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Any FireAlpaca users here?

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Just use krita or at least medibang.

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i use firealpaca because it seems to be the easiest one to learn

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Medibang is literally the same thing, but with cloud saving.

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Use Krita if you want to use an art program "closer" to photoshop. Use medibang if you want an art program "closer" to Sai. I personally use Krita most of the time and just use Medibang for it's text/comic tools. Clip Studio Paint is probably the best of both worlds.

My two favorite Medibang artists are clockbirds (pic related) and jyundee. They both have a lot of good Medibang tutorials on their youtube channel. Though I think you can apply the stuff in their tutorials in any art program.



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why there is more speedpaint in medibang than in firealpaca?

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wtf happened with krita

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>imagine hanging around shit tier art channels

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Use Krita boys.

The others are cut down cucked versions of some pretty simple programs.

Krita is a competitive powerful and convenient editor that can do everything.
It has all the creative and editing tools an illustrator could dream of and you don't need to hop between CSP and Photoshop.
You start, make, and finish ot all in one program.

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>but you need sai for linework

No you don't.
Krita does lines too.

I could do this even in fuckig photoshop with a hard round brush, but in krita it doesn't feel like pulling teeth.

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Forgot the picture.

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And lastly Krita is not some kind of pipe dream like mainstream Linux desktop that's totally gonna be good but only if everybody supports it.

It's already good and gets better at a blistering pace, the project is more than a promise of cool stuff eventually, its a real working good program that only keeps getting better.

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Best leave her now or you too will draw Adventure Time limbs.

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That on'es actually cute
based rei fren

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god youtube artists are so fucking cringe

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Dear lord, lavendertowne is too old to still be in the adventure time wannabe phase

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I use it because i got used to it and i doubt that any other software will suddenly make my art better.
The only thing that quite actually bothers me is that i can't get the brushes to behave like i want them to do.
I've tried Krita and csp and their brushes option is way superior but FA already stutters on my pc when i try to go over 4kx4k pixels. The other 2 would start freezing.
I think i still need to hold this situation out with my current setup until i actually can make a buck from art.

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>not including Pixia in the test

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That's even more obscure

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You can do lines in ms Paint if youre good enough. Fact is, While Krita has some good brushes, its leagues behind Sai in stabilizers, selection accuracy and smoothness. And those strengths are inherent to how lightweight Sai is, something Krita will never be able to obtain.

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I really can't take Sai seriously.

Last time i checked it was a primitive paint with poor selection of tools, no features whatsoever and terrible performance.

One thing it has going for itself is a pretty streamlined interface and uninterrupted workflow. It must have been cool when the only other options were the PS and GIMP clusterfucks.
Now I just don't see the appeal.

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Well Im in a somewhat frustrating position right now because Ive been spoiled by how intuitive and smooth Sai and Sai 2 are. I really would like to do all my work on one piece of software but Krita and Sai both cannot make up for each others weaknesses, and its leaving me having to interrupt my workflow constantly.

While Sai can certainly be used for painting given enough time and attention (see pic related, one of my old pics), Krita simply has PS level brushes. However while having great brushes, the selection tools are clunky, slow and inaccurate which makes doing lined cartoon work really annoying.

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In the past I dumped CSP for Photoshop to avoid hopping back and forth between two programs and that's PS abysmal workflow we're talking about and all it's clunkiness.

I think "smoothness" is a small price to pay for doing everything in one program without ever jumping.

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At the start I really hated krita. It has some annoying quirks. But I prefer it now over photoshop at least.

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It would go even faster if the devs would stop saying "it's (whatever reason) fault. Krita works fine."

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I wouldn't be surprised if that was true though.

FOSS is a patchwork of projects of thousands pimply obese autists who are only truing to trip each other.

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>muh stabilizer
Git gut.

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I am convinced using more than the minimal stabilizer to smooth out tiny jitter is a harmful crutch.

It's like never taking off the training wheels.

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what is csp supposed to be.

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>not being a Grigor with a paint tool sai licence you bought 7 years ago and not having your purchase information saved so you can generate new .SLC files to activate new installs on new machines easily

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It's "SUPPOSED" to be the perfect dream software with beautiful workflow of Sai, powerful features of Photoshop and rich toolset of Painter.

What it actually is is a mediocre editor kneecapped by atrocious performance and not actually advanced editing features, supposedly because the coders behind the project suck.

Compared to Krita it
>Has a sexier interface
>Has poor perfotmance
>Has less editing features such as liquify, color balancing tools and the entire G'mick library
>lacks PS-styled blending modes (the shit that allows you to blend a layer just with the dark, the bright or the red parts of the previous layers)
>has useless gimmicks such as a shitty AI coloring and piss poor and cumpersome design doll that runs at like 1fps on a monster PC

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This is why I don't use CSP

This transform performance and screen tearing are fucking terrible.

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Yeah, bloatware

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Krita’s developers basically give you the middle finger if you are on Mac. The program is outright unusable there. And they are smug as fuck.

They lack 3d models

CSP all the way

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Krita for comparassing.

And they say Krita was slow.

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>And they are smug as fuck.
That probably has something to do with Apple saying fuck opengl we support Metal now and if you're not metal - fuck you

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Meanwhile Krita can't handle simple ovals at all. Look how squareish they are.

CSP doesn't have this issue.

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You're doing it wrong

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No. Krita is doing it wrong.

CSP manages lines perfectly. Krtia can't even handle curves.

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It does on my machine.
You either disabled the stabilizer entirely or your tablet drivers are fucked.

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Nope. It works perfectly on CSP. It is a problem with Krita.

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Meh, must be macos bullshit then.

Picrelated - Krita with stabilizer completely disengaged, no stab whatsoever.

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Pretty much. For mac users, Krita isn't an option.The square curving is dam unacceptable.

CSP does multiplataform better. Hands down.

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>Has a sexier interface

I actually like Krita's interface more. CSP's feels more "bubbly" compared to krita, at least the way the icons and buttons are designed.

Two things I would like for Krita to implement from CSP is

>Layer blend mode names visible on the layers without having the click on it
>Simplified stablizer options. Krita has all these options for it's stabilizer when it still isn't as easy to use as the "incremental" one CSP/Sai/Medibang uses. I wish some Japanese developer would volunteer adding a stabilizer mode similar to the one used in these programs.
>Better present manager. Krita's brush present and resource manager needs a rewrite so badly. It always has random bugs like tags duplicating when you add a new brush to a tag, brushes randomly not appearing in the tag, etc. It needs to be some mix between Photoshop and CSP's one.


I don't understand why some people say it's faster than krita. Testing them both on my Windows install them performed around the same. Some similar brushes actually felt a little faster in Krita because it supports multithreaded brushes.

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>I don't understand why some people say it's faster than krita.

From what I know the more advanced editors run better on powerful pc's due to 16 cores powerhouse GPUs and so on, the simplier editors actually work better on weak and low end hardware but shit the bed when you try and paint the sky with 2000px brush

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>no liquify

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Of course you won't notice because you're drawing too slow. It happens to me on two different Windows computers with two different tablets (Intuos Comoc, Cintiq 16).

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I'm a heavy user of alpaca. It's light and never freezes.

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I'm a heavy user of alpaca. It's light and never freezes.

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post reference.

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Change your tablet API.

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Krita is super laggy if you work with more than 1 layer and my pc is not that bad.

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how? I have deco 03
>not that anon

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How the fuck did you even draw that in Sai? Almost all of the brushes meant for painting in that program feel like garbage but I don't wanna be a custom brushes hoe. Also I feel like I recognize you from that skull painting thread.

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she's a long girl

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I like krita but sometimes is useless because so sluggish it gets.

here's sai in my toaster.

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nice pasted on flat anime head on top of an otherwise kinda ok piece

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Im afraid I did use a custom brush for that. I opened the bmp folder and made a basic knife tool. I mixed and played around with different textures on it and went from there. In the meantime Ive moved on to Krita for painting and honestly now when I look back on my old work I too wonder how the hell I managed it with such primitive tools

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Krita user here.

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Mypaint has the best drawing experience out of anything I've tried, but it's unusable because of the bugs and the shitty interface.
The person who designed the default keybindings and the interface needs to have his testicles ripped off.

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When I'm drawing anime the anime head is ok but the othervice ok part is the problem.

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>needing special software to do linework
>not just freehanding it

If you want the software to assist you to the point where your own physical input doesn't even matter, use a vector art program, retards.

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This, SAI and SAI 2 lack a lot of bells and whistles but the actual drawing is so damn comfortable and said comfort is unmatched. I'm so stubborn about drawing in anything else that I use it to animate even if the process of putting frames together and playing them in other programs is more tedious than just simply animating in Flash or something with an actual timeline, CPS's timeline is a clusterfuck anyway

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Mypaint always had one of my favorite interfaces to me. It always seemed very sleek for an open source program. It seems like the developers based the interface off sketchbook pro.

My biggest problems with MyPaint is the lack of transformation and selection tools. If the developers decided to include those things MyPaint can possibly become a nice alternative to Paint Tool Sai IMO. You can also use GIMP if you want to use MyPaint's brush engine but want have transformation/selection tools + filters. But then you have to deal with gimp.

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I dunno.
When I click right mouse, I expect to see a menu for my current tool. Not the top menu that's already on the screen. When I press "b", I expect to switch to the brush tool. Not the brush panel, which is normally what the right button is for.
Why the fuck is color picker on "R"? And that infinite canvas thing is very annoying. The dimensions of the drawing is the very first compositional element that you must establish, not something you decide on later. And GTK is a fucking mess on Windows.

The brush engine is amazing, though. It's probably the only program I've used where a flat brush doesn't flare when you change direction.

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>infinite canvas
You can create a frame with shift+ctrl+right click

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>When I click right mouse, I expect to see a menu for my current tool.

Personally I like to always keep a docker open to change the settings for the brush I'm currently using.

>When I press "b", I expect to switch to the brush tool. Not the brush panel, which is normally what the right button is for.
Why the fuck is color picker on "R"? And that infinite canvas thing is very annoying.

You can easily change the key combinations to whatever you want in the preferences menu

>The brush engine is amazing, though.

Like I said before if you want to use a program that has MyPaint's brush engine but has more advanced options than my paint you can try GIMP.

>It's probably the only program I've used where a flat brush doesn't flare when you change direction.

I was always impressed with the default brushes that come with mypaint. It's brush engine is not as advanced as krita/photoshop's but it's still great for painting. It's brush engine reminds me a lot of Sai's. The "wet/blendy" brushes blend nicer compared to krita's wet brushes. I feel Krita's smudge brush engine is better for smudge or blur effects than blending.

Also in MyPaint you can set a key combination to make the canvas switch between greyscale or color (It's in display filters.).

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I just cant get the paint tool sai feel in csp and krita and even PS
The stability and blending feels so natural and fluid, its comfy to sketch and paint with
Why is it like that? Is it because its a lightweight app or dose it use the driver/tablet to its full power?
"Sorry for my english"

>> No.3991524

I remember from what another anon said, that in Japan people wont throw away electronics unless they are actually non functional so many people still have very old computers. Sai was designed to run on these machines fluently

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This artist has so many subscribers (and a nice voice) but their art really is SO bad

>> No.3993865

I'll have to try medibang, sounds nice, tried krita numerous times but the performance is patchy and or sluggish and the devs seem to have turned away from making sensible features to implementing intels bloat after they got bought.

>> No.3994417

Actually medibang is owned by a FX trading company whose CEO is an otaku. They are rich af and the money is no object. https://internet.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/interview/716190.html

>> No.3994431

Krita wasn't bought. It's open source.

>> No.3994434

someone fix the head

>> No.3994479

Sorry meant "since intel made an influential 'contribution' to bloat the software and leech development time from fixing and implementing valuable features".

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Disabe the HDR feature and it's gonna work faster than ever.

Dunno about you but for me it worked terribly after 4.2, i though it's broken, but turns out it's the HDR feature slowing it down/

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>Krita is super laggy if you work with more than 1 layer and my pc is not that bad.
That's not normal, try disbling the HDR feature first and maybe doing something else about the settings

Krita is pretty shappy for me

>> No.3995114

How do you deactivate it? There isnt any box to tick next to it in the display settings tab

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You draw with your brain, not with your hand.

If I could use vectors at the same speed I draw, of course I would, retard.

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My SAI 2 stopped launching, I don't know why.
I THINK it started after I installed ZBrush, but uninstalling it does nothing.

Now I have to switch to another user in order to use SAI, and it's driving me crazy. I used it for quick edits, screenshot taking and all that basic stuff too, sometimes just Paint won't do and PS is overkill.

>> No.3995198

>You draw with your brain, not with your hand.
Absolutely NGMI.

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Lol cool shitware bro
I remember Sai 1 could corrupt your work pretty often too.

>> No.3995357

what about:

- a restore system point?
- delete the systemax folder in you documents settings.
- start using the other user completely.
- run sai2 in sandbox
- check if there's some application messing with it.

>> No.3995363

that happened to me like 1 time since 2012
I'll call this bullshit.

but bought sai2 for it's recovery system.
not because sai fails, because I doesn't have a proper auto save function.

some day I was fucking pissed off after a couple or blackouts.
and I still don't buy an UPS.

>> No.3995367

>- a restore system point?
I deactivate them cause they take too much space, first time I (theoretically) need one in 5 years.
>- delete the systemax folder in you documents settings.
Not an appdata issue, I copied it to the other user and it's working fine.
>- start using the other user completely.
I have hours upon hours of customization done to this user, using the other one consumes my life force.
>- run sai2 in sandbox
Resource heavy, might as well stick to Ph*toshop.
>- check if there's some application messing with it.
Reinstalled all Microsoft Redistributables, but no cigar so far. Will go on another googlehunt soon when the desire to kill myself increases an extra notch.

What's more, it's not an installable version, it's the almost-portable pirate one you can find on CGP, so I have no idea how an external software could mess with it.

>> No.3995420

then no idea dude. I know sai2 is almost portable.
but even with sai1 I've never had a problem with it.

something interesting that happens to me is that if I play to much
moving or connecting monitors, sai start in another monitor I never use.
so I can't see it unless I turn on that other monitor.

but besides from that I've only seen sai to fail when is pirate.
or it just complain about validation.

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