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How does G/Freesync react to uneven frame pacing? I know the whole point is that it's supposed to adjust, but surely if two frames are rendered super close to each other, the monitor won't be able to keep up and you'll get tearing. So for example if you had a 75hz monitor and capped at 74fps, there's nothing to say frames will actually be rendered at 13.5ms equally and maybe some will come within 2-3ms of each other. Try syncing to that, 75hz monitor.

Traditional VSync on the other hand forces a perfectly even output. Maybe not great for an online competitive FPS game but I don't see it as completely obsolete for Singleplayer games.

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It'd shit I turn it off
Gaysync is the same

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Variable refresh rate makes bad frame pacing impossible. With a fixed refresh rate, if a frame takes longer than one refresh, it will be displayed for multiple refreshes, while the next might be displayed for only one refresh. You can have one frame displayed for 33.3 ms and the next for 16.7, creating visible stuttering. With variable refresh rate, if a frame takes longer than the last to be rendered, it will simply be displayed longer, by making the time of the next refresh longer, so frametimes won't vary as wildly as with a fixed refresh.
With variable refresh rate, you can let your framerate drop below your refresh rate without getting all the stuttering that entails with a fixed refresh rate, as your framerate effectively dictates your refresh rate within a certain window, making drops less perceptible and bothersome.

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