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What are some ways to use tablets (cintiq or otherwise) that won't hurt the back or neck? Or just comfy drawing positions in general

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Try using it with your hands

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i wanna know too

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That image is fucking uncanny

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what the hell is a loomis?

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Author who wrote a few popular books for learning how to draw. They are generally considered good.

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A God

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>no ligameme

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Is Jimmy officially on suicide watch?

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Just upvoted - I'm doing my part.

Same shit happened with his shitty Elom Musk painting. His absolutely flopped while someone else's better version of the same thing got all the attention. Get fucked, Jimmy.

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>ear is goofed
You can’t even critique well.

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how does this get so many upvotes on plebbit lol
that "art" sub is such a shithole

also hide thread

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Photocopiers literally can't tell when to remove or add elements, because they don't know how to and can only strictly copy photos. How fucking sad is that?

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Yes. Having a large internet fan base and the ability to make a living off your work is incredibly sad. Retard. Keep coping.

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> share an example of art whose level and style you are pursuing

or rather, share an example of the type of art that you believe will lead you to making it if you continue to pursue it

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Anime, but like... realistic

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maybe bill stoneham

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>I don't see the point in making art anymore

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So ask yourself why you started in the first place faggot.

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My argument: If you've NEVER experimented with substance misuse you're not going to make it. You're limiting your education into how the mind functions and perception works, and you're handicapping your ability to challenge and evolve your art style and aesthetic approach. Being teetotal and/or sober doesn't make you special, it makes you a teenager.

Your argument:

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I'm not really convinced that drugs open up creativity in a meaningful way.
There's a reason why psychedelic art is easily identifiable and basically its own genre. Everyone who does a drug to find new aesthetics winds up drawing the same one -- the genre of psychedelic art has about as much variety as hentai -- and is convinced that they're creative because of it. It's not an inherently interesting aesthetic but they find it interesting because of their experiences. I respect that people find it interesting, but I don't think it's on a higher plane than any other kind of creative direction.
I like porn better.

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lmao you are a texbook example of a druggie that thinks he is an artist, but makes uncreative shit that only makes sense to himself because he's on drugs. I hope people see this thread as an unintentional warning. Frank Zappa never drank or did drugs, wish he was here to listen to your bullshit.

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You hit the nail on the head. Frank Zappa would slap the shit out of a retard like OP.

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i was being sarcastic, you're the pussy for doing drugs and thinking it makes you tough. I'm stronger willed and better than you because I'm sober. What do you think about that?

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drug abusers will call you a pussy for not abusing drugs like them, then turn around and ask for your pity for their horrible addictions. Don't bother, they aren't worth any of our attention either way.

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Pixel art for potential raceplay game.

Don't be gentle, anons. :^(

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looks good mate

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>thought it was tyrone
>is actually pixelated tyrone
>i posted pixel art negress

this fucking legend

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How raceplay are we talking about here?
“I like to be called mean words in bed” raceplay or the good kind?

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The right eye is placed too hig, and it looks like the pupils might be pointing in the wrong directions a bit. I don't think you handled the nostrils very gracefully, the dark black is a bit jarring. Consider looking up pixel art tutorials where they explain antialiasing to see how to add some subtlety.
Remove the darkest shade of brown (the one you see lining the ear area) or make it lighter. Right now, it blends in with the black.
I think the nes-esque simplistic style you chose will be to your benefit.
Next time post this sort of thing in the drawthread please.

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ANy good books anon?

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Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.
Great read.

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Help me subcribe my youtube channel
share to your friends and ask them subcribe too

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Help I need some ideas of this to draw that look like they took a lot of effort but actually didnt

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help i need what draw i do this look like actual didn't!

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are you okay OP? you're typing like you had a stroke.

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it is now

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Great! I hope dolls count as reference.

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oh shit, I didn't notice that was a doll at first

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/ic/ post a recent work of yours and we rate/crit..
Bonus (((yous))) if we can point out your influences...

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Newfag in digital art here, graphic tablets are super achievable now online, but the ones with screens and with a built-in computer are still expensive. My budget is around 500 bucks, should i go with screen tabs or are normal ones without screens good enough?

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Is Huion really that weak? There esome famous artists who recommend them for beginners. Any experience with Huion? Also how is the learning curve in digital art?

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Is Huion really that weak? There are some famous artists who recommend them for beginners. Any experience with Huion? Also how is the learning curve in digital art?

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My Huion experiences constant jittering no matter how stable my hand is when drawing. The cable is garbage, and isn't secure in the port on the tablet. My first pen died after 4 months of usage. etc.

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It's my first apple device. But basically for me I can upload my stuff to dropbox or use icloud. I don't bother with trying to do direct transfers but I'm sure it's possible.
Perhaps I got Stockholm syndrome but I was so in love with my intuos and everything that comes with it (sitting in a proper position, not having your hand block your view, etc) that it actually took me quite a while to get used to drawing on the screen. And honestly I don't know if I got any benefit from it besides the portability and other perks. So I don't think getting a screen is absolutely mandatory.

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I've had an UGEE HK1560 for a few years now, no issues whatsoever. But I agree, it's always a bit of a gamble.

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My first post to this site, I hope this works.

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I quite like that. Conveys a certain melancholy though my eyes. I don't believe that you traced it. Tracing is okay though, I do it all the time. There are art works made with the cheapest colors and paper dived from dumpsters that were traced that now sell for 1000000$.... I hope you ad some color to your drawing at some point. I feel like it could evolve into a masterpiece of sorts. Oh, and by the why I'm curious about the original dimensions.

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Fucking kill yourself piece of burnable trash, you are worthless than a used toothpick, go show your shitty traced """"art"""" to your hopefully dead mother and don't ever come back

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Nothing I have uploaded on to here is traced. That was not the thred theme that I was going for. I could do a traced themed thred some other time though.... Hell, If Andy Warhol can do it, so can I.

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sorry i dont have one

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Guys kill me pls I got commissions which I agreed on and overcharged but don't have the skill to complete, fuck
This is an old client, I don't even know why he wants me to be his artist, but last project went for months and was for stupid sketches and ugly illustration.
It's basically fantasy, not a kink, nor a fetish.
Am I retarded? Is he stupid? He claims he likes my drawings and style that's why he's commissioning me.

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Yes you are retarded and he is also stupid.

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sauce pls

Image search gives blog posts

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned how they're sad, lonely, and horny yet.

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>who are the ranchy girls who snap these kind of pics and put them on the internet?

they look like the typical /ic and /r9k girl

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Do you guys know any contemporary "goth" artists? Preferably japs.
Inb4: Kojima Ayami, Takato Yamamoto and Amano Yoshitaka

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>Preferably japs.
Based weeb retard.
Most of the "goth" artists I know is a fucking slavs because most of them live in a hellholes. Just go to artstation and select something dark and creepy, I guarantee you it's gonna be russian or some slav. Artem Demura, Stepan Alekseev, Yuri Hill, Sidwill, the list goes on, it's in slav DNA to be depressed.
t. russian

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Not OP but thanks for these suggestion!

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Want to recolor my drawings digitally, is it possible to get the job done properly with a mouse or should i invest into a drawing tab?

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if you can afford to get a tablet then just get one to save time. mouse is slower.

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>paint with a mouse
you can but its gonna hurt your wrist
but if you just want flat colors you can use the pen tool and selection lasso tool in phototshop

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Selling characters message me if interested i also do customs example added want one message me on Kik drippingwithsin.

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Nice trace of a popular avatar creator lmao. GL selling stolen art.

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how the fuck do you retards draw half a face and mirror it, the process is below even /beg/ tier

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Heya! I created two new characters and I was wanting some input on them. I know the girl on the left's arms are scrappy, ill be going into detail on her prosthetic arm soon (i dont have a solid idea of how ill go about it) and i am currently making a tatto design for her other arm. Besides those two features, what else can I improve on? What do you like? Please do tell.

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looks good

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Kind of gives me 'tumblr' vibes with the way the faces are drawn.

>> No.3719242

Stop drawing in tumblrina style

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looks good, I really like them; but I'd look the proportions. the first thing I noticed is that the arms are really short, especially the upper arm. I redlined one for you to see.

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forgot to resize, my bad

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>be me, 23 year old uni cuck
>at a decent level, above /beg/ and probably 98% of the fags on this board for sure
>decide to make a twitter and start branching out
>every fucking artist on there is some s*y chugging mediocre sjw jew liberal whos tweets consist of 95% drumpf bad and 5% artwork
>okay, I’ll try out twitch
>go to twitch art section
>the most popular streamer (with only 90 viewers) is a pink haired literal 400 pound whale who makes disgusting eating noises into the mic
>close twitch
>instagram is dead
>deviantart is deviantart
>tumblr just died with the nsfw content thing

Literally what the fuck? I shouldn’t have to resort to this shithole for normal people. Is there any any uncucked community? I swear, if Kim jung gi was American and not Korean he would probably be crucified by the “art community”. Am I going to have to learn Japanese or mandarin or some shit so I can go to their art communities? Did I just see the wrong people, can anyone recommend any good ones?

How the fuck do you retards cope with this retarded community?

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can i ask whatever happened to DA ? several years ago it was the dream platform to me. lots of creative/amazing works with all kind of styles and artist.. all inspired me to make art. now its filled with weird fan art and ponies and vore and inflation ( whatever the fuck that is) literally on the front page. how any of thosee can possibly benefit them as an art community ?

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trump sucks btw :)

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>>instagram is dead
faggot what
My previous picture literally got 3000 fucking likes you absolute degenerate
>twitter sjws
you dont have to post SJWs if you came here to post art and gain patreon followers you faggot

You clearly suck at being artist. Glad you out of our community.

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Lmao this faggot is STILL mad about getting btfo over a month ago. Pyw crab

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>insult people, be a dick
>use 4chan buzzwords
>where can i go where there are people like me?
This is the best you'll get, anon.

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what should I do next?

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throw it away and start again

>> No.3719030

find the nearest trash bin

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kill yourself

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Came here to post that.

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Came here to say this.

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