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What are you buying yourself for Christmas /g/?

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What are you buying yourself for Christmas /g/?

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> what

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What are you buying yourself for Christmas /g/?

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>ddaaammmmnnnn unix looks like that!?

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What does /g/ think of nordvpn?

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its a vpn

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Hey /g. I'm going to be traveling to South America and I'm currently encrypting my personal data like: tax return pdfs, and other important digital data.

I plan on uploading it to Goode Drive since they give you 15gig. I don't want google sniffing through my tax returns, So I'm encrypting it.
Going to use Gnupg. Where do you store the keys? What is the best practice for key storage?

Paper copies of tax returns, and birth certs, and property deeds are stored in a bank safe deposit box. This way if the house burns down or I get robbed while in SA, the only thing lost is some anime and downloads from 4chins.

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How would you plan and make a surveillance system based on cameras/microphones even autonomous hacking of people nearby?

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>How would you plan and make a surveillance system based on cameras/microphones
Get networked devices for these (hardline not wifi) and do some research on their vulnerabilities then work to negate those.
ex (not in any way conclusive):
After that, store recorded data to a local storage server.
>even autonomous hacking of people nearby?
That's illegal without the direct consent of the owners of those devices, stuff like that's best left to movies, all it takes is one report and a party van driving by to check legitimacy to get you and whoever you built the system for in deep shit.

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>"Recently, a patent application from Amazon became public that would pair face surveillance [...] with Ring, a doorbell camera company that Amazon bought earlier this year."
>"While the details are sketchy, the application describes a system that the police can use to match the faces of people walking by a doorbell camera with a photo database of persons they deem “suspicious.” "
>"the doorbell’s facial recognition program will scan anyone passing their home. In either case, if a match occurs, the person’s face can be automatically sent to law enforcement, and the police could arrive in minutes."
>"This patent application also suggests that Amazon has no plans to stop at identifying people based on their faces. The company anticipates targeting an arsenal of other biometrics, including fingerprints, skin-texture analysis, DNA, palm-vein analysis, hand geometry, iris recognition, odor/scent recognition, and even behavioral characteristics, like typing rhythm, gait, and voice recognition."

Are you excited for the dystopian future produced by a greedy online book store?

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So between the two, which app outputs higher quality audio: Poweramp or Neutron? Poweramp V3 has made strides in its development and support for hi-res audio, but Neutron boasts being the only available app to bypass Android limitations and codec, and drive music with its own in-app codec. I have a V20 for music, and I'm not sure which one would be best.

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All programmers should learn basic as their first language.

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but can you write anything other than nqueens over and over?

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Sure, when it becomes useful for something other than
>muh scripting

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Anyone heard of it before?


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I just cleaned my desk and that dark spot was where I had my computer with the overclocked bulldozer

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I'm sorry, I removed my desk. Not cleaned

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Well technically I also cleaned it but nvm...

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How do you guys feel about PowerShell?

At my job, I've been forced to use/learn this shit and personally, I don't like it at all. I appreciate the effort Microsoft has put into it, and I think it's cool that you get all of the access to the all the .NET stuff.

Coming from mainly C++/Java/C...

I find the syntax of the language ugly and cumbersome. A lot of the terms they use are confusing and have different explanations (cmdlets vs modules is the first thing that comes to mind). A lot of the community help/code is very spaghetti-like, and always posted on amateur personal websites. Dealing with Execution policies/windows security/user authentication is also irritating.

Maybe I'm just being a little bitch. I've been learning C# in my free time and I enjoy that 100x more than PowerShell.

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>Coming from mainly C++/Java/C
Try coming from Batch, which is what used to be Microsoft's primary shell scripting language, and it was absolute garbage.

Powershell might not be the comfiest language to work in, but it does the job. Shell scripting languages can't always have the same neat grammar as you'd expect in normal languages because their primary job is to run external applications, with a secondary role of doing general purpose computing. Powershell does that secondary job better than many other shell languages, but it's still a shell language.

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> I find the syntax of the language ugly and cumbersome
I agree, that's the main problem. It's just a crappy language, regardless if it's for interactive or scripting use.

Even with all the cruft and incoherence [for example how parameters are specified], the experience is a *lot* better on any of the currently used Linux shells.

Even the terminal aspect of PowerShell really sucks. something like ConEmu should be default, [arguably I'd prefer something snappier - its a text window it should be super snappy].

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I think it is rubbish. I can't think of a single thing it does well.

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I find the experience to be about the same. You trade retarded syntax [cmd's crappy language] for retarded syntax [verbose invocation of .NET crap in a .dll by reflection with the only slightly worse PowerShell language to compensate for absence of all features].

The other profound problem is that NEITHER of these is designed to actually operate/automate the OS very much. You need only check what wasn't included in version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to see how just about every cmdlet/module wasn't designed by people who have to automate a computer or even took rough feature parity with what people thought they needed on Linux or in various programming languages, And no, version 6 didn't fix this issue either.

It always feels like the PS language was mostly shaped by support ticket calls from big companies' MSCE IT staff to Microsoft, and only with any enthusiasm at all if it tied into a set of other Microsoft products.

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>masters degree in CS
>still can't find a job after 8 months
Wtf you lied to me /g/

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Do you have all A's and are you a charismatic trusthworty human being with good hygiene, strong morals and exceptional analytical and social abilities? If you that is you, then yes, /g/ lied to you.

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/g/ is not a one person
kys dumb attention whore

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did you work at all while getting masters?

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>wasting time on programming
why don't you just learn witchcraft, /g/?

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I fucking hate that balding faggot and the pajeet udemy commercials on youtube. I have seen some of their videos and its absolute garbage filled with dogma and "best practice"

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Because I learned Wizardry.

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It's fucking real. Udemy is garbage indeed.

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I'm only 20

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Can I summon a succ?

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> there are people this retarded on /g/ right now
This board is a joke

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let's see your C 2 webasm web page

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What will be the biggest improvement in Personal Computing be in next 10 years?

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How do I make it so when I open a Youtube video on Chrome it launches mpv+youtube-dl?

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Thre are extensions for browsers that launch video in mpv.
Plus you can write yourself a bash (or prob powershell) script, that opens a link from clipboard in mpv, and map it to a keybind.

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>Thre are extensions for browsers that launch video in mpv.
any names?
>Plus you can write yourself a bash (or prob powershell) script, that opens a link from clipboard in mpv, and map it to a keybind.
ideally it'd launch itself once I open a yt vid, but that'd work for me too as an alternative

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Pointers? Functions? structures?
These "features" are shitty crutches that you lean on.

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Why, yes.

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