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Why do some people stop and stare at my work when I'm drawing in public? They look at it with such a disgusted/horrified look on their face.

Like, asshole, I get that I'm not that good but why the fuck would you stop and stare at someone's sketchbook drawings with such a terrified, disgusted look on your face? You might as well come up to me and tell me my art sucks, you piece of shit.

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>Do people think Van Gogh was some kind of inept retard who just couldn't hack the realism his contemporaries painted with?
>Do they not realize his painting is more about exaggerated expression and intensity than about depiction.
>Are Asians so insectoid brained in their approach to creativity that they cannot embrace a form of art that's more sophisticated than a photograph.

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>he is against frogposting
Bro, you posted cringe

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>i've never been on this thread before
is the creator of it

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is dick suppose to go in that pinky thingy? disgusting

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