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Why the fuck do so many retards say shit like
>automation is a good thing, you'll be freed from wage slaving
>it'll be great when your job gets automated away, then you won't have to waste your life working

What, the fuck, makes you think that companies and the wealthy people who own the robots/AI are going to just give you money because your job disappeared?

What the fuck makes you think you aren't going to be lining up for the bread line because your job doesn't exist anymore and companies/the wealthy don't fucking care?

Why do you think automation is going to be good for the average person?

Why are you so fucking stupid?

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>He uses KDE

Is there any DE more widely used by chads than KDE

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Has anyone got sick of technology lately? It seems like everything is made cheaply by Chinese people and the software is all buggy pajeet crap. If that wasn't enough, the interfaces are made by clueless art student basedboys.

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Hello Anonymos sir,

I am very sorry to hear that you are having issue with your technology device or electronic?
Please to try resetting the device with turning power off and back on.

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Tech died when Sun died.

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I have no idea what dev board to buy. I already have a raspberry pi and I don’t want another meme board. I’m using my pi as a SDN controller and I want another board to fuck around with. First project is game emulator but that’s easy and we all know that won’t last long so I want something versatile and preferably sub-$50. Is pine 64 the answer?

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Raspberry pi 3A+ or 3B+

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Can we appreciate the fact that Windows actually works and you don't have to spend hours scouring the internet just to check your email?
>try to install Ubuntu on a separate SSD like I've done on all my old machines
>create the USB and burn the Iso to it using the tool
>change boot options to UEFI+Legacy to support the stick
>change boot priority to the stick
>of course it doesn't fucking boot
>F11 to the boot manager, it recognizes the stick but it just won't boot it
>finally for some reason it goes to Pic related and freezes
>decide not to bother with a meme operating system. At least with Windows you can get a Pajeet on the phone
>plus Linus is a tranny

Fuck Linux, just stick with Windows.

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the troubleshooting part is fairly accurate though

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what ? i've run the debian installer on at least 15 different computers and everything worked out of the box on the DE's listed in the installer
stop spreading FUD, it's not 1996 anymore

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I am in the same position. Windows 10 on my computer occasionally gives me BSOD and the occasional headache (a few times throughout the year). I just installed Ubuntu and have been using it for the past week. First my USB headset wasn't recognized and in this one week that I've been using it I have had to reconfigure it 3 times, and get under my desk to connect the headset to a different USB port. My $150 mechanical keyboard spazs out, and it types random shit on my computer so I am having to use a $5 membrane keyboard.

Otherwise it is pretty nice but my boot times are shit. It goes from the motherboard logo to a black screen, then the GRUB menu, and then to a black screen, then purple and during this time it might flash and distort the Ubuntu logo. Finally it logs me in.

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Notice anything unusual about this build?

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Yeah it's gay.

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Different GPU models? What of it?

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>Notice anything unusual about this build?
Yes, the board says MSI but it is clearly made by ASUS

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yeah he tasted the dust if it had some crack in it

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ITT best tech channels:
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu
Paul's Hardware
Gamers Nexus
Louis Rossmann

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>Be thot
>Get free tech
>You don't even know what the fuck is it

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That search result is so weird

>Awesome Asian White gangbang
this I can understand since London Keyes is asian
She has a vagina
>London Keyes gets facialed by several blacks
What happened to the whites?

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I think "asian white" refers to asian american? Like non pure asians, if it makes any sense.

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>terrible fake titjob
>horrific 2/10 face
would not bang

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I mean she definitely has a female vagine. Have you not seen her nudes?

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Why do they hate C so much, bros?

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I kind of understand idolising the Soviet Union as this communist utopia since that is in the past and some people feel nostalgic about it. But there are people dieing in North Korean concentration camps RIGHT NOW, how can you possibly idolise this shithole of a country?!

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Who knows, C is why more than half the security industry is employed.

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genders, pronouns, whatever
how do you get to the point that you defend a authoritarian shithole

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>*overruns your buffer*

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Never doubt my j-dar
It is infallible

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Cheapest way to wirelessly transmit sound from TV to your headphones?

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Buy wireless headphone

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Older TVs don't have Bluetooth transmitters.

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Are you even trying to be a sperg?

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why is this allowed

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In what context is this useful? This is why I stick to Electron.

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It isn’t, op is retarded.

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It's a function pointer that takes a function pointer and returns a function pointer.
volatile, so it must be changing from an interrupt or multithread context.
thread_local, so it's unique to that thread.
The combination of the latter of these two mean OP is trolling.

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Internet was better in the 90s. Except for the slow speed. Everything was decentralized...people made their own simple pages from scratch...chatrooms were actualy a thing...now everything is tunneled into a few sites...

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The early-mid 2000s forum period was my favorite.

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Not just internet, whole world was better before the economic crisis

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try http://wiby.me

its basically the remnants of the old internet

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The only reason I still hang around online is that I', looking for that same thing again. Really can't see it happening though as it relied on far too many cultural trends that no longer exist.

But is this really it? Just accept that the best days of the web is behind us? I feel like the people from the BBS documentary.

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16GB RAM is all you needed. You wasted money. Be in denial ITT.

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Not enough for firefox and modded minecraft to be open at the same time.

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I have 4gb

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I got 48gb for 75 bucks

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I got 384GB

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16 gb is eno

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He did nothing wrong.

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literally who?

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who is this tin can nigger?

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I need help with a spammer program prank

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First you would have to download more ram

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What should I upgrade?

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OS -> Linux or Windows Education/LTSB N
CPU -> Ryzen 2700x
motherboard -> any Ryzen compatible

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Your RAM, what's your 4790k at currently?

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how mcuh ram would I even get, my cpu is at stock it only goes to 4.6 and gets really hot.

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Upgrade the meme70

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>What should I upgrade?
I just went from a 970 to a vega 64. It looks and performs better.

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Looks like something a cool hacker would write.

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no one is retarded enough to write this in C++
if it's real, fire the motherfucker.

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You can do very much the same in C too you know.
Btw that's why typedefs were invented.

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>guys look at this three star programmer's code, it's all c++ fault!

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Is it any good?

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The fuck? Just get Mx-40 like a regular /g/entleman.

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It's probably good enough, but you might save some money buying some other fart blasters.

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That doesn't answer the question

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>hurrr durr I am smart for using windows xp
>microsoft discontinues windows xp
>you are forced to use windows 7
>hurr durr I am smart for using windows 7
>microsoft will discontinue windows 7 on your behalf
>you will be forced to use windows 10
>gnome3 tries to completely fuck things up
>gnome 2 is still available as MATE
>am not forced to change my software
>still use xfce anyway cause it did exactly what MATE and GNOME do for over a decade
>mfw I use xfce and can use a laptop with 2 gb of ram :^)

Why do you let other people control what happens on your computer, /g/?

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KDE Plasma is running nicely on my laptop with 2gb RAM

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Nah, your laptop should have a stronger CPU than mine then. No distro comes with a browser that uses hardware acceleration for videos.
>with no level of support for your freedoms
What about the freedom of using the hardware I already own? What about the freedom of using the hardware that's available in my country and not import some special snowflake laptop that I'd have to literally pay someone to get through customs on top of the import taxes amd shipping and hope it doesn't get broken, lost or stolen on the way here?

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>Why do you let other people control what happens on your computer, /g/?
because I am not smart enough to write my own operating system from scratch, nor do I have the machinery to create my own circuit boards and silicon chips

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<what is mpv + youtube-dl

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And BTW, I know my laptop is compatible with Linux and you're just talking shit because it uses the AMDGPU driver. I'm just assuming it isn't to show how even if your premise was right your argument was fucking stupid.
The average 2GB laptop just can't play videos or even do text processing smoothly no matter what OS you use.
By using Linux you might get 300MB extra RAM and a your start menu might open a few hundred miliseconds faster, but that's it. Every application is still gonna run like shit unless you actually switch to lighter applications, which you can do on Windows too.

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I have a 2000 word essay due in 12 hours and I'm having a mental breakdown

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Great. /g/ is for the discussion of technology. Please leave.

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Only 1984 shitposts to go and you'll have enough material to work into an essay.

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>2000 word
oh wow it's nothing.

4channel is an 18+ website btw

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I had to do a 4 page report by monday and havent even started you got it easy

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>gpu only uses one pci-e connection
>the other one is forced to hang there

what triggers your ocd/autism /g/?

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Nothing, because I am not mentally ill.

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