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What action would you take if you suspected you had a virus? Other than not downloading dodgy shit in the first place

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Run Malwarebytes then do a 360 and walk away.

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Go and give my sister a big strong hug and tell her the devastating news.

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My system is locked down and I'm fairly cautious but I guess full scan(s) from live os on a flash drive.

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My current rig:
>Intel Pentium G4560

Is it worth getting a new rig or should I just get an i7 7700?

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go with amd

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This, SSD performance is literally cut in half on intel systems once you active the 30+ security mitigations. Not worth the 5% extra FPS in gaymes.

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has meltdown even been usefully exploited in the wild to justify that level of trashing, the only discussion I've ever seen is just jerking off over proof of concepts that all look much more obtuse and require much more skiddo brain power than any tried and true social engineering attack

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waste hyperthreading doesnt make shit on intel id go i5-7500 if you can get it for under 250

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Well since you got that mobo+cpu combo wasn't that your original plan?

Upgrading your CPU is going to be cheaper than buying a completely new rig.
We're still going to need more details to help you chief.
What do you need your PC to do? If you build a new rig did you have plans for your current one?

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You're a Niger.

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explain what?

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The item on the left in this screenshot is older and costs less than the newer item on the right. The item on the left is sold by a third-party wheras the right item is sold by Amazon itself. Amazon is an American website where you can exchange currency for goods and some services.

I hope you found this information helpful.

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niger is a country though

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Is this USB 6.1?

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its low test

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No, it's USB6.2 Gen 2.

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This is on a far, far away galaxy, not earth.
But it's probably some sort of network shit.

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>The most recent post in this thread is more than 8 months old. Please create a new thread and refrain from posting in threads older than 8 months in the future. Please also review the forum rules. Thank you.

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Join stream guys

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Should I buy this? It's $10 and it works. I'm imaging watching old VHS tapes.

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sure why not
be careful with it the first time you use it though. those things can ruin your VHS tapes so don't use a tape you don't care about to test it first

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I remember playing shitty N64 games on something like that. Buy it OP.

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might be fun if you have the space. look for bad movies that only released on vhs

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>pair programming

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ain't nothing better than fucking around and writing some shitty frontend code with your buddy

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In my CS classes it reminds me my autism is not nearly severe as a lot of other people's.

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Phones without complete screen fronts look outdated as fuck.
Keep in mind pic related was released not even 2 years ago and already looks like a dinosaur.

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Like 70% of iFags still use that design iPhone.

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nice blog post

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This is accurate, I've tried using my old phone for a while and was amazed at how it had a chin and forehead. I missed my notch.

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Who gives a shit. I bought a xiaomi redmi note 4 for $100 a year ago on ebay and it feels so fast, no way im upgrading for the next 7 years.

If you use your phone for anything other than gps/text messaging/web browser, you are better off doing that on a pc.

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Phones are great when traveling on a budget, you only have 7kg of carry on and no checked with budget airlines (and traveling with checked is obnoxious anyway). You can throw a mini PC and portable monitor in if you don't pack many shoes or suits, but it depends on your priorities there.
Phones are good to have emulation, web browsing and basic office shit on the go. Although you want a travel keyboard as well, since only being able to type at 60wpm (about my limit on phone touch keyboards) is obnoxious as fuck for me.

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Thoughts on this thing? Worth the price or overpriced scam?


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Unironically this.

You are being monetized and spied upon. A phone like this is a step closer to freedom.

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I like the concept of a smartphone with good privacy features and running pure Linux.
The issue is that the software running on it looks super laggy and not optimised at all. It's probably going to have majors bugs when it comes out.
After it comes out we might get a good 3rd party OS for it

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It really depends on what you want out of the phone. CPU separated from the baseband, hardware killswitches, fully-free software, it's not perfect, but it's making strides to the ideal beckbeard phone.

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Well, now their design decisions make a whole lot more sense.

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based lainposter

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Old PC games made by the end of 90s and in early 2000 before DVDs really became the media of choice, we are talking roughly about 1996 - 2004, were published as CDROM games.

They had a copy protection. Nevertheless you could make perfect copies of them with Clone CD Software which is probably banned by now, at least the company behind this product was closed by the FEDs.

You probably made a lot of .ccd images to preserve your old game CDs.

If you still have registered copy of Clone CD, you will notice it won't run on newer OS than Windows XP. It runs on Win98/2000/XP. Only. It is 32-bit so it won't run on Windows 3.1 on top of DOS.

Here's the thing: there is a command line Linux software named ccd2iso which will perfectly convert your .ccd image into .iso for the use in all modern .iso mounting software on any operating system. Now you can enjoy your 10+ year old CDs again.

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but it won't have the lovely cracktros repacks usually have

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Yes, there's literally dozens of way to make perfect images for copies on any OS.

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Thanks friend

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Isn't .iso data track only? If the disk is multi-track for music then you need bin+cue

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As of now, I only use Gmaps as a regular map. Just to see where my destination is and what route to take. I know google still stores that info, but do car companies do it with their Nav systems?

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If they have wifi or cellular connection probably. Read the eula

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Microg + osmand will set you free

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Prove me otherwise.

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You're stupid.

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searched for dancies https://youtu.be/jyoyRpAAjRk
maybe guys can fap to this

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Bought the domain a few months ago. Any ideas for site content? Open for ideas

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>biden's campaigne buys biden-for-president.com

heh, nothin personnel kiddo.

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I mean this would be the best outcome for OP the likelihood of confusion when at the end of every commercial some disembodied voice says, "If you want to learn more, visit us at biden-for-president.com" is amazing so many people will just type in bidenforpresident.com he should try to make the website look serious but then throw in things about a federal policy regarding nasally inspecting the hair of women and girls.

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put a link to his original version of the patriot act from 1995

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Redirect to lastmeasure or donaldjtrump.com.

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To the old codemonkeys here: how useful/common is using exceptions?
Everyone I talk to seem to hate them/find them useless.

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you didn't specify a language

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Well, I was asking more in general terms, but if language is important let's assume Java or C++.

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well exceptions in a language like C++ really just suck.
they have a runtime cost and they make programming harder not easier imo.

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>laughs in tagged union

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What's your favorite classic cpu to work with?
Least favorite?

z80? 6502? 68k?

Pic related is the one i've sunk the most time with.

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i only know z80 and some 6502 bytecode so z80 for me

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I've considered fucking with PDP-8 assembly, but I'm good with C for now.

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>Talking to person
>"I'm sick of my file system so I decided to code a new one with boolean tag searching built in from the start"
>"Each file is in a wrapper with metadata and a list of all the tags that file has"
>"Each tag has a lookup table of all the filenames that have that tag"
>"Updating a file's tags updates the lookup tables, and all searches just involve comparing the tables"
>Uh huh
>"But searches are extremely laggy and I don't know why so I can't show you yet"
>"I looked at the lookup tables and after editing files the tables are in the wrong order"
>Sounds shitty
>Nag him to send it to me
It's been three days and seven hours since he last spoke to me. He isn't avoiding anybody else, so what's the problem?

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Let me tell you a fact: 4chan runs on FreeBSD.

It doesn't matter if FreeBSD's code of conduct is "cucked" (it isn't) because the same OS is what allows you to post your shitty memes.

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Best vpn service for p2p?

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depends on your location. generally though I look for a track record of denying requests etc, so I went with vpn.ac

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I use Air VPN. Don't know if it's the best though.

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Mullvad it is for me, i pay by cash. cant get more secure than that.

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I feel it would be better to have the chinks spy on me than my own government. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm ready to buy a chink spyware phone

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