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Mind break + rape tags are based on real life Stockholm syndrome, just be a clever criminal.

Also, love doesn’t exist, grow up kid, you need to be 18 to use this website

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I think there’s a fair few. I’d probably have a pretty easy time getting them into bed desu, not only am I good, but like >>4799536
said they’re probably even sluttier than the average member of the lesser gender. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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She’d be good for a rap-HATE fuck, honestly

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More common than you’d expect, it’s why negative IQ tyrones get laid so often

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Yeah, I feel like this video was a good wake
up call along with an anon here, and funnily enough, that recent Ethan Becker video where he has Sinix on. I decided to take a more lax approach and just start drawing more freely. I found that I could recall a good amount of information from all the figure drawing I’ve done and pull off stuff without ref, or at least instinctively know how to redline it. I’m definitely gonna be doing things in this more “playful” way, why make art if it’s gonna bore you to tears.

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