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A thread for stupid questions or questions that don't deserve their own threads
Now with less abbreviation

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Why is drawing trees so hard?
Pic unrelated and also not mine.

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thoughts on my artist statement?

Artist Statement

As someone who suffers from autism, my greatest frustration in life has always been my inability to articulate my inner emotions and share my profound feelings. Thankfully, through my artwork I have found a means of expressing myself. These three works in particular are references to powerful emotional states I have experienced, and intense thoughts I have had.

I am a mixed media artist. I doodle whenever I have the chance, and these rough sketches are the first step towards creating my work. From there I use digital software to transform these rough sketches to a more vibrant and specific encapsulation of what I had in mind when I sat down and started drawing.

Pazuzu, the Babylonian Demon is a visual representation of the spine chilling despair that permeates through your body when something terrible has just happened. It is the visual equivalent of the anxiety you would experience after failing to slow down quick enough and ramming into the rear end of a car that has a “baby on board” bumper sticker.
(Better example, influences, description)
The happy medium represents a laid back, whimsical and most importantly happy head space. It differs from my other works in that it is not intended to represent a fleeting emotional state, but rather the state of mind that those who have achieved inner peace such as Snoop Dogg or the Dali Llama most frequently find themselves in.

In memoriam is a tribute to those who unfortunately did not emerge victorious over the oppressive forces of mental illness.

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>That long drawn out biography
Never fails.

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I made a new youtube video on a pixar tier list check it

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Do you guys know any artists with a similar style to Jaco?


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she's qt

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Like a lot of manga artists who are underrated as fuck, but appear on pinterest all the time.

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Holy fuck those legs. Jesus christ.

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How does one go about *anonymously* and successfully selling lewd/NFSW art online? I couldn't give two shits about making it a defining part of my portfolio. I'm broke and I just figure I'm competent enough for it, plus there's way more of a demand.

>TL;DR how can make the big patreon monie via drawing big anime tiddies

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>use other name

you just use other name, and different style, thats it, unless you are retarded to keep each account by their own

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You don't :
1) You might not care.People looking at your portfolio do though. Which means turning away SFW businesses that don't want to be associated with that, turning away parents who wouldn't share it to their kids,turning away kids, and attracting compulsive wankers.
2) You only want the big bucks? You can do very, very disgusting things for big bucks, you know. If this is your only incentive you will accept requests from the creepiest weirdo's around,who want their favourite Looney toons characters eating diapers (I had a few messages for commissions like these, I politely declined all of them)
3) Do you REALLY want to spend your time drawing dongs & pussies? Look at all kinds of fetishes "for reference"? Hide your activities to not be seen as a pervert by a good part of the population?

Think about it 7 times because this is irreversible.

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>How does one go about *anonymously* and successfully selling lewd/NFSW art online?

tl;dr You can't, you can hide behind seven different identities all you want but they will still find you out when the day comes that you wish you haven't done NSFW art in the first place.

If you don't care about breaking into the "professional art industry" (which is completely fine) just do it normally.

>>3988618 is right on point 2, don't ever draw:
>gay/bara/western shota
>autism-infested fetishes like diapers

You will never regain your sanity and they will make you never want to draw again. There's nothing wrong about drawing porn and only retarded puritans cares about maintaining a public image as long as you are not trying to go pro in a SFW environment, just do it smartly and don't fall for the furrypill.

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preparing to wrap this piece up relatively soon. so /ic/, is there any suggestions for ways I can spice up the coloring? specifically the highlights?
I'm using photoshop and some of the layer modes aren't having the punch I'm looking for.
feel free to redline if anything pops out at you, I'm pretty much open to general critique. thx

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Looking good
With the way the lighting is done, the focus is brought on his shoulder... Don't hesitate to brighten the head and trunk/hands area in general, put more color into the areas where you want people to look at.

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thanks, i was thinking i needed to either ease on the shoulder light, or balance out the other highlights.

I want some focus on the hand and sword though so I'll probably go for the later

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>keep drawing ocs
>don't do anything with them except just a few snippits of interaction
Don't pretend like you don't keep your OCs in some creative purgatory. Let it go or use it.

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post OC?

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I wish I could fuck my OC...

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It's just a random cartoon girl. I've seen another OC posted as well, I would hate it if someone made porn so I didn't check that board anymore.

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I mainly make comics about mine. but I do lewds of them too sometimes.

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he stay
and my oc stay

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Here are my tips for the following:

DA - post your work onto over 100 groups. It's time consuming, but it's the most guarantee out of everything listed here to get you followers.

Twitter - socialize a bit in discussions. A lot of artists use twitter to ask questions or to bring up topics and it's a good way to respond and get noticed. Once you start getting a few re-tweets you're pretty much set. Now just wait to get lucky and have something re-tweeted by someone with a lot of followers.

Tumblr - bandwagon onto something currently popular and use their hashtags.

Instagram - ?

Facebook - ?

!!MOST IMPORTANTLY!!, post FREQUENTLY and stay active as possible. If you ever wondered "how did that artist who draws like a 6th grader get so many followers?" More than likely they post something new every day of the month.

If you have any tips for gaining followers on specific social medias, please post.

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just fucking draw

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I post on instagram a lot and noticed that it's best to post with 1 or 2 weeks in-between posts, somehow gets me more followers

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Instagram - do a lot of draw in your own style garbage. Disney or Nintendo fanart.

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For Insta? Pic related.

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For Deviantart? There's that.

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thoughts on this mspaint art i made? i dont have very good fine motor control but i did my best

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nice, i use www.jspaint.app to do shit like this anywhere.
also, sage. post in a drawthread next time, retard.

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mitä? whaat are you talking about? desu

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>okay serious question

If you're drawing for longer hours do you use one of these when you get bored (I guess question to both female and male anons, depending what you're into); Does it help you focus and/or fulfill the need for multitasking so you can continue to draw nonchalantly?

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Just because you tacked on "drawing" in the statement doesn't make it art related. It's as irrelevant as do you draw better before or after masturbating.

It's just some thirsty bait that doesn't belong.

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>literal nuweeb non-anime ngmi circlejerk board
what has /a to do with drawing though, maybe you just can't relate to a daily drawing routine

There are people who do far weirder things when closed up in front of the pc for hours or days.. like putting some jelly on a cat's butt and then licking it, or calling random numbers and deepcore sextalking/loli voicechange prank calling via headset while drawing.
Masturbating is pretty vanilla

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>Non-artists being assblasted

what else is new? now we can't even discuss what people do when they are drawing.

>Hey guys what kind of music do you listen to while drawing?
>REEEEEEE GO TO /mu or /tv
oh fuck off lol

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i use yo mama as a cock sleeve when drawing

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>what has /a/ to do with drawing though
>their drawthreads are better than most threads on /ic/
>the rest of the post is literal retardation
based mentally challenged

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>drawing houses outside
>they might call the Police on you

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in what regard is that contrarian, it was just an obvious fact that got pointed out. Don't be so insecure "chad"faggot.

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>thinks that a 10/10 can be viewed as a 3/10 by other ppl
Ic never disappoint

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are you mentally retarded?

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I got caught deep in private property a few times while painting here in Europe and the owners not only didn't care but always acted happy that I was painting their farm / shed / house (even though I apologize in advance). I have drawn many people of all kinds who clearly understood I was drawing something in their direction, and never got approached by a subject. In general if you are an artist you can get away with being rather invasive. I had a brief infatuation with street photography and that was a completely different experience, you can't just go in people's faces with a camera without some serious guts and you have to take serious precautions to not look like you're taking a shot of a person specifically.

Not that anon but if she's 3D and human she can't be more than a 5/10 to me.

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I bring my sketchbook everywhere I go (pubs, school, park, beach) and I try to draw whenever I have some time or I get inspired. It's a great conversation starter but people are always shy when they notice I'm drawing them.

So far nobody asked me to stop or called the police, and I live in a pretty retrograde small town. Maybe it's just you amerifats

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>breastfeed me on painterly anime skin + nulineart

how do the onmyo ninjas do this?

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if only there were translated breakdowns by decent digital artists with this style

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the fuck is nulineart

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is there?

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Good podcasts of videos to listen to while working? I obviously can't draw at the same time as I work, but I mostly can pay attention to something I'm listening to since my job is pretty braindead.

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you're not that good

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Definitly Common Filth Radio. It's good shit, start on the most recent episode and work your way backwards.

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jesus christ, man. those are hideous. All shitty stories from reddit, and those faggots sound like they want to die.

>> No.3988380

fuck you man they're good

what do you like to listen to then if you're so cultured?

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I like listening to Bobby Chiu interviews/streams while I study.

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behold the great western civilization and its savior the roman emperor Leopold I

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That dude looks like someone who would strangle hookers because they look prettier than him.

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Damn, how much you think he could squat?

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Henri was pretty based

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How do I stop procrastinating so much? I used to be able to sit down and focus on a drawing for hours. Now I find it difficult to this. How do you stop procrastinating?

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Good question. Maybe should torch all sources of distraction.

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Really consider what you're asking. You know all of the answers, because you know what has to be done, and THAT'S because you know your end goal.

You want to commit hours to a project you don't naturally commit time to. Why? To get better at something you care about. This is important, because you have to ask yourself if it's important enough to give up other aspects of your life. Even video and anime has value in a person's life, so spending time on productive things is less "finding more time in your day" and more "trading time in your day," or trading your areas of focus. If you think this over and truly consider this goal worth sacrificing for, then you have your "how." There's no secret trick, just understanding and accepting the sacrifices you have to make to get where you want to be. The rest is generic scheduling/punctuality shit you probably already know.

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What would you say is the daily effort bottom-tier for getting gains at a reasonable level? 2 hours, focused? Just enough to post on LAS?

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1-2hr observation drawing
if you're not braindead you'll pick up a lot of shit and get out of /beg/ within a year or two

>> No.3988084

2hrs wouldn't hurt, butseems uneccessary, And not many people have the discipline or attention span to put all their focus into something for that long on their own.
Is right.
Spending less than an 1hr on any activity you're trying to learn or get better at is a waste of time.

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At least post pic of your razonable level.

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Anyone know where I can pirate the entire art courses that students usually do within a year?

My plan is to copy what the instructors say and follow the course material for a year and see if I get any gains.
I can't afford art school which is why im resorting to piracy.

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>> No.3988294

Honestly OP you don't need to do that, getting good at art isn't that complicated, you probably already know what course material would make for a good art course.

Look at the improvement that art students make (not FZD) you'll notice that most people don't make any impressive improvements. FZD is an outlier because they've very selective who they allow in and even they have many failures who don't improve.

Art improvement is all about learning new material and practicing it enough to get good at it.
All the knowledge you could possibly want is available for free anyway, there's no magical top tier course that will make you get good easily, just get back to studying man

>> No.3988295

Then what else am I supposed do?

I have no idea what im doing and ive been aimlessly drawing for a while now without any kinds of improvement.

>> No.3988319

Loomis and Drawabox => Aguri's guide.

>> No.3988334

aguri guide is outdated

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Hello everyone! There is my only MS Paint and mouse.
It is the creation of a philosopher's stone from the milk and blood of a black wolf (commision's portrait).

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O'K, it is a good advice, I will try it right now.

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Do you have any particular influences for your work?

>> No.3988496

No one, only the surrounding reality, everything that I see with my own eyes in different areas of life.

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oh noice a legit ruski

time to practice my chopped up amerishit version of russian

нyyyyyy дa

well have some soviet cartoons !

>> No.3988624

Holy shit your stuff looks good

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This take on Tifa’s outfit says all that needs to be said but this thread was gonna exist regardless.

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This pic led off a Tifa thread on /v/ so I figured I put it here since Sakimi threads are obligatory.

>> No.3987946

200% NECK

>> No.3987948

Her art is always gorgeous at first glance.
But the more you stare at it the more you realize it's a gem crusted, golden shit.
Her anatomy is off, the neck, shoulders, hips. And I'm never a fan of how she shades her skin. The tones seem too dirty.

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I used to really hate this kind of soulless shit and the thought of the retards buying it, but it doesn't get to me anymore because it's just always the same shit, and what can you do to stop it? For Sakimi she always draw the same couple rubber-skinned sameface models cosplaying as whatever is fotm with a shitty background and (usually) random light sources. It has good rendering but the flimsy anatomy and uncanny faces makes it so the longer you look at it, the worse it gets. There isn't much more to say, it's okay "art".
Thing is, as bad as it gets, you can learn from it. Why do you think something so unappealing is so popular, how do you think she got there?
>if it looks competent enough on a first glance, so people who don't know about art will find it impressive
>normalfags eat semi-realistic anime shit up like nothing else
>bright colors make for good thumbnails that'll push to people to click on
>look at her twitter, feed it's very clean, only her art regularly being posted, do the same
>(draw whatever is fotm)
>(sex sells, but everyone knew that already)
She figured out all that shit, and it pushed her to that level of success. Hate and be jealous all you want, but try learning from her too.

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so trash basically

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