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STOP MAKING THESE THREADS. all of you niggers shut the fuck up. the whole debate is pointless because you can make excellent living with 1/2 the skills of any of the images in the op drawing anime and especially hentai. people putting the cart before the horse thinking they need to reach some elder god level before they can make it and none of you are even qualified to debate whether a givin western artist is good enough as a jap artist etc. you're all /beg/ scum and I KNOW IT FOR A FACT YOU SHITS DONT EVEN REPLY WITH ANY RETORT. you're all fucking /beg/ niggers shitting up then entire board and i hope hiromoot personally bans you by raping you and your entire family. crash your cars and die. JUST FUCKING STOP MAKING THESE WEST VS EAST THREADS YOU MONGS

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listen i appreciate your help but what you linked me is like linking a video of freddie mercury on stage in front of 100,000 people if i had asked you how to learn to sing
i just want a no bullshit explanation by a japanese artist of how they learned to draw. is this the rarest element in the universe or something? there's no obvious resource

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