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how would u improve my drawing of an italan girl

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outfit i chose (on the lefte)

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fix the neck and shes perfect

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lackss loomuh

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Fundies aren't real, retard.

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no u

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What's your favourite Victorian painting?

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Why are they naked

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This is a Sorrolla so not Victorian. In Valencia on the east coast of Spain where Sorrolla painted, the boys would swim on the beach in the nude and girls would wear long swimming dresses. its an old tradition.

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fuck off spammer


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Are you blind? That's clearly Victorian, look at the dress the girl is wearing.

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>its the 30th in japan and they still havent released clip studio paint 1.10.0
Hurry up you chink fucks

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I love how this became a meme quickly.

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i've been listening to terraria's soundtrack everytime i draw and i think it's destroying my mind, please share your playlists so that i can escape this prison

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Nonfiction audiobook. Audiobooks >>>>> podcasts

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I made this image a while ago to mimic these vapourwave images
Thoughts? I can't find any good fonts i'm really bad at it

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ok zoomer

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Picasso was a literal worthless artist. How can anybody actually look at his work and think that it holds any substance whatsoever?

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Picasso used to draw like that.
It's not really comparable to your modern artist who compensate his lack of skill and talent with "abstraction"
He knew what he was doing.

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yeah, that's your eyes moving

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imagine a cook stopping giving a shit and making shitty ass food, only in visual art that's seen as a ground breaking

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>it's not that much of a leap to think picasso was doing this intentionally,
He is objectively doing this intentionally. Are people stupid enough to think this is the only way he can draw?

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how could you get satisfaction from going from painting actual good art to literal dog shit?

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if your 1 min timed drawing is ass it means you are ngmi

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take my perfect sphere drawn in 2 seconds

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Why do western cartoons have absolute shit character design most of the time?

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It’s cheaper and easier

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A challenge for someone. Swap the style. Draw Taichi in the style to the left, and draw whatever that cartoon character is in the Digimon 01 style on the right.

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Sonic the human child

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because the artists don't have strong fundamentals so have to stick to simple flat blob characters. imagine giving Tai Kamiya's character sheet to a western animation studio, they would absolutely crumble, none of them have the skill to animate something that detailed. they'd either simplify him to a calarts blob style or go full cgi

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Post your /gear/!

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the mono zero is really good for detail work and helps with lifting a highlight instead of trying to draw a highlight.

it's good for both graphite and charcoal

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Bro, this looks super gay, you might be a faggot

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erasers are useless for trad chads

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anything that i can draw with
anything that i can draw on
fuck you

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What do you do with them??

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Show it, anon

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a thread died for this.
Post in the drawthread you fucking faggot.

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Is it possible to make it with an averege IQ? I think people kike Sakimichan, WLOP etc... have an IQ of 115+, averege person with an averege IQ will never achieve this level.

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You need to poo not in the loo.

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A small addition to this >>4900873
>work hard everyday
>good merchant/trend watching skills
>a little bit of luck
There is no need in high IQ or something.

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This site contains a lot of people who have insecurity issues so they try to grasp onto anything that they think might give them an edge against the people who they feel shouldn't be doing better than them. So they cling onto things such as IQ and other nonsense to make them feel better about their hopeless existence.

So while your advice is logical people such as OP and others here won't really be able to accept it.

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>Pinnacle of art
>Sakimichan and WLOP
You have to be 18 to browse this board

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IQ has little to nothing to do with sucess, and is easy to see how being extremely smart can hinder or harm you in many ways. But I can understand your doubt, since you are probably on the low-end team.

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Do you think digital art is better than traditional art? Which of the 2 gets more attention if the quality of the art is the same?

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They are JUST TOOLS.
Use whatever you like and stop being such a fucking faggot.

Kill yourself you brainlet.

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I mean it, people still in /beg/ use digital to hide easily avoidable mistakes instead of just not making them

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I don't think either medium is better than the other but he's still right. You won't learn shit with ctrl+z.

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Trad = SOUL
Digital = SOULLESS
simple as.

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>muh ctrl+Z
No one fucking cares about anything that isn't end result of the picture and to pretend that they do is disingenuous as hell.

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How much have you so far from your art?
around 4000 USD in two years here.

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probably because any pros here have styles recognizable enough that if they post they'll be linked with 4chan forever and that could harm them getting commissions from woke clients

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do you really think everyone here is saying the truth and truth only?

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Ding ding ding!

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Not very lucrative. Goddamn there are so fucking many of them right now that want children's books, but all of them want a fully colored 22 page book for 500 dollars. Do the math you geniuses, that's less than 50 dollars per full color illustration.

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It's from freelancing + merch sales (prints, apparel, etc.). Both are very difficult to get the ball rolling, in my opinion, though commercial freelancing is particularly tough. I was only making ~$10k-$25k the first few years before things started to click.

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Is art basically was the origin of the World of Warcraft concept art standard where it's colorful and cartoony. I actually quite like the Warcraft style of art for Vanilla and the few earlier expansions. What are your opinions?

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I truly hate the WoW "style"

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What's funny is that nowadays >>4900716 wouldn't fly as professional work

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Metzen's sketches are hilarious and give me hope that I'm gmi.

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by complete coincidence, the over rendered photo ashes zbrush overpaints keep producing shitty designs that nobody remembers 2 years after release

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Where do you get references for facial expressions?

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I keep a mirror on my desk. If I need an expression/pose with movement, I'll take a selfie.

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>no face
gmi as a eldritch horror

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A mirror and google

>> No.4900790

i own a pygmy slave in my basement and i hire actors to be his friends. then when i need a certain facial expresion i ask the actors to manipulate him in a way that will produce the expression

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what do you guys think? This is my first comic.

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Adoreable, ma sweet anon-chan.
Still better than Volen CK
Still Volen i love you, you gave me a push but still KFG give me the most push of all of them!! i Can't handle his skillgitness.

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I mean KJG

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who the fk is happyboy

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Oh it's this retard

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thats some pretty convincing simpery going on

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>Tablet drivers are fucked up again after a new windows update

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I just plugged my tablet into my laptop where I installed Mint and everything worked immediately.

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because you're using a bab distro and isn't a lefty like all the great artists in history

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So that's what happened. I've also had tablet failures.
Thanks op.

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wasn't sure if I should post this here or on /lit/

but does anyone know a good resources for learning how to have proper handwriting? I form letters starting at the bottom (no one taught me you are supposed to start at the top as a kid) and I just learned this was the wrong way, which makes sense since forming letters from bottom tires my hand out pretty quick always has. I just didn't know if anyone knew of a good handwriting for adults book to fix this, I tried checking out a few but they skip how to form letters

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and here's all my letters how I form them

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I write cursive (unfortunately one of the last generations to have been taught it), and I'm always having people compliment me on my writing, and obviously because of the mechanism of cursive you can write for a long time with it.

idk if they taught it in the US in recent years, but here in the UK we used practice books when we were taught.

Not being funny because I know they're kids books, but honestly, buy these and use them. You don't need to buy one for adults, these will suit your purpose. When I was learning a second language years back part of the reading material was a collection of literal children's fairytale books in that language. They work.

>> No.4900683

If you did not start out when being a kid chances are you're never going to make it

>> No.4900949

I write the same way. I've had co-workers freak out when they noticed how I was writing letters starting from the bottom. But yours is actually legible so you're doing a lot fucking better than I am.

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Start practicing arabic-alphabet - and use the flowy-lines for your stile.
Otherwise ngmi

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Post your caves you NEETs.

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damn bro how much did that camera, editing software to put that japanese text, and the bottle of corona cost you

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nice ngmi station you've got there bro

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Is bait right? Looks like the desk of a mangaka

>> No.4900899

It's Eiichiro Oda's desk

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Post styles of cross hatching/shading characters in ink that you like and are goal.

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Now you fags, show what you got in the bag.

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crosshatching is for weebs nowadays, no thanks

>> No.4901039

weeb newfag broken english

>> No.4901042

why is she white?

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