?

I tried looking at the videos page source but there's no obvious link to where the video is.

I'm assuming I can't post a link to the actual video on here because it's adult in nature

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I looked in the source and changed /embed/ to /f/ but that just takes me to the normal page it was on in the first place

I tried pressing the download button a couple of times but it just pops up endless ads. With the adblocker enabled the video doesn't load half the time, and the download button is removed

so far >>71355149
has worked

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Your adblocker a shit.

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>I tried pressing the download button a couple of times but it just pops up endless ads.
The web browser I use block a lot of the popups and the few that get through are shut down because I'm using a script blocker. But it sounds like you can grab it from the source so you're doing good.

Just make sure your browser isn't shit. If you are getting endless popups then your computer might be getting raped (malware, crypto-miners). Nothing should be poping up, ever. Use a browser like Firefox and addons like ublock origin or NoScript.

Happy downloading.

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Even though youtube-dl is an amazing piece of software, I wouldn't take this list as absolute truth.
It takes them a while to adapt when a popular website implement changes, which break functionality, but for obscure sites it might take weeks or months before someone notices and even more before someone has the time to fix it. In other instances a site is theoretically supported, but the output is worthless without post-processing (see coub).

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Just buy one without the camera

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just buy a camera without the phone

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oh no, please no

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install gentoo

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Stable: https://mpv.io/manual/stable/
Git: https://mpv.io/manual/master/

User Scripts:

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):


Configuration Files:


Post your system specs and config if you're asking performance related questions.

Windows Builds:
Stable: https://mpv.srsfckn.biz/
Git: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpv-player-windows/files/

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Basic setup

Advanced setup

(use lanczos if you're comfortable with slightly more ringing for a bit sharper image)

Slowly entering autism territory


Now completely into autism territory


And to go full autism

# SSSR with Mitchell params

(alternatively add something like n change-list glsl-shaders toggle "~~/adaptive-sharpen.glsl" to your input.conf to toggle adaptive-sharpen whenever you want)

>> No.71362993




# upscaling

# chroma

# downscaling

# extra shaders

# temporal

# miscellaneous

# debanding


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>free and open-source
>so no botnet

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fixed that for you

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Why is firefox "botnet"? Telemetry is not inherently bad.

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Yeah...just...yep, mhm. Just get to Apple.com...correct yeah, click on 'iPad' up at the top...perfect, man. Just like that. Yep, Buy Now.

mhm mkay....kay....kay....aaaaaand

Boom. Man. Just like that. Eeeeeheeeeheeee!

You just obsoleted the PC, bud!

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5 MEGAWATTS, 20, 50

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Post one then

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i prefer to keep trash out of my field if you'll mind the pun

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>Citations are youtube, conspiracy sites, "nuh uh" and calling people trannies

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>citations are CNN, wikipedia and calling people schizo tinfoilers

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>UR JOO!11!!!1!
Wow fagtron you sure showed me with those hot opinions

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Of you read this thread carefully it should be clear that people who are actual pedophiles virtue signal as anti Loli.

Literally >>71375062

LGBT is officially against pedos. But that's only what they say for public.

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Just because pedos virtue signal over loli does not mean that everyone who virtue signals over loli is pedo. There are way too many LGBT normies knee-jerking because they've been told it's bad for them all to be pedos.

>> No.71377031

Of course you are right.
I'm just saying that it's not unlikely for an actual pedo to hate Loli(at least in public)

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>fallacy of the appeal to nature
This is the more jewish thing I've ever heard

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kek, being a gay pedo is ok but being a straight pedo is not. They are going to make a civil war between pedophiles.

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