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Never been on this thread before (if this doesn't belong on /ic/ I'd love to know where it does).
Anyone with tattoos, I'm curious what advice you have for someone (hint: me) who doesn't have any tattoos yet. Also any recommendations of what to and what not to get.
>atm I'm leaning towards getting picrelated.jpg because of how much I loved Welcome to the NHK and how it honestly forced me to look at myself and change my life for the better. (although I might just get the puzzle piece without the girl or logo).
>(Other things I'd lean my possible design towards: A Clockwork Orange, Breaking Bad, The Godfather, Fargo (show not movie), Death From Above 1979, or maybe Bulby from QOTSA's Era Vulgaris)
>Or maybe you'd recommend that I should just start with something really basic like a yin yang or some shit...

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You should just get the puzzle piece without the girl

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alternative tattoo idea

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>i've never been on this thread before
is the creator of it

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reconsider your life choices

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>what not to get

That's my advice.

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I think he meant board, not thread.

To address your question OP, big no-nos include tribal and coyfish tattoos. I personally wouldn't get anything out of a tattoo store "catalog", unless it's the tattoo artist's original work.

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