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Do you think professional manga artists like Akira Toriyama and Osamu Tezuka hate modern art or do you think it's just strictly the Amawus on 4chan that do that and people like them are more intelligent?

Also is there any Manga artists that also do contemporary art? Maybe even under a different name.

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Wedding’s on Friday. My new last name is going to be Miles.

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Do you think professional manga artists like Anita Toriyama and Osamu Tezuka hate modern art or do you think it's just strictly the Amawus on 4chan that do that and people like them are more intelligent?

Also is there any Manga artists that also do contemporary art? Maybe even under a different name.

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Do you think professional manga artists like Anita Toriyama and Osamu Tezuka hate modern art or do you think it's just strictly the Amawus on 4chan that do that and people like them are more intelligent?

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>He exclusively draws on a white canvas
>He never finishes a drawing
>He only draws parts of the torso, never draws hands or feet
>He continues to draw the same emoticon faces
>He insists on drawing his Amawu style
>He actually believes he's going to make it
Gentlemen, how do we fix the Amawu problem?

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>>He exclusively draws on a white canvas
just started to not do this tonight and already I feel ten times more comfortable drawing line art

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>painter thinks he can hide his weak fundamental drawing with pretty colors

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it works well for sakimichan

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Thought on pewdiepie of art?

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>editing someone's drawings publicly

that's a megayikes from me and I automatically dislike the guy no matter what he does.

while /ic/ also does this, we get a pass here because we hide behind anonymity and our influence typically don't go beyond this board, drawing on other people's work as a way to seek attention is probably the single most obnoxious thing you can do art-wise.

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You had me until the third line, good job.

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It's cool, but if there's one thing we can agree on, he's winning, for now.

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>he point blank tells you that what you've been doing is wrong

I disagree. I think at worst, his advice is just "That stuff isn't necessary to get a job" but not that you're wrong to learn that way if you want to.

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Based Ethan triggering NGMI babies

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I need a community of artists really dedicated to their craft.

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Then work for a studio retard

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You're in one

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Go here https://discord.gg/rJz2GFG

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So my D&D group and I decided to draw all of our characters as the closest equivalent to sailor moon. This is the first time I’ve digitally altered a watercolor painting of mine so I’d like some feedback.

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>still using the old designs

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OP here, forgot to mention the character isn’t mine, but one of my group member’s characters.

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lurk 10 years before posting

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Gay as fuck. But I’d fuck her.

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I want to hug her.

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How long do you hav3 to study the fundamentals for before you get good at abstract art?

Pic not related.

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>tfw you will never be able to paint as good as Anthony Lister

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*waits for le amawus* OwO

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Stop spamming that word asshole.

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There are 32 Anime threads on this board.

The Anime threads are always bumping down all the other threads.

Why don't we have a separate board for Anime illustration?

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Not an Anime board.

Why don't you go to /a/ to talk about drawing Anime?

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It's still an anime website. Why don't you go to some other website where you would feel at home?

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>thing on left side of the pic isn't modern

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4chan is an escape from having to act like a normal person..

Why should I have to talk to refit normies to avoid people with normie level or below normie level understanding of art?

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Does it work? In case it doesn't, what's the alternative?
>inb4 Loomis
No. I don't want to draw 60's fashioned still portraits.

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God damb Can someone send me a cgp invite plzz ill do anything

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Loomis gives you the keys sure.

Roberson, Vilppu and Hampton give you THE BETTER KEYS.
Loomis isn't wrong or harmful, but he just isn't the best at anything. There's no topic on which he would be the best or the most approachable.

He explains the perspective but not very good, Roberson makes you really understand it and in much greater depth.

Loomis anatomy is kinda constructive but really fucking lame. Vilppu and Hampton do it MUCH better both more dybamic and more detailed.

Roverson rendering is fucking unmatched too

Loomis is the Shadman of art books, everybody knows him because he's a meme.

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Are lessons 3 to 7 worth doing?

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Why would drawing more ever not be worth doing? You lose nothing by trying.

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Do you pay for a Photoshop subscription?
If not, what software do you use?

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>people actually defending adobe and trying to cope for their bloatware shit

just because the prices are modified doesn't mean its any less shitty.

You're a bunch of cucks for throwing money at software you'll never get to actually own.

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I use Krita and CSP. Photoshop is still nice but there's nothing I really need from Photoshop that I can't do with cheaper or free software.

I don't pirate software much either these days because I'm worried about people slipping in hidden Bitcoin miners or ransomware.

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No, and never going to. Subscription model remove any incentive to improve software in a customer oriented way. Goys will pay for it anyway, so companies just do stupid shit like changing UI or fonts or whatever that nobody asked for.

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Cant u use virtual machines (im new to cracking)

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"I'm worried about people slipping in hidden Bitcoin miners or ransomware. "
1. go to cgp
2. download release from known group like x-force
3. there is no step three

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Who and what should I study in order to get this type of flowy loose art style?

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figure drawing(anatomy, perspective and gesture)

ticket closed.

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Definitely study Vilppu and wireframing, that's the first thing I thought of. Wireframing is a useful way to capture dynamic poses.

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Non-representational art is the visual arm of cultural marxism.

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A new meme, it makes weeb artists seeth.
Just call those retards amawus and watch them give out free (you)s

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No this is just what people say to cope with the new meme.

There is more than one person saying it.

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Quote this post and quote nine and you will see there will only be one (you)

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>Looks like a photo.
what drugs are you on? It looks like a painting, by someone who never even seen a photo.

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Looks like what people painted before the camera was invented because they couldn't rake photos.

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How do I gain good design sense? What do I need to read or watch to teach me good design

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pic related

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Find yourself a basics design guide. Look in the graphic design section of a bookstore.
pic related is basically all you need to know, but a book will go into greater detail as far as what you can do with each principle.

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This is really good. What did you use to make it?

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Those thighs look so soft... I just wanna love them.

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You learn great design by copying masters.

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Digital or Trad doesn't matter

Just share the good stuff anons

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Makes me want to do more traditional inkwork. I'm currently doing this huge digital piece that is taking years off of my life in a similar style.

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That piece is actually digital. The author goes full digital with CSP nowdays.

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Do you have a CINTIQ PRO anon, or you still draw using gook garbage?
If you are a trad chad you are excused.

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>Draw Topic: Coronavirus
Draw what you would imagine the Coronavirus would be as an environment, machine/vehicle, character, creature, concept, animal, plant/flora, chan, etc., whatever goes, as long it's Coronavirus related.

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Is this just a stealth Coronachan thread?

>> No.4377581

is it even stealth?

>> No.4377583

Yes and no. A proto "your-style, my-style" thread. But sure, would it maybe get more traction with Coronachan thread?

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Tell me /ic/ why am I such a failure. At least it's hilarious.

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you're obviously not drawing what you're seeing but what you imagine is there.
try taking your photo reference, increasing the contrast and converting it to black and white. Compare it to your drawing.
Yeah, there are lots of issues about construction and proper shapes, but just handling lines better would already improve it

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>contrast and converting it to black and white
Sound good I will try that, thank you

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Seems fine to me.

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