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this has been propably discussed multiple times. But what is the best Art forum these days, or community. Where you can maintain example a sketchbook get feedback, discuss, make art friends etc. Everything feels so temporal.

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it's obviously a website run by cucks, I'd stay clear

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I think we should go there and make a little clique called Massive Black D/ic/ks.

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Their logo used to have a cock on it so I think that ship has sailed.

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aw :(

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>born the wrong ethnicity to become a great mangaka
Do I sudoku?

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>There’s 10 year old kids that will surpass anything the west can make
that's some quality shittaste you've got going on there

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What is your nationality.

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Western art disgusts me. Some no talent hack can draw a pastel SJW fatass and get praised while japs actually work hard and be highly talented but just end up “mediocre” in their circles. I want that kind of drive! That kind of motivation! But I’ll never be any good. Not even like the sjw hacks. Well, what am I doing complaining? I know my only path is to become a regular old western artist but it sucks because it’ll never be esteemed as great as manga in my mind.

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China. A “gook.” A discount jap/ Korean. We make fun of things made in China because “they’re cheap and low quality.” Even their mangas suck and never leave the country. I’m born in the US but I’ll never be an authentic Jap. And 4chan likes to make fun of Chinese as if “oh you have an Asian gf? She doesn’t count if she’s chinese, because she’s the gf you get when you can’t snag a jap or a Korean.” Ahhhh!! Even being white would’ve been better! Then I could fit in with other whites! And all the watchpeopledie is either from China or Russia. Everything is low quality! Even this bait!

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Might be careful. I think I hear the People's Liberation Army knocking.

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I post first

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Imagine spending thousands of dollars in tuition, flight, apartments, and traditional tools. Or $100 a month for the online course.

... just so you end up drawing loomis anyway. Just like IC said.


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Watts teaches a lot more than that and you know it

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Post examples!

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who's this semen demon?

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In short it's all about methods. There's no "best" method out there and never will be. You can read up on sight-size, the Reilly method, the Loomis method, Bridgman, etc. The point isn't to use all of them because no artist does that. It's to find the method that works for you. If someone says Loomis and Watts is similar that's because Reilly and Loomis were both taught by Bridgman who was taught by Gerome. Hell even Gerome has a book and his own approach so there you go.

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holly brown (artist name: loish)

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Hows this possible? Those legs are way bigger than her torso+head.

Legs should be the half of the body.

Is this photoshopped anons?

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Photoshop? Course not. She was just born with a small head, long legs, and no belly button.

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My nigga, I'm 9 heads tall. Loomis can't predict this.

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trivia (?) : short torso better for running, long torso better for swimming

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Shit time to take a selfie to discover my destiny.

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anything else we can separate short torsi and long torsi by?

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I was thinking about saving up and going to Watts Atelier but does Jeff teach black people? I'd be hesitant about going if that were the case

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Im pretty sure OP is white and wants to make sure there arent any black people there

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Just torrent the full course

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His loss then. Any black person who can afford to go to watts us likely to be alright individuals.

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Imagine being a bigger nigger than an actual nigger.

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I'm thankful for the almost 300GB of content, but I won't pay $2400/year for it.

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Who’s your favourite artist?

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Is that a Loomis?

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I fucking hate these faggot ass rich kids who can afford good art classes and art school and are good.
I hate them so much it's helping motivate me to get better.

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Expensive schools are full of kids who don't try that hard because mommy and daddy are paying for it and they don't have anything personally invested in it.

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I work harder when there is nothing on the line. If there is pressure to do it "or else", I will be so overwhelmed by anxiety that in the end I will just shit last minute garbage out, not just in art but with anything.

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Good idea. Having hatred for others and being in a rage about it all day is definitely a great way to strive on your art. You dumb fucking idiot. Worry about yourself stop worrying about other people. I cant even grasp why you dumb retards keep coming to art boards to bitch about people who SHOULDNT MATTER TO YOU

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Loomis just regurgitates Bammes and old masters, and does it poorly.

Cgpeers nigger.

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Different anon here. Fun fact - Hampton was Karl's student, and ripped off almost everything Karl taught, including the language and concepts he uses in the Figure Drawing for design and invention book. Especially the head portion.

And of course Karl was Vilppu's student, but the way they teach the head has differences, at least.

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Chop chop janny I'm not paying you to sit around and eat hot pockets of wait...

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sorry boss, was trying to save OP from this place

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ohh, ok thats fine.

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This. You will be here forever otherwise.
If you decide to sell your soul, this: >>3812098

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Any one else stuck in the cycle of shifting through mediums and styles without producing anything worth while?

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That's the wonderful cycle of knowledge. Embrace it.

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post your art

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Are you at least learning things?

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not him but i am learning very slowly

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I'm in the same situation, but I think I would rather this than be a one trick pony.

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>digital ""artist""

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fite me

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silverpoint master race checking in.

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what do you do when you don't know what to draw? any tips?

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If that's yours, learn to draw first. Follow some books or courses and it'll give you stuff to draw.

But if you want drawing prompts, get ideas from games/movies you've enjoyed recently, nature/animal documentaries, I mean it really depends on what you enjoy drawing.

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Keep a a collection of art and artists that you find inspiring or just enjoying in general. Whenever you have artist block, browse through it to get ideas, or just do a study on one to practice your art skills.

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I pick something to study that I don't feel confident in. For me, ears and hands. I think this is the most satisfying thing.

Or I pick something I enjoy but have never drawn or haven't attempted since childhood - a dinosaur, a Pokemon, favorite sci-fi character. Sometimes I go to request threads and pick up something.

Another option is to pick old art and try to redraw it.

If you don't feel like drawing something concrete, even doing mechanical exercises where you practice drawing different lines and shapes can be soothing and helps coordination.

One thing I avoid doing is going on social media and asking normie friends for drawing prompts bc it's always some faggot trying to get you to draw a shitty tattoo for them. Or some chick wanting something corny Live Laugh Love shit but with a sugar skull.

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>How I learned to draw realistic portraits in only 30 days



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You can safely assume anyone with a medium blog has their head so far up there ass they can’t tell which way is up.

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Anyone that has over 1000 followers on Instagram is usually the same way.

ffs, there are dumb "fashion models" that have photos staged as if paparazzi took them.

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good for him, I wanna learn the same :(

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he is obviously not that new
he probably go with eye balling quick sketch in the first one and heavily measuring in other
he probably has experience in value too

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>This is how fast it should take the normal /beg/


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Is it too late for me /ic/? Whenever I sit down to draw I give up because of my lack of solid fundies. I can't focus for shit when I attempt to study, I'd rather jerk off or play vidya, or eat. But I still want to get better and make nice things maybe one day.

Can I make it anon?

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neglecting practice is a hard thing to stop when youre down at the bottom, but you are drawing on this thread, so keep it up. there is a art book thread with tons of mega links. one of them will probably have what you are looking for, so go check that out.

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i mean camp fire, not car fire. my head all fucked up lately sorry about that.

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So wait are you OP or the other guy? Oh well, who cares at this point. I'm the 29-yo guy from before. Get some medication if possible but no SSRI stuff. I couldn't keep going without the shit I'm taking atm. It's not a sure solution but when you're really fucked in the head you gotta try.


Did a quick, little painting over your sketch. Hope you don't mind. I don't ever really paint pretty girls bit I liked your sketches so I gave it a shot <3. Anyways. I hope you can get to digital stuff too. Would love to see what you produce if you get to fuck around in Photoshop and I hope you get better man!

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That’s not me posting about the fire. I feel for that guy tho.

Yo, I’m flattered and humbled by your painting, it’s dope. And thanks for kind words anon.

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fellow uneducated boomer here, 28
we're gonna make it

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Have you ever considered that maybe learning art is very similar to getting /fit/?

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lol no

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It is in a way, you develop your skills in anatomy, colour, value, etc and it makes your art better

but there's a whole other side to it that's really abstract, I don't even know how to describe it, you just have to develop an intuition to it.
What your art is or something

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After 7 years of drawing in line only I'm thinking I should learn how to render.

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i paint like bruh. you cant even my skillset and ability to create paint. i make paint through pure willpower. my paint will all over yours.

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I can do pretty good pixel art, and I can make music at a relatively professional-level quality, yet the creations I’m most proud of are my pencil drawings which are comparatively shite. I don’t understand why. Is there a name for this kind of thing?

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>Being proud of your work


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as long as you dont give up or die like a lot of artists have been lately, yes you can, but its completely up to you.

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wtf, wrong thread.. meant for this guy>>3811914

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What does /ic/ thinks about runtimeerror irina's world webcomic art?

He seems pretty famous on the spic chan for some reason.

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Are there any resources out there that explain the logic of character design? I'm not looking for an entire course so much as just a list of fundamental concepts to keep in mind while designing a character. Or a logical order of how to think when designing said character; a process or even just a book to reference.

I'm a total beginner. Here I have my most recent attempt. She's supposed to be a slutty monk warrior widow. I'm not really happy with the design in the end because the silhouette is bland and i feel like she just lacks personality overall.

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>meaning for the story
by the story i mean complete product, not nervelessly plot itself.

>> No.3811713

Just know what your audience likes. Guess who you would appealing to if you make her a fat, transgendered black woman that is a member of the resistance against an evil empire.

>> No.3811725

Makes sense.

>> No.3811739

There's no one answer here, you're kind of overthinking it, and approaching it from the wrong angle.

Character design is creative. It's not plug and play - that kind of mechanical creation is what the TV and movie try to churn out, and why so much of their output sucks.

Creating characters is an artform all in itself. There's no way to really teach it, you either have the ideas, and learn to polish them by having an audience to get feedback from, or you don't. I guess you could ask in writing forums about it, but they'll probably tell you the same things.

Your example here is a good place to start.

The only defining features you've invested in her is:

Despite the whole sloot/monk thing being incompatible, ask yourself: why is this character interesting? What's her backstory? Why does she dress a certain way, past "boobies"? What is her story? How has her story influenced her? Why should we, the audience care, if we're expected to look past the porn aspects of boobs? Or is that simply why she exists?

Good characters are good because of multiple aspects - their story, their place in it, their personality, and their actions.

All you're offering up here is a slooty 2D waifu. It's not really a character, because she has no reason to exist.

Work on characters in the context of a story, if you want to drill down into actual character. Otherwise, this is nothing more than waifu material - nothing wrong with that, but it's a different intent.

>> No.3811757

>Otherwise, this is nothing more than waifu material - nothing wrong with that, but it's a different intent.
and definitely this.

Slutty monk can work in a nsfw setup. But the question is, is that what op wants to go for?

Is she that much of a tease that she just can't help being slutty despite of being a monk and a widow?
It depends on what kind of public you're aiming for, again. Some people won't take that seriously, while others might be intrigued by it.

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Tangential to /ic/ but still counts, right?
I periodically prune all (few) small talk tweets and I go long periods just posting art and only talking about art. Sometimes an artist I follow says something and I leave a brief comment or relevant joke but in most cases they don't even answer. On top of that I feel like I'm being unprofessional just by doing this kind of stuff and I feel bad about it. Should I just not bother with conversation? I always reply to my followers and leave those tweets alone when I prune.

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I'm not shadowbanned, at least according to a test website

>> No.3812248

I try to make talk with those that share the same interests as me. For motivation or just something interesting to talk about. If they don't reply I just don't bother trying to converse in the future. This really worked out well for me when a conversation unintentionally got an artist excited on a piece I was working on, which when I posted got RTed and snowballed from there.

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Get a real phone. I made like 5 accounts in the last month and got all of them verified with my phone.

>> No.3812254

Wouldnt it be easier to build a portofolio and apply for a job?

>> No.3812255

Using right #s help. Some people really love searching their favorite #s.

Another hot tip for getting traffic, is to make fan-art of a game and @ it at devs/pubs/localization teams. Some of them occasionally retweet even the most /beg/ tier art. Indie studios are a prime target, localization teams such as XSEED is another.

Obviously, making fan-art for shit you don't give a fuck about isn't always fun, but I mean.. admit it, you fucking love it when you get notifications, you little slut.

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