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>get enjoyment out of complimenting new artists on their work

why the heck am i like this i genuinely like telling people here theyre good at drawing

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is it because they reply to you with appreciation? Because that's why I like critiquing people here.

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We know. Youre that one faggot who posts anime reactions when someone calls out firez's shitty paintings and you defend him like the fag you are.

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People like you are the reason why this shithole can get slightly better.

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>/ic/ is one person
Fuck off.
Let me guess, you also enjoy sucking dicks?

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>Let me guess, you also enjoy sucking dicks?

only yours anon

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Let me take a guess too. You're also Satania poster.

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No, but something definitely needs to be done about that flaming faggot.

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Just lurk more, then you'll be like the rest of /ic/

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You are a good person, have a (you)

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Because you still have a kindness and humanity in your heart that is rarely expressed by other /ic/ posters. Don't change, anon, you are what this board needs.

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You do realize that multiple people use the same Satania pics, right?

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Don’t state the obvious to that retard, but honestly those Satania posters are just like wojack posters.

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>empty compliments make the board better
Go to DA, you’ll be amazed at how “great” the site is.

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You in the wrong neighborhood. Who the fuck comes here to get compliments. Literally every other place will LAVISH you with praise so I come here to get trashed and make sure I never feel like Im any good. I mean I assume thats the only reason anyone's fucking here if we were good we'd stop hanging out in a bucket of angry crabs.

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Most of the people here come here to shit post. Most of the people here are actual /beg/.

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>le smug anime girl
didnt even bother reading the post

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Most of you fucks give shit critique, if you’re serious with art then why the fuck are you here?

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>empty "you're shit read sticky" comments are better
yeah sure

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In time I will begin posting my crap here too.

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If you’re shit and clearly haven’t read the sticky, yes, 100%, because it tells you to read the fucking sticky so you can stop being shit. No, you do not deserve the time to point out all the shit in your work, read the fucking sticky, nigger.

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>i genuinely like telling people here theyre good at drawing
This is all a plan to get people to post ITT so you can crab the fuck out of them, right?

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Tbh that makes sense, just read the sticky and never comeback to /ic/. That’s the best advice a /beg/ can get before transforming into a crab.

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Based Satanachia poster

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It whould be much more useful if someone told you exactly what you did wrong (prefferably drawing over /emphasising your mistake) rather than telling you only to:

”read sticky”

This advice may be useful but actual critique is also useful , you can put it at the end if your critique if you feel it is apropriate

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>Nah, who needs to give specific instructions on what to improve, just tell the anon that he’s shit and go read the fucking sticky. That’s his own fault if he doesn’t know on how to improve.

Explains on the amount of /beg/ tier shit art you see on this bloody board. 90% of the anons are fucking /beg/ shit and are giving shitty advice to other /beg/. No wonder this entire board is fucking shit, at this point why the fuck would you come here to improve? At best you come here to shit post or vent about some retarded shit.

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I am going to kiss you.

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I come to help you guys improve. /ic/ helped me get into school so I feel indebted to you guys. Gotta pay you guys back for that

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I love you anon <3

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Lmao, you art is not much better than beg. You need to stop shitting up this board with your petty arguments

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because you are a pathological liar

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>Literally every other place will LAVISH you with praise
this can be true sometimes but a lot of the time posting on social media is like screaming into the void and no one comments on your shit. at least here your always guaranteed some form of interaction. and usually if someone bothers to give a (you), they’re telling the truth unless they’re trolling. if you’ve been here long enough you can usually tell who’s trolling.

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“Petty” argument or not, it’s doesn’t make what I said any less true.

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