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Is Kyle the best 4chan artist ever?

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>can't draw from imagination

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Doesn’t he trace pretty much everything?

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who cares about that

>> No.4240111

everyone who got tired or boring lifeless pin ups

>> No.4240112

Wait, people do pinups from ref? My goal is doing pinups from imagination, have I shot myself in the knees for no reason?

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Nope, unironically bbcchan is.

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kyle drawing fingers like

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>'nother renderdrone
*yawns obnoxiously*

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Shut the fuck up Kyle. Nobody likes you.

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Kyle who???

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>normal people like this pointless, soulless piece of garbage.
>realistic nezuko nude looking at you.
Good lord what is wrong with people !?

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Nice try kyle

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Yes. If you're gonna sell out and do soulless shit then just go all out.

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Literally who

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I don't think pinup is soulless shit, but after being here so long, using ref feels like cheating/stealing to me.

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His faces tend to be kinda dopey looking because of the mix of eastern and western influences. Also something bothers me about his body rendering. The texture makes it look like it would feel weird to touch or something, not quite sure how to put it. Also this >>4240126

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If we go way back, I think catbib is probably one the best artist that has some association with /ic/. Tehmeh is up there as well.
Kyle is definitely up there however when it comes to the greats of /ic/, even though he gets crabbed on a lot.

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It's because he traces.

>> No.4240242

No he doesnt

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>Kyle is definitely up there however when it comes to the greats of /ic/, even though he gets crabbed on a lot.
Shut the fuck up Kyle, don't you dare imply that you're even close to the level of the greats from /ic/. At least they can draw a person without reference whereas you still trace after years of drawing. Maybe when you lose the crutch you can be a great some day. But not now, and probably not ever.

There's a reason you get crabbed on and it's you pulling annoying bullshit like this. Nobody likes you. Nobody wants you here. Stop pretending to be other people. Fuck off.

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for me, it's BBC-Chan

>> No.4240246

Yes he does. Anyone got the proof of Kyle tracing from a while back handy? I'm going to have to dig around to find that shit.

If nobody posts it that's fine I'll fucking find it.

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-mplain how soulless Kyles work is. I can't coom unless I feel deep emotional connection with the piece

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Yep, I actually think he’s the best here.

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Why do you care?

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Does anyone have a Vivian James sketch Kyle posted in the pornthread ages ago? Not the one with her self sucking on a chair, it was a different one I don't remember exactly.

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>trace body
>put it in a random paintover room
>it's literally floating and doesn't even blend in with the environment on top of perspective not making sense

>obnoxiously pushing the nsfw meme for random unrelated anime characters
yikes my dude

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He makes bloopers from time to time but he's definitely the nicest. I don't remember anyone here more willing to help others since the days of teal

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>greats from /ic/.
There are no 'greats from /ic/', there's people that are relatively okay, in the grand scheme of things, and at point in time have posted on /ic; Kyle is one of them. Literally name 10 different people that have posted on /ic/ with some regularity and are better than Kyle.
Also, what's with this autistic meme where people pretend Kyle is always samefagging? He doesn't even post here anymore lmao, let alone monitor crab threads so he can defend himself.

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Teal is a national treasure. I'm still pissed with /ic/ for abusing him so much that he left. The knowledge we could have gained...

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based coooooomplainer

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>stop coomplaining
>just coom
>and shill
>she's a female and she's naked! is that not enough!!!1

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One trick ponies dont count

>> No.4240473

Yes because its so hard to play the role of an anon. Lol shut the fuck up.

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doodlez was, but he is gone from the face of internet

>> No.4240476

Nothing of value was lost with his garbage redlines.

>> No.4240494

still better than you :^)

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Ultimate kek

>> No.4240519

that motherfucker posted here? is him the guy who drew that skelly dante?

>> No.4240522

Day of the rope for pornfags when?

>> No.4240526

Being a pornfag is its own punishment, trust me

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fucking kek

>> No.4240679

So lifeless it hurts.

>> No.4240721

Does he ever do feet from the top? I only remember pics with soles.

>> No.4240722

Kike who????????????????????????

>> No.4240725

Not with those sasuage fingers

>> No.4240726

People who get really good usually stop associating with 4chan, I'm sure there are many professional artists around. I'm only intermediate but still, since I got better I stopped posting here. There is some really good advice here on /ic/ if you dig very deep, but once you stop needing it there's no reason to hang around other than artbooks... Discussions take too much time of your day.

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Next piece I'm working on

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>He doesn't even post here anymore lmao, let alone monitor crab threads so he can defend himself.

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Why are the moles below the nipples symmetrical?

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I love you kyle you are my 3rd biggest inspiration

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I love you kyle you are my 3rd biggest inspiration

>> No.4240773

I love you kyle you are my 3rd biggest inspiration

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Your rendering is so simple. I bet you use sai too because only brainlets use it for the easy bluring with the watercolor brush. Tell you what ill even try to make one and if comes out better than yours you can fuck off ic for ever and focus on improving rather than wasting your time posting here.

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why so much hate? I think the one who is wasting time around here is just you anon

>> No.4240794

>Tell you what ill even try to make one and if comes out better than yours you can fuck off ic
please do crab

>> No.4240802


Hate to be the one defending fucking KYLE, but stop being a bitch. What if he uses SAI? Should we stick with the shittiest tools because that shows skill somehow or what?

>No rules, just tools.

>> No.4240804

Do you trace hands from a 3d model?

>> No.4240809

Im sure he traces them from 3d models, specially in OPs pic, hands look too artificial

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Nah, just the fingers. See >>4240126

>> No.4240817

kyle - based
crabs - yikers cringe

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I don't trace but I used a refrence from one of the refrence threads on this one.

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dude don't have to defend yourself to idiots.

ngmis will find an issue with your art no matter how good it is. people here would find reasons to shit on the mona lisa after da vinci just released it. guarantee there were renaissance crabs who criticized the fuck out of him. those genetics never got cleaned out of the gene pool, unfortunately

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Kyle is decent probably better than imo at least 75% of people who do pyw here, however abso-fucking-lutely never EVER put his name in the same post a Leonardo ever again.

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why did you change the hand in the final image? it looked better before

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match the lighting

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Are there any good, popular /ic/ artists who don't get crabbed to hell and back?

>> No.4241005

His work doesn't resonate with me at all, but I appreciate his clean, consistent execution. 8/10 craftsmanship

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i love you kyle you are my 3rd inspiration

>> No.4241070

the fact that you saved that to your harddrive just tells me you're a low IQ manlet

>> No.4241083

actually better lol

>> No.4241625

Smh what can you expect from someone who lewds nezuko

>> No.4241668

Show me just 1 (ONE) non-asian artist that draws sexy loli nezuko, as nature intended, and posts it on twitter.

>> No.4241734

lmao I like how this meme evolved

>> No.4241822

Nope, it's Eigaka.

>> No.4241977

not really

>> No.4241984

There’s better artists that have posted here.

>> No.4242042

Literally who

>> No.4242149

hello vu

>> No.4242169

Add ambient occlusion

>> No.4242290

I have no idea who is Kyle, stop making threads about specific people.

Such short feet.

>> No.4242308


i like the fact she is pooping a shin. its original.
i also like the strapon harmonica
you dont see that everyday

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>hE dOeSnT eVeN pOsT hErE aNyMoRe


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you've ruined it for me

>> No.4242865

It isn't. No rules only tools. Main this is to strive to draw from imagination because it's useful using references standard in pretty much anything art.

>> No.4243013

Those posts you quoted are both him lmao

>> No.4243035

You're right nothing wrong with using ref but if you're using 3D models you should hide it better than this guy.

The pose looks stiff and the flesh has no weight to it. It's lifeless. And those fucking hands urgh

>> No.4243043

Not trying to crab, but why is all his work so soulless and samefacey
It's technically impressive, but he should use his imagination more

>> No.4244316


Reminder us nsfw fags get to go to bed whenever/not wake up to an alarm and risk dying in traffic for a wagecuckie job :)

Mmmmm not having to work a shitty normie job while you pretend drawing black and white unfinished studies all day is anything at all

>> No.4244471

>risk dying in traffic
>implying at-home normie jobs don’t exist
>implying some people don’t live within walking distance of jobs
>implying everyone lives in a Mad Max world
Either you’re a shitty driver or live in a Somalia-tier city. Either way, normalfag workers will have more self-respect than you pornfag artwhores ever will.

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Two opposite opinions, yet both narrowminded retards.

>> No.4244615

Post your imagination.

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>> No.4244670

Kile who?

>> No.4244706

But Anon... fingers are a little hot dog shaped.

>> No.4246108

You should do something involving a big dick
or something more thicc
this is getting boring kyle

>> No.4246109

her right asscheek has imploded and is behind the left one
p weird desu senpai

>> No.4246112

>character is a (most of the time) loli in original material
western """artists"""
>give it a tumblr-anime nose and adult body

fucking yikes

>> No.4246134

Kys pedo.

>> No.4246145

maybe you shouldn't hitch a ride on the kimetsu train or whatever jap trends out there since 99% of the time it involves a children character.

whatever justifies you inability to draw another body type faggot.

>> No.4246147

Whatever makes you feel better you degenerate.

>> No.4246151

I am not the one whose trying to sexualize a (Formerly) child character here bruh

>> No.4246155

>No u

>> No.4246159

Same with gamedevs. There are plenty of high profile indie devs who got their start here and still lurk but who the fuck would be proud to be part of a community that constantly belittles them and tears down their work?

>> No.4246161

is this traced?
It looks traced. I don't care I just wonder if tracing will get me to your level. That's what I want.

>> No.4246162

but I am literally (and thankfully) not the embarrassing person who drew >>4240106, if I actually care about a child being sexualized MAYBE I shouldn't have drawn a child character naked for retweets.

>> No.4246170

4chan is like the occult.
You practice it, but the more serious you are about it, the more you try to keep it hidden.

It's for the good of this site.

>> No.4246179

>tfw seeing someone who made it keeps subtly dropping pre-2010 4chan references that make normalfags scratch their heads and think it's just the creator's own brand of wackiness

eternally based

>> No.4246185


d'late trannie

>> No.4246196

>can't refute being the one who drew a naked child but with an adult body due to lack of skill
>"no u" ing me despite making this post >>4246155 earlier

oh no no no

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>> No.4246206


you're the one who sees a naked child trannie maybe you're one of them paedophiles?
cause Kyle (based) is certainly not cause he draws thique femmes ;)

>> No.4246282

i think i found my issue with your rendering, i feel its lacking atmospheric lighting, the characters kinda look like 3d renders because of it, if u added a bit of a blueish hue to the shadows to imply that the sky is shining on them they would look way better, that or making the shadows of the body go more towards red than brown cuz they kinda look like clay, otherwise i really like your stuff

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Anyone else remember when Kyle was cool and used to create beautiful animu grills but now all he does is borderline 3dpigdisgustings. How do we get him back bros?

>> No.4246294

do you have any examples?

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>if u added a bit of a blueish hue to the shadows to imply that the sky is shining on them

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You'll have to go through the archives for his older work that actually had soul.

>> No.4246313

ehh I'm noticing a sad trend (for me sad)
my 1st favorite artist and kyle (3rd favorite) have progressed more or less at the same speed and in similar timespan (2012 - 2019)
it makes me sad cause I haven't reached their 2012 level yet

>> No.4246316

post your work.

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>> No.4246324


>> No.4246326

Please try not to be a Kyle copycat and add your own ideals instead of someone else's.

>> No.4247471

>never EVER put his name in the same post a Leonardo ever again
With this kind of sensitivity and master-worship you're bound to get baited, faggot. Quit being an easily-baited piece of shit.

>> No.4247508

He does and it shows.
His faces look like shit because he half-assedly plasters them on 3d models. That's where his sausage fingers, stumpy calves and disconnected background issues also stem from.

>> No.4247541

How long have you been drawing?

>> No.4247543

>I have no idea who is Kyle, stop making threads about specific people
no one cares if you know him or not, we'll keep doing the threads and if you don't like it just stop coming here, fag

>> No.4247550

Keep your filthy nigger footfag mouth sealed shut Kyle and stop fucking making these shit threads

>> No.4247557

about 4 months

>> No.4247565

Who's your 1st favorite?

>> No.4247575


>> No.4247578

He's a norasuko copycat though

>> No.4247579


>> No.4247581

And your 2nd favorite?

>> No.4247585

bbc chan

>> No.4247595

baste kile

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anon, dont give up, you have a solid base to become good. you are in the point where you only need to grind anatomy a bit and push your color pallete, but you lack confidency, i will leave you some tips.

>dont focus in what people think about your art.
you need to start to be able to read your own art and see what is wrong and whats good, people critique can help but at the same time will push your art to something that is better but you probably will not like.

>don't see other people progress as a standard
in fact, you can learn a lot faster than them cuz there is more resource.

>better finish than perfect
just learn to move on from a piece

if you like someone art, try to learn what make it appealing for you, steal that and leave. you can be a copycat, but you will always be at the shadow of that person, but if you focus on commission you can always be cheaper "norasuko"

>> No.4247929

thanks man for all the tips
i definitely receive way too much help from everyone that I deserve
I wasn't that serious about being a copycat, memed it a little
In my head I thought that by trying to reach some other artists skill I will have a clear goal and then after reaching it, I could try to develop more with a broader perspective

>> No.4249210

>tfw no threads about you full of people calling you overrated
o-one day...

>> No.4249887

Wait untill you see what symbol drawing abominations i make when i draw hands

>> No.4249911

>that in 4 months
>moping about it
Are you shitposting

>> No.4249916

I don't remember how to spell your name but holy shit I love your art

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Came across this, id this kyle or naw?

>> No.4249937
File: 416 KB, 1280x720, 1571635276827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah that's Kyle, when he was cool and known as chickenoppaifutaloli

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