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I made a creepy honkler. Hope you like it.

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thanks anon! :) I also made that one a few weeks back (creepy honkler is kinda built on it). Was thinking maybe I make an alternative version of IT honkler with rainbow hair aswell.

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had to delete the original image. Usually not a filter kind of guy but in that case it really fits and I forgot to add it.

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i like that one too, your first one is nice and unique so i like it a bit more

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Thanks man, yeah I gotta say in my 12 years that I am on 4chan now.. honkler is really one of my all time favorites (already) for sure.

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why is everyone here grinding loomis and disregarding traditional methods

when almost every western 'illustrator' who 'made it' and is admired here are photobashing hacks

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>when almost every western 'illustrator' who 'made it' and is admired here are photobashing hacks
Note those I admire bro. Also I want to draw for myself.
Now go draw something instead of wasting your time

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Sweet summer child

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japanese trace and photobash just as much if not more than westerners. pic related is shinkai admitting to doing it.

weebshits BTFO

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I don't get this weird pride people get from consuming anime. I love the style, so I'm trying to do it my self. It's constructive. Am I good at it? Hell no. But at least I'm fucking trying

People like OP are just smug leeches who actively discourage the production of content

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>/ic/ have shit taste
What else is new?

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How do I learn to sell my shitty abstract paintings to money-laundering rich people for millions of dollars and eternal fame like all of my artistic heroes did?

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This is correct. I fucking hate it.

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these look cool but they’d look a lot cooler with more contrast and complimentary colors

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More anything really.

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Those paintings suck. There's still rules to abstract art. If you don't have good color, composition or texture it sucks

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At least my mom liked them.

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Let’s say a beg wanted to trace up an “oc” character from tracing alone. Would the end result be decent?


Make a pose on doll design or a picture and trace it. Find eyes, hair, cloths and accessories form multiple and different pictures. And trace them onto the pose trace... thus constructing a Frankenstein type monster of traced parts.

How good could it possibly turn out?

Can a complete noob bust out some decent stuff?

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It’s obvious when a /beg/ traces, anon. They rely on the reference too heavily and haven’t developed enough as an artist to draw well from imagination. There are no shortcuts to giting gud.

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If that’s what you’re going for, you should learn how to photobash instead of tracing. Though, things will still look artificial if you don’t have a good understanding of the fundies.

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Taking elements from other pieces like this is totally different, anon. You’re doing a lot more of the than just combining and tracing other people’s work. Even then, you’ll always be restrained by your ability as an artist, no matter how good your reverences are.

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If this was just line work you could never tell. It’s only when they start coloring, shading and rendering where you start to see it. Straight line work would be nigh impossible to tell.

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If you can't draw then tracing won't save you. I've seem people trace and still butcher a drawing. That said some artists do trace. Even some old masters traced with a camera obscura. Sometimes tracing is a handy tool.

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We had a good thing going on in the last thread >>3890222
Let's continue it.

Anyone here taking commissions?
Post your work, link to blog, and prices.

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Posting this again here since the last thread has been neglected.

So sometimes I take commission work on Upwork. I sent a proposal to a client asking for an artist for his children's book with a budget of $1500.

He eventually agrees to hire me, but hasn't told me anything about the book's story, or how the milestones will be broken down.

Most clients I've done story work for, they show me the script first before asking if I'd like to be on board. This guy just says "you're hired" without even telling me the book's story. Is this a red flag? Am I worrying too much about this?

Is it unreasonable to ask for the general idea of the project, like the book's plot, amount of pages, what each milestone consists of, etc before agreeing to take this project? Or should I just agree with what he asks and go with the flow? He brought up something about character designs, which I'm worried could be a whole different process in itself. I have no idea if he'll just want character design sketches, or full blown clean illustrations of character designs.

Thoughts? Ideas? Attached is the full convo.

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You need more information. Bug him until you get everything you need /want to know. If things aren't clear from the start, you may get into trouble down the road.

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>Be me
>Need charcoal pencils
>Usually buy the store brand 'cause the pro stuff is costly as shit
>Decide to change things up and buy some woodless charcoal pencils
>Got my mind set on store brand again
>Order two packs online
>Opt for in-store pickup
>Pick them up today
>Some based employee swapped out what I ordered with two packs of professional grade charcoal pencils
>Used coupon code, so I ended up paying half the price of one pro pack for two
Thank you, random employee.

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Is there an easy way to edit perspective? I feel like I should be able to select an area day for example the windshield of this car, treat it like a rectangle,
follow the tip and bottom all the way out to the left, and then pivot those lines around so that they actually point toward the vanishing point correctly. It should stretch the whole picture around that adjustment. Choose a few lines across the drawing that should be pointing at a vanishing point but aren't and then pivot them around so they point to the same spot. Is there anything like that? Something like the cage select is close but my brain is telling me they're is a more intuitive way to do this that I'm just not aware of.

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Hi everyone.
Ive been wondering, where do you all post art? Where is it the easiest to gain a following?
Deviantart seems to be dying off.
On twitter its hard to gai nany following/attention.
Insta is trash because of the cropping and little to no support on the desktop.
Tumblr is no good after the purge.
+ a snek i drew for attention.

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Pixiv is pretty good if you draw anime. Search results are sorted chronologically (unless you pay money), so if you're good your image will easily stand out amongst the multitude of shit that gets posted there. Only issue is you gotta translate your tags into Japanese, but that's not a huge deal cause of online dictionaries (plus Pixiv is constantly increasing support for other languages). Plus it's ok to post NSFW stuff there.

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Is it okay to use if you dont know japanese?

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Yeah, it's fine if you don't know Japanese. All the UIs and stuff are in English so there's no problem there; it's just that it might hurt your visibility in the search engine a little if you use English tags. Over the past year or so they've made a huge effort to translate popular Japanese tags into English, but unfortunately it doesn't work for EN->JP.

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You can type your tag in English in search bar, see what it's like in Japanese and copy it.

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Use newgrounds. Pixiv is for foolish weaboos

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So what exactly did the main artist create if all his assistants in his studio are putting together the artwork?

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It's interesting how artists like Murakami, KAWS, Jeff Koons, Simone Legno, etc, are not just artists, but brand names.

Is that they key to being a successful artist? Having a style that is unique enough that it becomes a recognizable brand?

It's pretty neat to produce artwork that can be manufactured as vinyl toys, plushies, and fashion products.

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>So what exactly did the main artist create if all his assistants in his studio are putting together the artwork?

The brand.

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I wonder how much art assistants make working for a big name artist like Murakami or Koons?

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Not too bad but pretty eh. You can afford to live in NYC/Tokyo on it. I don't remember what my old art teacher who was in the scene quoted me but that was back in the 80s/90s. They're well paid for what they're doing, probably as much as a mediocre graphic designer. It's craftwork so the pay isn't really all that impressive but is better than a lot of artists make on their own.

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Peanuts. At least in the theater/opera industry.

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reference/resource thread

ill start


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>Why yes I'm a male model, why do you ask?

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Girlfriend made it, wants to know how is it.

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Is your girlfriend single?

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go fuck yourself normie

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she isn't drinking enough water

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Fuck off

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Holy fucking based

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Someone posted the picture a few months ago, I've been looking through the archives but can't seem to find it. This is what I remember:
>has a watercolor feel to it
>light value contrasts, kinda dreamlike
>warm orange vs cool blues in the majority of his/her work

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Something Like this?

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Yes, also the values look like this one's

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I'm browsing through the boorus trying to find it. Looks kinda like pic related

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Okay, I finally found the artist after looking through the archives again. Her name is Mizu Sahara

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drew some kinda thing without using any lines n i dont do lineless a lot so im not super confident but hey give me ur honest opinion

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¿can you post it without chromatic aberration?. Also, it's the kind of piece that gets made by the title; got one?

>> No.3904665

sorry, theres no way i can take tht off :( i havent really thought of a title. maybe fishbox or smth dumb idk

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Nice fish but why make a new thread instead of posting it in the art thread, also why do you type like a teenager?

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sense of aesthetic is pretty much important aside from proper perspective and sense of anatomy innit? I see plenty of twitter whores who have sense of perspective and anatomy yet their art looks unpleasantly autistic. Can we conclude thus that good artists are in fact opposite of autism?

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Don't know about autism, but the sense of aesthetic/beauty/harmony, good taste or whatever you want to call "it" is pretty much what separates a good artist and a bad artist, because you can't improve/train "it", only feed "it" more points of reference.

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>unpleasantly autistic
Post samples I need to see

>> No.3904707

I forgot people are so autistic nowadays we have to separate good artists from bad artists based on how anatomically/perspectively correct something is drawn, which is very sad. Thanks for correcting me, guess I've been browsing "professional" amateur artists too much. *unfollows every single of these autists*

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>Can we conclude thus that good artists are in fact opposite of autism?
Nah. They're aspies.

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soulless edition.

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never used them, but I have a screen tablet.

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Ink, Watercolor/gouache, colored pencils.
Ink wash for some of his piece. I know he digitally retouched some of his later works too.

>> No.3905127

Yes, from what I tried it's high quality paint and feel really nice to draw with but it's expensive as fuck and comes in tiny pots.
I think the main draw of these is that they'll adhere to most surfaces, but there's better, cheaper alternatives for most paintings.

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Thanks man! Looks like I need to invest in more art supplies if I'm gonna emulate that look

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Please, don't tell me that's halo current art style

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>so why do so many anons here pretend like being an artist is a huge turn off for getting a gf/bf or being popular in general

is it because of muh competition?

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my dream is to live in a world where everybody knows to draw, so if I marry a girl which doesnt know how to draw she atleast has to be down to learn

>> No.3904581

He sounds like a beta
He should be proud of you and work really hard to keep up with you instead of moping

>> No.3904635

real life isn't anime

>> No.3904672

hm.. it is a bit shitty, him being jelly I mean. Not gonna say "he should be proud" and stuff like that, that's up to everyone to decide for themselves how they deal with their feelings... but maybe he just worked longer there and casually expected a promotion.

All in all I think he should show some face and acknowledge your dedication and try to be happy for you.

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Spoken like a true inexperienced underagefag

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Do you use a manikin?

What purpose do they serve?

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>$100 used is the cheapest price I can find
yikes, I got my little art manikin for less than $10

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Yeah, it's expensive as fuck, but that's just the fig the Watts Atelier recommends.
Any Spiderman figure works as long as it is posable.

It's best to just grab a cheap one from your local store.
But you got those $10 cheated out of your wallet, man.

>> No.3905021

>accurate musculature

>> No.3905035

virtually worthless for poses, but can be at least semi useful for drapery

>> No.3905082

Accurate as in "simplifies and defines the muscle groups in an accurate way". It actually follows the same forms as the Loomis manikin in his figure drawing book, that's why it's recommended at the Watts Atelier.
Of course you ain't gonna find a 100% anatomically correct figure, you dummy.

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Ok /ic/ how do I draw like this guy ?

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You look at his drawing then copy it.
How is this even a fucking question.

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Nice taste anon. First I think you should go through Loomis/Hampton/Vilppu- whatever you like most to get construction and anatomy if you haven't already, it's all in the artbook thread, "beginners essential" section. Then draw a lot, applying that knowledge. Be thorough when going through whatever book I mentionned but no need to keep your head in those forever- that'd be boring, wouldn't it?
Once you feel you grasp anatomy/construction a bit, try making finished pieces along with studies of that artist's work. Do studies to try replicate how he does armor, colors, textures, proportions, all that. Anatomical studies too- if you can't draw a hand, draw 100 hands on the side from real ref or photo to get a better idea of how to make hands.
Drawing from imagination is a nobrainer too.

Basically draw a lot with a healthy ton of studies of anatomy and the artist work's on the side :^)

I'd strongly suggest you give "Color and Light" by James Gurney a good read aswell before trying your hand at color studies.

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Nice taste for a wojack poster
reminds me of SMT and some stuff from Lord of Trash

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What the fuck OP I thought I was the only one here that knew about this guy's stuff, now I have to kill you

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